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ill (adj., adv.) aslane, aslayntagh, doghanagh, doogh, lag, moal, sie; drogh: It's an ill wind that blows nobody good - She drogh gheay nagh sheid mie da pagh ennagh. JJK idiom; ching: She is dangerously ill - T'ee ching dy-danjeyragh. JJK idiom; olk: He speaks ill of nobody - Cha nel eh loayrt dy-olk mysh pagh erbee. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

ill-conceived recommendations (npl.) moyllaghyn drogh-resoonit

ill feeling drogh-ennaghtyn, drogh-inchyn

ill fortune (n.) lag-haghyrt, lhag-haghyrt

ill health (n.) drogh-laynt; lag-laynt: He set his poverty down to ill health - Hug eh foill er lag-laynt son y voghtynid echey. DF idiom

ill intentioned (adj.) roonagh

ill luck (n.) mee-aigh

ill nature (n.) drogh-chree

ill-natured person (n.) scryss

ill-natured woman (n.) beeataig

ill repute (n.) drogh-ennym

ill success drogh-rah

ill temper (n.) granganid, groamid

ill will (n.) drogh aigney, myskid

ill word (n.) drogh-ockle

moral ill (n.) olkys

seriously ill trome-ching

very ill donney; feer ching: She lies very ill in bed - T'ee ny lhie feer ching. JJK idiom

Mac 'Ill Voirrey Gilmour

Gilmour (n.) Mac 'Ill Voirrey

ill-advised (adj.) donney: That advice was ill-advised - By ghonney y choyrle shen. DF idiom; neuchreeney

aslane ill, indisposed, unsound

drogh-ennaghtyn ill feeling

drogh-inchyn ill feeling

drogh-laynt (f.) ill health

drogh-rah ill success

lag-haghyrt ill fortune

mee-aigh (f.) ill luck

trome-ching seriously ill

ill- (pref.) mee-, neu-

ill-assorted (adj.) anvestit

ill-baked mee-uinnit; teaystagh

ill-balanced meechorrym

ill-behaviour drogh-aghtys

ill-bred (adj.) mee-veaysagh

ill-breeding (n.) mee-veays

ill-considered (adj.) neu-vriwnyssit

ill-deserved neuhoilchit

ill-designed mee-chiarailit; mee-chummit

ill-disposed (adj.) drogh-inchynagh

ill-doing (n.) drogh-obbyr

ill-famed (adj.) drogh-ghooagh

ill-fated (adj.) meechronneydagh, meefortanagh

ill-favoured (adj.) graney, meefoayragh; ayns drogh challin

ill-founded (adj.) gyn bun mie

ill-gotten (adj.) loghtagh

ill-humoured (adj.) granganagh

ill-intentioned mee-roonagh

ill-judged (adj.) meevriwnyssit

ill-management (n.) drogh-reirey

ill-mannered (adj.) garroo; mee-ellynagh; neuchooyrtoil; neuellynagh

ill-mannerliness (n.) neuchooyrtoilid

ill-matched (adj.) meereggyragh; neuchorrym

ill-nature (n.) drogh-yien

ill-natured (adj.) beeataigagh, drogh-aighagh, granganagh, neuchenjal

ill-naturedness (n.) granganid, neuchenjallys

ill-omened (adj.) drogh-vonneydagh

ill-pleased (adj.) meehaitnyssagh

ill-qualified meeaarlit

ill-reputed jeh drogh ennym

ill-spoken mee-loayrit

ill-starred (adj.) mee-aighoil, meefortanagh

ill-success mee-rah

ill-tempered (adj.) granganagh; groamey

ill-thriven mee-aasit

ill-timed (adj.) meehraaoil, neuemshiragh, neuemshyragh

ill-times drogh oor; traaghyn olk

ill-treat (v.) cur drogh-chorrym da, drogh-ghellal rish

ill-treatment (n.) drogh-chorrym

ill-usage (n.) drogh-ghellal

ill-use (v.) jannoo drogh ghellal rish

anvestit ill-assorted

beeataigagh ill-natured, jadish, pert

cur drogh-chorrym da ill-treat

drogh-aghtys (f.) misbehaviour; ill-behaviour

drogh-ghellal rish ill-treat, maltreat

drogh-ghooagh ill-famed

drogh-inchynagh ill-disposed

drogh-vonneydagh ill-omened, ominous

gyn bun mie ill-founded

jeh drogh ennym ill-reputed

meeaarlit ill-qualified

mee-aasit ill-thriven

mee-aighoil ill-starred

mee-chiarailit ill-designed

meechronneydagh ill-fated

mee-ellynagh ill-mannered

meefoayragh ill-favoured, inimical

meefortanagh ill-fated, ill-starred, unfortunate

mee-loayrit ill-spoken

mee-rah ill-success, insuccess

mee-roonagh ill-intentioned

mee-uinnit ill-baked

mee-veays ill-breeding, incivility

mee-veaysagh ill-bred

meevriwnyssit ill-judged

moyllaghyn drogh-resoonit ill-conceived recommendations

neuchenjallys ill-naturedness, unkindliness, unkindness

neuchooyrtoilid ill-mannerliness

neuemshiragh ill-timed

neuemshyragh ill-timed

neuhoilchit ill-deserved, undeserved

neu-vriwnyssit ill-considered

traaghyn olk ill-times

beeataig (f.) hussy, ill-natured woman, jade

drogh-aighagh ill-natured, malicious, malignant, unfortunate, unlucky

drogh oor bad luck, ill-times, misfortune

jannoo drogh ghellal rish ill-use

meechorrym bumpy, ill-balanced, inequitable, unbalanced, uneven

mee-chummit deformed, ill-designed, malformed, misshapen, unshapely

neuchenjal ill-natured, unkind, unkindly, unobliging

teaystagh doughy, ill-baked, pasty; (as bread) under-cooked

quoth (v.) as: I'll go, quoth he - Hem roym, as eshyn. DF idiom

drogh-ockle bad word, ill word: cha daink drogh-ockle ass beeal Yob. Bible

granganid captiousness, churlishness, crabbedness, crossness, ill-naturedness, ill temper, peevishness

sie badness, ill: voddym's briwnys eddyr mie as sie? Bible

after him (ny) lurg; (ny) yei: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

although (conj.) ga dy: Although he is ill, he gives lessons every day - Ga dy vel eh ching, t'eh cur lessoonyn dagh laa. JJK idiom; ga-reih; ga ta

as long as choud cheddin; chouds: As long as the young man was ill - Choud's va'n dooinney aeg doogh. DF idiom; choud as: As long as I am alive - Choud as veeym bio. DF idiom

eightieth kiare feedoo: I'll take an eightieth of it - Gowym yn kiare feedoo jeh. DF idiom

evidently (adv.) s'leayr: He is evidently ill - S'leayr dy vel eh ching. DF idiom

exactly (adv.) dy cruinn; dy jeeragh: Exactly as she said it would be - Dy jeeragh myr dooyrt ee dy beagh eh. DF idiom; dy kiart: I'll tell you exactly - Inshym dhyt dy kiart. DF idiom

flutter bennalt; craa; gial beg: I'll have a little flutter on it - Verym gial beg er. DF idiom; sout; soutaghey; soutal; clussaghey

frankly (adv.) dy foshlit; dy foslit; slane foshlit: I'll tell you quite frankly, that you haven't acted honourably in this affair - Inshym slane foshlit dhyt nagh vel oo er n'aghtey dy-onnoroil ayns y chooish shoh. JJK idiom

girl (n.) ben aeg, bwoirrinagh, caillag, caillin, doodee, inneen, yah; 'neen: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

happen (v.) taghyr; taghyrt: It won't happen again, I'll warrant! - Cha jean eh taghyrt reesht, var a mish! DF idiom; haghyr

honourably (adv.) dy-onnoroil: I'll tell you quite frankly, that you haven't acted honourably in this affair - Inshym slane foshlit dhyt nagh vel oo er n'aghtey dy-onnoroil ayns y chooish shoh. JJK idiom

hundred pounds (npl.) keead punt: I'll draw a hundred pounds tomorrow - Gowym magh keead punt mairagh. DF idiom

in short (adv.) gyn arragh y raa, gyn arragh y ghra; ayns focklyn giarrey; ayns beggan focklyn: I'll tell you in short - Inshym dhyt ayns beggan focklyn. DF idiom

mouthful (n.) bolgum, bulgum: I'll take a mouthful of milk - Gowym bolgum bainney DF idiom; lane beeal; meer

next (adj., adv.) by niessey; my-niessey; nah; sniessey: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom;sy nah ynnyd

on1 (prep.) er: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom; mychione

piano (adj.) feagh; (n.) pianney: The piano is out of tune - Ta'n pianney ass chioon. DF idiom; piano: I'll practise on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

prove (v.) fiddraghtyn, fondaghey, fidraghtyn; jeru; (impv) ronsee; prowal: Whatever you may say, I'll prove to you that you're wrong - Cre erbee foddee oo gra, n'eem prowal dhyt dy vel oo cam. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) phrowal

roll leaystey; queeyllaghey; rollag; roll, rolley: Call the roll - Yllee yn rolley. DF idiom; rowlal; rowley; hyndaa; arran bainney: I'll take a roll - Go'ym arran-bainney. JJK idiom

scolding cur scramman scriss da: I'll give him a scolding - Verym scramman scriss da. DF idiom; screeb; troiddey

time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

vain1 (adj.) stroineeishagh, eddrym; fardail: I'll willingly go there, if you wish; I can tell you beforehand, it will be in vain - He'm dys shen dy-arryltagh, my sailt; foddym gra rhyt rolaue, bee eh ayns fardail. JJK idiom; awaneagh

was not2 (interrog.) nagh row: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

willingly (adv.) (dy) arryltagh: I'll willingly go there, if you wish - He'm dys shen dy-arryltagh, my sailt JJK idiom; (dy) harryltagh; jeh yoin, jeh yioin; lesh taitnys: Most willingly. - Lesh y taitnys smoo JJK idiom

yesterday (n., adv.) jea: The lady from whom I received a letter yesterday has been taken ill - Yn ven- seyr, voishyn hooar mee lettyr jea, ta chingys er jeet urree. JJK idiom

aslayntagh ailing, diseased, ill, unfit, unhealthy, unwell: nee'n phadjer lesh credjue yn aslayntagh y lheihys Bible

ching (=Ir. tinn) 1 disordered, ill, nauseated, painful, sick, unwell: huitt mee ching three laa er-dy-henney Bible; 2 sore, ulcer a pl. chingyn

doghanagh diseased, disordered, ill, morbid, sickly, sick person, unwell: strugey e laue harrish y boayl doghanagh Bible as strugey e laue harrish y boayl doghanagh, as slaanaghey yn lourane. Bible

donney (=Ir. donadh) 1 calamitous, ill-advised, inauspicious, unfortunate, unlucky, very ill, woeful a: cha jean eh shirveish deiney donney Bible; 2 unhappy; 3 (of food) bad

doogh bad, baleful, ill, melancholic: cur lhiat orroo yn laa doogh, as stroie ad lesh toyrt-mow ghooble Bible

drogh (=Ir. droch) abusive, bad, badness, evil, misfortune, unenviable, wicked: hug ad drogh ghellal jee Bible; ill; sinister; vile [O.Ir. droch]

drogh aigney (f.) bad faith, evil will, grudge, ill will, malice, malignity: Lhig dauesyn ver nyn goyrt gys nearey as er nyn gastey: whilleen as tayns drogh-aigney gys Sion. Bible

drogh-chree ill nature, malevolence, malice: nagh bee ayns veg eu drogh chree dy veechredjue Bible

drogh-ennym bad name, ill repute: Ta trimshey deiney mychione nyn gallin: agh bee drogh-ennym ny drogh-yantee er ny yarrood. Apoc

drogh-obbyr (f.) ill-doing: teshyn nagh vel er vakin yn drogh-obbyr t'er ny yannoo fo'n ghrian. Bible

feer ching bad way: va moir ben Simon feer ching ayns y chiassaghey; as ren ad aghin huggey er e son. Bible; very ill

groamey depressing, depressive, ill-tempered, joyless, moody, sepulchral, sombre: T'eh jeeaghyn groamey. DF

groamid blues, cheerlessness, dejection, disagreeableness, gloom, gloominess, glumness, grimness, ill temper, joylessness, melancholy, moodiness, moping, moroseness, sombreness, sternness, sullenness: Hie yn groamid veih'n eddin echey. DF

lag See lhag ill, loose, slack, weak: Ta lag ghailley echey. DF; (n.) pl. lig pit

lag-laynt (f.) ill health, indisposition: Hug eh foill er lag-laynt son y voghtynid echey. DF

lhag-haghyrt (bad) accident; misadventure, mischance, mishap; ill fortune; mischief: Hig lhag-haghyrt er lhag-haghyrt, as naightyn trome er naightyn trome ; eisht nee ad shirrey son ashlish yn adeyr Bible

mee- (pref.) un-: T'eh shoh nyn mac roonagh, as mee-viallagh Bible; ill-

meehraaoil ill-timed, inapt, incongruous, inept, inexpedient, inopportune, misplaced, out of place, unpunctual, unsuitable, untimely, untoward: Raa meehraaoil. DF

myskid hatred, ill will, implacability, malevolence, malice, rancorousness, resentfulness, resentment, spite, spiteful hatred, viciousness, vindictiveness, virulence: Ta myskid doostey streeu: agh ta graih coodaghey dy chooilley pheccah Bible

neu- COMPARE mee- (pref.) un-, ill-, non-: nee oo ad y cheau ersooyl myr aanrit neu-ghlen Bible

neuchooyrtoil ill-mannered, unchivalrous, unrefined: Nagh vel ad neu-chooyrtoil as lunagh! Carn

neuchorrym disparate, disproportionate, ill-matched, odd, unequal, uneven, unsymmetrical: Ta ny braagyn shoh neuchorrym. DF; inadequate, patchy; unrequited; unsporting

neuchreeney foolhardy, ill-advised, improvident, imprudent, injudicious, unwise: Cha vel dooinney neuchreeney cur tastey mie da shoh Bible

neuellynagh artless, bad taste, ill-mannered, impolite, inartistic, rude, unmannerly, unrefined, vulgar

olk (=Ir. olc) (f.) 1 See smessey, pl. uilk bad, bad-hearted, bad-looking, evil, ill, injury, lousy, morally wrong, truculence, unfavourable, unregenerate, vice, vicious, wicked a: Nagh loayr ad olk jeh dooinney erbee Bible; 2 mischief, naughtiness, wickedness; 3 depressing; 4 naughty; 5 sinful; 6 sinister [O.Ir. olc]

olkys (f.) badness, evilness, iniquity, lousiness, malignancy, malignity, mischief, mischievousness, moral ill, naughtiness, pravity, viciousness, wickedness: ta'n Chiarn er hyndaa olkys Nabal er e chione hene Bible

roonagh ill intentioned, malicious, malignant, perverse, runic, secret, stubborn, vicious, vindictive: Eshyn ta jeh cree roonagh, cha vow eh veg y vie Bible; froward; unruly; wayward; untoward

scryss paring, peel, rind, scraping, shaving; growler, ill-natured person: Scryss dy ven. DF; grin, growl, scowl

after3 (time) er-giyn; erreish: Having been in France - Erreish ve ayns y Rank. JJK idiom; erreish da; lurg: After tearing it up, he stamped on it - Lurg raipey eh, stamp eh er. JJK idiom; (ny) yei: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

bet bett, cheb; (v.) bettal, chebbal, cur giall er; gioal; cur gioal er: I'll bet you anything you like - Verym gioal er ooilley ny t'ayn. DF idiom; giall: I don't bet on horses - Cha nel mee cur giallyn er cabbil. DF idiom

disease1 (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghaney, gorley; aacheoid; doghan: My aunt has been ill for some time; she suffers from a disease the cause of which is unknown - Ta my naunt er ve rish tammylt beg; t'ee surral lesh doghan, nagh nhione daue yn oyr jeh. JJK idiom

dumb1 (adj.) amloayrtagh; balloo: How many people would remain dumb if they were forbidden to speak well of themselves and ill of others - Quoid sleih hannagh balloo dy beagh ad obbit dy loayrt dy-mie jeu hene as dy-h JJK idiom; bolvane

just now (adv.) er y chooyl: I am going just now - Ta mee goll er y chooyl. DF idiom; vaidjin; vaidjyn: He was here just now - V'eh ayns shoh vaidjyn. DF idiom; kiart nish: Don't intrude on her just now - Ny brish stiagh urree kiart nish. DF idiom; nish hene: I'll be on the ground just now - Beeym er y thalloo nish hene. DF idiom

latest s'anmagh: At the very latest - Ec y chooid s'anmagh. DF idiom; s'anmee: It's eleven o'clock at the latest - Te unnane-jeig er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmee. JJK idiom; s'anmey: I'll come back at ten at the latest - Higym er ash ec jeih er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmey. DF idiom; s'jerree: Her latest born - Yn lhiannoo s'jerree t'eck. DF idiom; s'noa: The latest news - Yn naight s'noa. DF idiom; by yerree

needs (npl.) femeyn; (v.) feme: I'll give him everything he needs - Verym da dy-chooilley red t'eh (shassoo) ayns feme jeh. JJK idiom; (v.) laccal: It does not become pride to do anything that needs an apology - Cha vel eh cheet jesh da moyrn dy yannoo red erbee ta laccal leshtal. JJK idiom

try eab, feysht; eabbey: Thank you, I'll try to learn it in less time - Gura mie eu, eabym dy ynsagh eh ayns ny sloo dy hraa. JJK idiom; fidraghtyn; tryal; shirrey; (impv) prow: Try them, if you please - Prow ad, my sailliu. JJK idiom; prowal: Will you allow me to try it? - Jean shiu lhiggey dou prowal eh? JJK idiom

ayns drogh challin out of condition: haink shiaght booaghyn elley geiyrt orroo, ass yn awin, ayns drogh challin, as shang Bible; ill-favoured

drogh-chorrym (f.) bad justice, foul play, ill-treatment, oppression: Ghell eh shoh dy foalsey rish y chynney ain, as hug eh drogh-chorrym da nyn ayraghyn, myr shen dy row ad eginit nyn ~,loan veggey y hilgey magh, dy ve stroit. Bible

drogh-ghellal bad treatment, ill-usage, outrage, outrageous: T'eh cur drogh-ghellal da'n ven ghennish nagh vel gymmyrkey ; chamoo t'eh jannoo mie erbee da'n ven-treoghe. Bible

drogh-reirey ill-management, misdirection, mismanagement: Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rosien, Phil Gawne, t'eh gaggyrt dy vel drogh-reirey er chumrail er skeym cour ocsyn ta laccal kionnaghey thie son y chied cheayrt. BS

drogh-yien bad temper, ill-nature: Va mee gennaghtyn dy ve ayns drogh-yien, feayr as faase, as 'scoan va mee jerkal dy chosney yn eaghtyr reesht. LC; sadness

garroo (=Ir. garbh) coarse, crude, gross, harsh, husky, jagged, low, pockmarked, raw, rough-and-tumble, rough-spoken, rugged, scraggy, stubbly, uncouth, undressed, unpolished, vulgar; pock-marked; (of weather) dirty; (as sea) stormy; (as ground) uneven; boisterous, ill-mannered, naughty, rude; shaggy; rough: ny raaidyn garroo er nyn yannoo rea Bible; coarse-fibred, hairy

graney (=Ir. gránna) 1 bad-looking, execrable, gruesome, hideous, ill-favoured, lousy, nasty, objectionable, obnoxious, revolting, rotten, ugly, uncomely, unsavoury, unsightly a: ta ny shiaght booaghyn shang as graney Bible; 2 (as trick) dirty; 3 abhorrent

granganagh cantankerous, captious, cattish, catty, churlish, crabby, cynical, disagreeable, fractious, fretful, grumpy, ill-humoured, ill-natured, ill-tempered, niggly person, peevish, snappy: Dy granganagh, ta Lunnin son cur er bun sorch dy "Hie Taggloo" ayns Caerdydd as gra Cruinnaght Vretin rish. Carn; (of person) crabbed; (annoyed) cross; doggish; wayward

loghtagh (incorrect) bad, defective, faulty, unsatisfactory: Ren eh geddyn shoh son aggyrtys noi yn eear-skimmee echey, lurg smoash kyndagh rish queeyl loghtagh. BS; blameworthy, culpable, defaulter, delinquent, fault-finding, ill-gotten, iniquitous, offending, vicious: Ren eh geddyn shoh son aggyrtys noi yn eear-skimmee echey, lurg smoash kyndagh rish queeyl loghtagh. BS

meehaitnyssagh charmless, disagreeable, displeased, displeasing, ill-pleased, objectionable, unacceptable, unattractive, unenjoyable, unprepossessing: Lavinia gyn blass, cha vel mee credjal dy vel ayn red erbee cha marroo  as cha meehaitnyssagh. CnyO; (as job) uncongenial

meereggyragh disparate, ill-matched, incongruous; irresponsible: Ta lhee-baagh ayns Mannin, Ray Cox, cur raaue mychione yn assee oddagh orçh ta ceaut ersooyl dy meereggyragh jannoo da bigginyn as beiyn-gowaltys. BS

moal (=Ir. mall) backward, belated, decrepit, deliberate, deplorable, dim, disappointing, dull, enfeebled, feeble, flimsy, gradual, ill, laggard, listless, meagre, overdue, pithless, poor, poorly, scraggy, slack, slow, sorry, tardy, tawdry, unimpressive, uninspired, unpunctual, unsatisfactory: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible; (of fruit) late; (as faith) weak; (of thing) wretched [O.Ir. mael]


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