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Image (n.) Jalloo

image (n.) caslys: for in the image of God made he man - son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible; cochaslys; jalloo: He is the image of you - T'eh dty yalloo hene. DF idiom; soyley; co-yalloo; scaan: an image was before mine eyes - va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible

Inexact matches:

golden image (n.) jalloo airh: and worship the golden image - as ooashlaghey yn jalloo airh Bible

graven image (n.) jalloo grainnit

great image (n.) jalloo mooar

molten image (n.) jalloo lheiht, jalloo lheït; jalloo roit

public image (n.) co-yalloo

real image (n.) feer-chaslys

scanner image (n.) jalloo-cronneyder

undeveloped image (n.) cochaslys neuyiallit

virtual image (n.) caslys soyllee, jalloo soylagh

wax image (n.) jalloo kerey

image of jealousy (n.) jalloo dy eadolys

caslys soyllee virtual image

cochaslys neuyiallit undeveloped image

co-yalloo public image; image: ayndu ta jih yn tyyl shoanoni ern' alley ny hagnyghyn acksyn nagh vell krediu, nagh jenagh soilshe yn tuiskel dy gloyr ghrist (shen ta ko-iallu iih) soilsheyn dausyn. PB1610

feer-chaslys real image

Jalloo Image

jalloo-cronneyder scanner image

jalloo lheït molten image

jalloo soylagh virtual image

soyley comparison, image

jalloo kerey plaster cast, wax image

vanish2 (v.) (as ice) lheie ersooyl, lheïe ersooyl: so shalt thou make their image to vanish out of the city - myr shen ver oo er y chaslys oc dy lheïe ersooyl ass yn ard-valley Bible

cochaslys pl. co-chaslyssyn allegory, image, picture, portrait, portraiture, similitude: ass y vean echey haink cochaslys kiare cretooryn bio Bible; likeness

jalloo (=Ir. dealbh) pl. jallooyn altarpiece, bust, carving, drawing, effigy, figure, guy, icon, idol, image, joss, painting, picture, sculpture, statue: Ta'n obbree cummey jalloo grainnit Bible

jalloo airh golden image: Agh mannagh jean, lhig fys y ve ayd's, O ree, nagh jean mayd ny jeeghyn ayd's y hirveish, ny ooashley y choyrt da'n jalloo airh shen, t'ou uss er hoiaghey seose. Bible

jalloo dy eadolys image of jealousy: hug eh lesh mee ayns ashlishyn ee gys Jerusalem, gys dorrys yn yiat sodjey-stiagh, ta jeeaghyn lesh y twoaie, raad va stoyl yn jalloo dy eadolys, ta dy vrasnaghey gys eadolys. Bible

jalloo grainnit graven image: Ta'n obbree cummey jalloo grainnit, as ta'n gaaue-airh, dy skeayley airh harrish, as jannoo linkyn argid. Bible

jalloo lheiht molten image: Vel fys eu dy vel ayns ny thieyn shoh, ephod, as seraphim, as jalloo grainnit, as jalloo lheiht? Bible

jalloo mooar colossus, great image: Honnick uss, O ree, as hug oo my-ner jalloo mooar; va'n jalloo mooar shoh as erskyn-towse sollys, ny hassoo kiongoyrt rhyt, as va'n cummey echey atchimagh. Bible

jalloo roit molten image: Cre'n foays t'ayns yalloo grainnit, dy vel yn obbree er ghrainney eh; yn jalloo roit, as y fer-ynsee dy vreagyn, dy vel yn obbree treishteil ayns ny jallooyn balloo, obbyr e laueyn hene ? Bible

scaan pl. scaanyn apparition, ghost, spectre, spirit, spook: Agh v'ad seaghnit ayns nyn aigney as agglit, as heill ad dy nee scaan v'ad dy akin. Bible; glass, reflection; image: va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible; double

likeness (n.) cummey: Enemy in the likeness of a friend - Noid ayns cummey carrey. DF idiom; ayns cummey; caslys: In the day that God created man -Sy laa ren Jee dooinney y chroo, ayns caslys Yee Bible; cochaslys: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or likeness - Cha jean oo dhyt hene jalloo granit erbee, ny cho-chaslys; tuarystal


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