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hood (n.) bayrn bussallagh, bayrn willey; coodagh: Folding hood - Coodagh yn-fillit. DF idiom; coghal; hood, hud; scaa

hood 1 to you a: roish my daink mish hood gys Egypt Bible; 2 (n.) hood a pl. hoodyn

Inexact matches:

folding hood (n.) coodagh yn-fillit

lens hood (n.) bayrnag hooillag

monk's hood (n.) lus ny maynaghyn

riding hood (n.) cloagey markee

cur hood raise the anchor

Poyll Hood Hood's Pool

Shoh hood (intj) Cheers; Bottoms up

Little Red Riding Hood (n.) Cloagey Jiarg

Baill veih Jee hood (intj) Good morning

Bottoms up (intj) Shoh hood

Hood's Pool (n.) Poyll Hood

bayrnag hooillag (f.) lens hood

cloagey markee riding hood

coghal (of sore) core; cyst; hood

coodagh yn-fillit folding hood

hud hood

raise the anchor (v.) cur hood

bayrn willey hood, storm cap

lus ny maynaghyn (f.) monk's hood

Good morning2 (intj) (answer) Baill veih Jee hood

bayrn bussallagh folding cap, hood, kerchief

Cloagey Jiarg Little Red Riding Hood

chur comys (dy); (to) to give offence: Vel mee er chur comys hood? DF

ebony ebony: hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony Bible

galbanum galbanum: Gow hood spiceyn millish, stacte, as onycha, as galbanum Bible

greinyn instruments: Gow hood greïnyn yn vochill ommijagh Bible; engines

ivory ivory: hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony. Bible

lhiack (f.) flagstone, tile: gow hood lhiack, as lhieg royd eh Bible; (of breast) core

lhiannys sticketh: ta carrey ayn lhiannys hood ny s'chenney na braar erbee Bible

onycha onycha: Gow hood spiceyn millish, stacte, as onycha, as galbanum Bible

poanrey bean, legume: Gow hood myrgeddin curnaght, as oarn, as poanrey Bible

sheil suppose: Ny sheil dy row hood hene yn raa shen. DF

shirrys seek: dy choyrt coyrle fondagh dauesyn shirrys hood. Bible

stacte stacte: Gow hood spiceyn millish, stacte, as onycha Bible

Cheers (intj) Shoh hood; Shoh slaynt; Slaynt vie; (npl.) gairyn: Three cheers for John! - Tree gairyn er son Juan! DF idiom

compliments bannaght; corp as slaynt: Whatever compliments he may pay you, don't beleive it - Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK idiom; moyllaghyn; moylley

ebony (n.) billey eabban, eabban; ebony: they brought thee for a present horns of ivory and ebony - hug ad lhieu hood son gioot, feeacklyn ivory, as ebony Bible

Good morning1 (intj) Baill veih Jee dhyt, Baill veih Jee hood; Maddin vie, Moghrey mie, Moghrey dhyt

I will bring verym lhiam: I will bring him to thee again - ver-ym lhiam hood eh reesht Bible

I will not Cha jeanym; Cha jean-ym: I will not with ink and pen write unto thee - cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible

remark (n.) raa: Don't take that remark personally - Ny sheil dy row hood hene yn raa shen. DF idiom

repent (v.) goaill arrys: Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly - Gow arrys; er-nonney hig-ym hood dy tappee Bible E2M

to you dhyt, dhyts, dhyt's; diu, diuish; hiu, hiuish; hood, hoods; rhyt, rhyts, rhyt's; riu, riuish; lhieuish

colbagh (f.) pl. colbeeyn heifer, stirk: Gow hood colbagh jeh three bleeaney dy eash Bible

crommey (=Ir. crommadh) bow down: Lhig da pobble uss y hirveish, as ashoonyn crommey hood Bible; bending

cruinnit mygeayrt surrounded: Ny-sodjey gow hood pot yiarn, as soie eh son voalley yiarn, eddyr uss as yn ard-valley, as soie dty eddin n'oï, as bee eh cruinnit mygeayrt, as nee oo chionney stiagh eh Bible

cur treisht ayn trust in: Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK

goayr bwoirryn pl. goair woirryn she goat: As dooyrt eh rish, Gow hood colbagh jeh three bleeaney dy eash, as goayr bwoirryn three bleeaney dy eash, as rea three bleeaney dy eash, as calmane turtle, as eean calmane. Bible

noi aym against me: T'ou ard ayns gloyr as ooashley Yee, Eer noi aym pene, hood ta mee guee LH

orrym-pene (emph.) on me, on myself: Shen ny va raipit liorish beishtyn, cha dug mee lhiam hood: ghow mee yn coayl orrym-pene; mish hass roish edyr eh ve geiddit 'sy laa, ny geiddit 'syn oie. Bible

pen (=Ir. pinn, binn) COMPARE beinn pen: cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible; summit, top, crown, head

scaa See skaa adumbration, blight, cover, fence, fencing, hood, screen, shade, shadiness, shadow: follee mee fo scaa dty skianyn. Bible; guise, pretence; timidity; very thin person; apparition, ghost; thirds

s'chenney straightest, tightest; more fierce: ta carrey ayn lhiannys hood ny s'chenney na braar erbee. Bible

scugh-ym I will move: er-nonney higym hood dy tappee, as scugh-ym dty chainleyr ass e ynnyd Bible

sniemmey alligation, anchylosis, joining, knit, knitting, knot, knotting, noose, tie, tying: O jean my chree y sniemmey hood Bible; fastened

veaghey (dy) of food: As gow uss hood jeh dy-chooilley horch dy veaghey ta dy ve eeit Bible

miserable (adj.) boght, doolagh, kercheenagh, lhag-chreeagh, meevaynrey, neughennal, neuvaynrey, trimshagh, trome-chreeagh, truanagh; treih: knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked - cha vel oo goaill hood hene dy vel oo treih, as seaghnit, as boght, as doal, as rooisht. Bible

pattern jesheenaght; cosoyllaghey; sambyl: The pattern stands out against the cloth - Ta'n sambyl girree neese hood ass yn eaddagh. DF idiom; sampleyr: after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof - cordail rish sampleyr y chabbane-agglish, as sampleyr ooilley ny jeshaghtyn echey Bible; soylley; pattern: Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof - Eisht hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible


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