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daa housane two thousand: ren ad jeelym jeu ayns ny raaidyn-mooarey, queig thousaneyn dooinney; as deiyr ad dy creoi geiyrt orroo gys Gidom, as varr ad daa housane dooinney jeu. Bible

two thousand (n.) daa housane

cabbyl (=Ir. cappul) pl. cabbil horse, mount: livrey-yms dhyt's daa housane cabbyl Bible [L. caballus]

space space: bee space daa housane cubit eddyr shiuish as yn arg Bible

armed armit: They were armed with bows - Vad armit lesh bowghyn Bible; eillit, êillit: twelve thousand armed for war - daa housane jeig êillit son caggey Bible

acyr acre: Bee ynnyd Thalloo Souree, ta tree acyr dy lieh ayns mooadys, bee eh seyr veih'n arragh jeh'n vlein daa housane as kiare. BS

bath bath: van beeal echey obbrit myr beeal cappan, lesh blaa lileeyn: ve goaill daa housane bath. Bible

êillit armed: Myr shen va er ny hayrn ass thousaneyn Israel, thousane jeh dagh tribe, daa housane jeig êillit son caggey Bible

magh voish except, excluding: nee shiu towse, magh voish yn ard-valley, er y cheu-har daa housane cubit Bible

seyraad (=Ir. saoráid) facility: T'ad kiarail goaill toshiaght lesh yn obbyr ec Meary Veg ayns Skylley Stondane ayns yn 'ouyr, as ad kiarail dy bee yn seyraad gobbraghey sy vlein daa housane as tree. BS

commanded doardee: And I commanded Joshua at that time - As doardee mee Joshua ec y traa shen Bible; goardail: And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them - As hug y cheshaght nyn daa housane jeig jeh ny deiney sdunnal, goardail daue; haree: They commanded - Haree ad. DF idiom; oardit: and I did in the morning as I was commanded - as ren meesy voghrey myr ve oardit dou Bible; oardrit; hug currym er: And he commanded them - As hug eh currym orroo Bible

engagement (n.) co-chaggey; currym; failley; gialdynys; goaill greme; naishtey; cah: Two thousand five hundred and thirty-four men were killed in this engagement - Va daa housane queig keead as tree jeig as feed dy gheiney er nyn marroo ayns y chah shoh. JJK idiom


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