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horse (n.) cabbyl: I wish you had a better horse - Saillym dy beagh cabbyl ny share eu. JJK idiom; eagh; marksleih; mark; niagh: The horse is prepared against the day of battle - Tan niagh greihit cour laa yn chaggey Bible

Inexact matches:

bay horse (n.) cabbyl dhone, cabbyl ruy

Big Horse (n.) Cabbyl Mooar

cab horse (n.) cabbyl carriads

clothes horse (n.) bock eaddagh, cleeah eaddee

devil's coach-horse (n.) tarroo-deyill, caraig ny merriu

draught horse (n.) cabbyl tayrnee

dray horse (n.) cabbyl drug

dun horse (n.) cabbyl buigh

fairy horse (n.) cabbyl shee

grey horse (n.) cabbyl glass

horse block (n.) ardane markee

horse breeder (n.) troggeyder cabbil

horse butcher (n.) buitchoor feill-chabbil

horse chestnut (n.) billey cro-cabbyl, castan, castan ny gabbil, cro cabbyl, cro souney

horse cloth (n.) curleid chabbil

horse collar (n.) berreman; eiystyr

horse dealer (n.) delleyder cabbil

horse doctor (n.) fer lhee baagh

horse dung (n.) eoylley chabbyl

Horse Enclosure (n.) Close y Cabbyl

horse flesh feill chabbil; feill chabbyl

horse gate (n.) giat ny gabbyl

horse leech (n.) guillag chabbil; jiollag chabbil

horse louse (n.) meeyl ny gabbil

horse mackerel (n.) breck frangagh; lheimmeyder

horse mint (n.) mynthey ny gabbil

Horse Mountain (n.) Hross Fell

horse mushroom (n.) shalmane ny gabbil

horse mussel (n.) gob dhone

horse pannier (n.) murlhin chabbyl

horse pistol (n.) pistyl markee

horse pond (n.) loghan cabbil

Horse Precipice (n.) Pheastal

horse race (n.) ratch cabbil; ratch cabbyl

horse racing ratchal cabbil; ratchal-cabbil

horse rack (n.) cleeah chabbil

horse radish (n.) raghyl feie

horse rider (n.) markiagh

horse riding markiaght

horse show (n.) taishbynys cabbil

horse tail (n.) famman cabbil

horse thief (n.) gaddee cabbil

horse towel (n.) toval chabbil

horse trough (n.) ammyr cabbil

leading horse (n.) (yn) whingjeear

light horse (n.) marksleih eddrym

pack horse (n.) cabbyl paggey

piebald horse (n.) cabbyl breck

plough horse (n.) cabbyl shesheree

race horse (n.) cabbyl roie

riding horse (n.) agh, agh markiaght, eagh

rocking horse (n.) cabbyl leaystagh, laair vrebbagh; cabbyl-leaystee

saddle horse (n.) eagh markee

sea horse (n.) eagh marrey

shaft horse (n.) cabbyl lhuir

stud horse (n.) cabbyl griagh

thill horse (n.) cabbyl lhiurey

towel horse (n.) cleeah toval

trace horse (n.) cabbyl toshee

trotting horse (n.) cabbyl drid

war horse (n.) cabbyl caggee

water horse (n.) cabbyl ushtey, eagh ushtey

White Horse (n.) Cabbyl Vane

wooden horse (n.) cabbyl maidjey

work horse (n.) cabbyl obbyr, cabbyl shesheree

worn-out horse (n.) souid

dapple grey horse (n.) cabbyl gorrym

flogging a dead horse (v.) custhey skeddan marroo

Horse of the Black Head (n.) Cabbyl y Chione Doo

Horse of the Waterfall (n.) Cabbyl yn Lhieggey

one horse town (n.) balley beg cheerey

paces of a horse (n.) immeeaght; shooyl cabbil

shell of horse mussel (n.) shlig screebee

Stone Horse Field (n.) Giat y Cabbyl Clagh

two horse swingle tree (n.) breadagh whing

cabbyl shesheree plough horse, work horse

eagh (=OIr. ech) horse, racehorse, riding horse, steed [L. equus]

agh markiaght riding horse

ammyr cabbil (f.) horse trough

ardane markee horse block

berreman horse collar

billey cro-cabbyl horse chestnut

bock eaddagh clothes horse

buitchoor feill-chabbil horse butcher

cabbyl buigh dun horse

cabbyl carriads cab horse

cabbyl dhone bay horse

cabbyl drid trotting horse

cabbyl drug dray horse

cabbyl glass grey horse

cabbyl griagh stud horse

cabbyl leaystagh rocking horse

cabbyl-leaystee rocking horse

cabbyl lhiurey thill horse

cabbyl lhuir shaft horse

Cabbyl Mooar Big Horse

cabbyl obbyr work horse

cabbyl roie race horse

cabbyl shee fairy horse

cabbyl tayrnee draught horse

cabbyl toshee trace horse

Cabbyl Vane White Horse

castan horse chestnut

cleeah chabbil (f.) horse rack

cleeah eaddee (f.) clothes horse

cleeah toval (f.) towel horse

cro cabbyl horse chestnut

cro souney horse chestnut

curleid chabbil (f.) horse cloth

delleyder cabbil horse dealer

eagh markee saddle horse

eagh marrey sea horse

eagh ushtey water horse

eoylley chabbyl (f.) horse dung

famman cabbil horse tail

feill chabbyl (f.) horse flesh

gaddee cabbil horse thief

gob dhone horse mussel

guillag chabbil (f.) horse leech

jiollag chabbil (f.) horse leech

loghan cabbil horse pond

marksleih cavalry, horse

marksleih eddrym light horse

murlhin chabbyl (f.) horse pannier

Pheastal Horse Precipice

pistyl markee horse pistol

ratchal cabbil horse racing

ratchal-cabbil horse racing

ratch cabbyl horse race

souid worn-out horse

taishbynys cabbil horse show

toval chabbil (f.) horse towel

troggeyder cabbil horse breeder

whingjeear (yn) leading horse

horse-block (n.) tarlheiman

horse-box (n.) kishtey cabbil

horse-breaker (n.) meeineyder cabbil

horse-breeder (n.) grihder

horse-hide (n.) sheh chabbil

horse-laugh shutternee

horse-trainer (n.) meeineyder cabbil

horse-trappings (n.) cullee chabbil

breck frangagh1 horse mackerel, scad

cabbyl gorrym dapple grey horse

cabbyl maidjey hobbyhorse, wooden horse

cabbyl paggey pack horse, packhorse

cabbyl ushtey kelpie, water horse

castan ny gabbil horse chestnut

Close y Cabbyl Horse Enclosure

cullee chabbil (f.) harness, horse-trappings

grihder horse-breeder, stallion

Hross Fell Horse Mountain [Scand]

kishtey cabbil horse-box

meeineyder cabbil horse-breaker, horse-trainer

meeyl ny gabbil (f.) horse louse

mynthey ny gabbil (f.) horse mint

shalmane ny gabbil horse mushroom

sheh chabbil (f.) horse-hide

breadagh whing (f.) two horse swingle tree

cabbyl breck dapple grey, piebald horse

Cabbyl yn Lhieggey Horse of the Waterfall

custhey skeddan marroo flogging a dead horse

fer lhee baagh horse doctor, vet

Giat y Cabbyl Clagh Stone Horse Field

laair vrebbagh (f.) kicky mare, rocking horse

raghyl feie (f.) horse radish, wild radish

ratch cabbil horse race, race meeting

shlig screebee (f.) shell of horse mussel

shooyl cabbil paces of a horse

tarroo-deyill (=Ir. tarbh daol) devil's coach-horse, rove beetle

flogging (v.) custhey: Flogging a dead horse - Custey skeddan marroo. DF idiom

neighing (v.) shuternee: The horse is neighing - Ta'n cabbyl shutternee. JJK idiom

cabbyl (=Ir. cappul) pl. cabbil horse, mount: livrey-yms dhyt's daa housane cabbyl Bible [L. caballus]

Cabbyl y Chione Doo Horse of the Black Head

caraig ny merriu (f.) devil's coach-horse, rove beetle

tarlheiman alighting stool, horse-block, mounting block, stepping stool

cart cairt: The cart was caught in the bog - Va'n cairt fest 'sy voglagh. DF idiom; cart: To put the cart before the horse - Cur yn cart roish y chabbyl. JJK idiom; caart; (v.) cartey, cairtey, tayrn

cheated mollit; molley: The man of whom I bought the horse has cheated me - Yn dooinney voishyn chionnee mee y cabbyl shoh t'eh er volley mee. JJK idiom

dun (v.) clowaney, croaganaghey, dorraghey; doon; ouar, ouyr; buigh: Dun horse - Cabbyl buigh. DF idiom

gallop garrey; lhigey; ratchal: The horse burst into a gallop - Ren y cabbyl ratchal roish. DF idiom

hitch (v.) castey, tayrn; kiangley da: Hitch the horse to the tree - Kiangle y cabbyl da'n villey. DF idiom; (n.) lhiettalys: Without a hitch - Gyn lhiettalys. DF idiom

kill marr: You won't kill your horse, will you? - Cha marr shiu nyn gabbyl, marr shiu? JJK idiom; marroo; stroie

racing (v.) ratchal; roie: Don't be racing the horse - Ny bee roie y cabbyl. DF idiom

rein (n.) cass-streeaney, raigh, yeeal streeaney; streean: To rein up a horse - Dy chur er cabbyl dy hassoo liorish yn streean. DF idiom; (v.) streeaney

riding markiaghey; markiaght: He has a horse for riding - Ta cabbyl chum markiaght echey. DF idiom; markiagh: I was out riding - Va mee mooie markiagh. DF idiom

saddle dreeym; jeelt: Come and see the horse, for the saddle of which I paid two guineas - Trooid as jeeagh y cabbyl son y jeelt echeysyn d'eeck mee daa phunt. JJK idiom; jeeltagh; jeeltal; jeeltey

agh (=Ir. achd, Sc. ach) 1 albeit, but, except, less, only, yet a: Agh ta taitnys ec y Chiarn ayndoosyn ta goaill aggle roish Bible; 2 riding horse, steed [OIr. acht]

balley beg cheerey village: Keayrt dy row va lught-thie Mylvreeshey cummal ayns balley beg cheerey v'enmysit Creneash. Dhoor; one horse town

cabbyl caggee charger, war horse: Cha row eh goaill tayrn dy mennick agh heill mee dy beagh "Cabbyl Caggee" tombaghey cooie er e hon. MB

cabbyl ruy bay horse: Honnick mee 'syn oie, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible as hass eh mastey ny biljyn-myrtle va heese 'sy choan, as cheu chooylloo va cabbil ray, brack as bane. Bible

eiystyr (=Ir. adhastar) halter, horse collar, lunge, tether, tie for animal: ''Ghonnag," y veeataig dyn nearey myr t'ou, gow stiagh dys dty eiystyr, as gow fea. Coraa

giat ny gabbyl horse gate: Veih erskyn giat ny gabbyl choamree ny saggyrtyn dagh fer jeeragh er e hie hene. Bible

lheimmeyder caperer, fencer, jumper, leaper, spark, tumbler: bee'n lheimmeyder-faiyr ny errey Bible; horse mackerel

mark (=Ir. marc, marcan) brand; mark: T'eh er lhoobey e vhow, as er hoiaghey mish son mark da'n tide Bible; horse


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