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imlee humble, lowly, menial, simple: Eaisht rish coraa my aghinyn imlee Bible

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mooinjer imlee humble: Ver y vooinjer imlee tastey da shoh, as bee ad gennal Bible

sleih imlee humble: neen sleih imlee clashtyn jeh shen, as bee ad gennal. Bible

imlee ayns cree 1 humble hearted, humble in spirit a: Tayrnys e voyrn dooinney sheese dy injil; agh eiyrys ooashley orroosyn ta imlee ayns cree Bible

humble2 (npl.) (the); (ny) himlee; sleih imlee, mooinjer imlee

humble1 anooasle, imlagh, injil, injillaghey; imlee: Humble hearted - Imlee ayns cree. DF idiom; (v.) cur imleeid er, imlaghey

lowly (adj.) imlee, injil

menial (n.) guilley; (adj.) imlee

humble hearted imlee ayns cree

ponder (v.) aasmooinaghtyn er; cur geill da: Ponder my words, O Lord - Cur geill da my ghoan, O Hiarn Bible; smooinee er: and ponder the voice of my humble desires - as smooinee er coraa my aghins imlee Bible; towse

simple giare-cheeayllagh; imlee; macaintagh; meecheeayllagh; neuchialgagh; oney, ôney; gyn tort; neuchramp: Simple interest - Use neuchramp. DF idiom

amneenyn souls: son ta mee meen as imlee ayns cree: as yiow shiu fea da nyn amneenyn Bible

cur eddin confrontation: Ta Jee cur eddin da ny mooaralee, as coyrt grayse dauesyn ta imlee. Bible

jannoo faghid er insult, scoff: Shickyr t'eh jannoo faghid er ny craidoilee: agh t'eh coyrt grayse da ny imlee. Bible

kiongoyrt rhyts before you: Ta shin dy imlee goaill-rish kiongoyrt rhyts, O Ayr smoo vyghinagh PB1765

markiaght (=Ir. marcacht) (f.) 1 drive, equitation, horsemanship, horse riding, lift, ride; 2 riding a (v.): t'eh imlee, as markiaght er assyl Bible; 3 rider a: tan Chiarn dy ghra, bwoaill-ym dy chooilley chabbyl lesh atchim as yn markiaght lesh keoïd Bible

meen bland, darling, dear, meek, mild, patient, pet, quiet, soft, sweet: son ta mee meen as imlee ayns cree Bible

red sloo least thing: Son slaynt, teh geamagh huggeysyn ta faase: son bioys, teh guee gys red gyn-vioys: son cooney, teh jannoo accan imlee gys y red sloo cooney tayn Apoc

goaill seose arrest; take up: Cha nee shen ny ta shin goaill seose, agh shen ny ta shin cur seose ta jannoo shin berçhagh. EF Teh goaill seose yn fer imlee ass y joan as troggal yn ymmyrchagh veihn thorran Bible

leeidit conducted, led: hee oo e h-aigney mooar, foast imlee, meein, graihagh, cur geill da'n phooar va er erskyn, gyn loght as kinjagh kiune, imneagh jeh 'curr'm, as leeidit lesh resoon, ooasle, ard-chreeagh, dwoaiagh er anvea ayns goo as jannoo; s'maynrey va nyn mea! PC


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