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husband1 (n.) dooinney; dooinney poost; dooinney sheshey; sheshey: Her husband is young; his wife is happy - Ta e sheshey aeg; ta e ven maynrey. JJK idiom; sheshey poost; fer-poost

husband2 (v.) (as land) lhiasaghey

Inexact matches:

husband and wife (n.) cubbyl poost

sheshey poost husband

cubbyl poost husband and wife

from her voee: I learned from her that the husband was dead - Hooar mee fys voee dy row yn dooinney eck marroo. DF idiom; vo-eeish

dooinney (=Ir. duine) pl. deiney fellow, human, husband, man: cha ren dooinney jeu scapail Bible [O.Ir. duine]

dooinney poost husband, married man, bridegroom: my chonaant cheddin vrish ad, ga dy row mee myr dooinney poost dauesyn Bible

dooinney sheshey husband: honnick eh neesht dy row eh ymmyrchagh dy beagh ec dooinney sheshey dooghyssagh. PC

fer-poost husband: brish magh, as ei us nagh vel er trauelt: erson ta na smu ny ghlaun etch ta tregit, na etch ag vel fer puyst. PB1610

sheshey (=Ir. seise) pl. sheshaghyn consort, fellow, husband, match, mate, partner, spouse; companion: Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn. Bible; cohort; colleague; goodman

damsel (n.) ben aeg: And the damsel was very fair to look upon - As van ven aeg feer aalin dy yeeaghyn urree Bible; caillin; caillin aeg; doodee; inneen; inney-veyl; moidyn: If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband - My vees ben aeg ta ny moidyn nasht rish sheshey bible


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