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hot (adj.) bio; cheh: That water is hot but this water is hotter - Ta'n ushtey shen cheh, agh ta'n ushtey shoh ny s'choe. JJK idiom

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baking hot (adj.) feer cheh; fuinney-heh

boiling hot (adj.) scoaldagh; scoaldee

burning hot (v.) greddanagh; jiarg-cheh

hot ash (n.) greesagh

hot bath (n.) oonley cheh

hot drink (n.) jough heh

hot iron (n.) mennee hiollee

hot press (n.) faastan cheh

hot smell (n.) soar greddee

hot spring (n.) geill ushtey cheh

hot wind (n.) fowan loshtee; geay heh

red hot (adj.) jiarg-cheh

red-hot poker rinn yiarg

scalding hot (adj.) jiarg-cheh

steaming hot (adj.) cheh gaalagh

too hot ro-heh

white hot (adj.) bane-cheh

Balley Hot Farm of the Cot

blast of hot air bree chiass

blast of hot wind (n.) fowan

hot air balloon (n.) mollag aeragh

hot burning coals (npl.) smarageyn jiarg loshtee

Hot Pie Cabinet (n.) Coyr Pyaghyn Cheh

hot water bottle (n.) boteil heh

jiarg-cheh burning, burning hot, red hot, scalding hot

bane-cheh white hot

cheh gaalagh steaming hot

faastan cheh hot press

fuinney-heh baking hot

greddanagh burning hot

jough heh (f.) hot drink

mennee hiollee (f.) hot iron

oonley cheh hot bath

ro-heh overheated, too hot

soar greddee hot smell

hot-brained baanrey

hot-tempered (adj.) fergagh

red-hot (adj.) jiarg loshtee, smarageagh

baanrey hot-brained; insane; foolhardy

boteil heh (f.) hot water bottle

geay heh (f.) simoon, hot wind

geill ushtey cheh hot spring

greesagh breeze; cinder, hot ash

jiarg loshtee burning, red-hot

rinn yiarg (f.) red-hot poker

Farm of the Cot (n.) Balley Hot

bree chiass blast of hot air

Coyr Pyaghyn Cheh Hot Pie Cabinet

mollag aeragh (f.) balloon; hot air balloon

fowan loshtee hot wind: ayn va ard-nieughyn ailagh, as scorpionee, as fowan-loshtee Bible

scoaldagh boiling hot: Screeu mee screeuyn scoaldagh rish. DF

smarageagh glowing, red-hot: honnick ad aile smarageagh Bible

broth (n.) broit: Hot broth softens hard bread - Ta broit cheh boggagh arran creoi. DF idiom

hotter (adj.) choe: That water is hot but this water is hotter - Ta'n ushtey shen cheh, agh ta'n ushtey shoh ny s'choe. JJK idiom

melted lheiht; roit; theinniuit; lheie, lheïe: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted - as lesh chiass ny greiney, ren eh lheie Bible

of summer souree; (y) touree: The sun is as hot as in the middle of summer - Ta'n ghrian cha cheh as ayns mean y touree. JJK idiom

sun goll sheear; grian: The sun is as hot as in the middle of summer - Ta'n ghrian cha cheh as ayns mean y touree. JJK idiom; grianaghey; grianey; ree yn laa

bio activated, afloat, alive, bright, hot, lifelike, live, live person, mercurial, pictorial: Agh ta my noidyn bio as niartal Bible [L. vita]

cheh (=Ir. te) fevered, fervent, heated, hot, impassioned, passion, sexually precocious, thermal, warm: va corree yn Chiarn cheh noi Israel Bible; zealous [O.Ir. te]

feer cheh baking hot: Nagh vel shiu smooinaghtyn dy vel eh feer cheh son traa ny bleeaney JJK

fowan 1 blast of hot wind, dry period, scorch a: Ren mee shiu y woalley lesh fowan Bible; 2 (on plants) blight

scoaldee boiling hot, burning: tra t'eshyn snaue ta'n faarkey stermagh gatt as cloie myr ushtey scoaldee ayns y phot PC

smarageyn jiarg loshtee hot burning coals: O hengey oalsey: dy jarroo sideyn lajer as gyere, lesh smarageyn jiarg loshtee. Bible

fergagh angry, ferocious, furious, glowering, hothead, hot-tempered, indignant, irate, passion, raging: Ta ny ynnydee Varraie fergagh nagh row fys currit orroo. Carn


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