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Hollow (n.) Slogh, Lag, Coan

hollow1 (n.) clash, follym, lagg, laggan, sloc, slogh, sloghan, towl; (v.) folmaghey, jeeigey; slocagh: Hollow eyes - Sooillyn slocagh. DF idiom

hollow2 (as friendship) thanney

hollow3 (n.) (of hip) lhoob yn yskid

hollow4 (adj.) (of victory) foalsey

hollow5 (as voice) mooghit

hollow6 (n.) (of hand) glack

Inexact matches:

Big Hollow (n.) Lhaggan Vooar, Lhag Vooar, Lhaggagh Vooar

Black Hollow (n.) Lhag Doo, Lhag Dhoo

Brown Hollow (n.) Lag Dhoan

Carran's Hollow (n.) Lheannee Charran

Church Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Killey, Lag Keeill

Cowle's Hollow (n.) Coan y Cowle

Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin

Dog's Hollow (n.) Lhag y Voddey

Dogs' Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Moddey

Enclosure Hollow (n.) Lhaggan y Close

Ferny Hollow (n.) Coan Rhennee

Fir Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Yuys

Firtree Hollow (n.) Laggan Juys

Flax Hollow (n.) Lhag y Lieen

Flowery Hollow (n.) Lhag Blaa

Fold Hollow (n.) Lhag Woaillee, Lhag Bwoaillee, Lag Bwoaillee

Great Hollow (n.) Coan Mooar

Green Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Ghlass, Lhag Ghlass

Grey Hollow (n.) Coan Lheeah

Gulls Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Voillan

Hags' Hollow (n.) Lag ny Cailleeyn

Hay Hollow (n.) Lag ny Traagh, Coan Traagh

Hazel Hollow (n.) Slogh y Coull

hollow eyes (npl.) sooillyn slocagh

Hollow Field (n.) Toar y Lhig

hollow road (n.) bayr lhaggagh

hollow tube (n.) feddan follym

Hugh's Hollow (n.) Coan Hughey

Little Hollow (n.) Laggan, Lhaggan, Laggagh Veg

Narrow Hollow (n.) Coan Coon

Oak Hollow (n.) Lag ny Darragh, Lhag Darragh

Outer Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Mooie

Pointed Hollow (n.) Lhag Birragh

Rocky Hollow (n.) Lag Creggan

Rough Hollow (n.) Lhag Vollagh, Laggey Vollagh

Rushy Hollow (n.) Lag ny Shune

Ryegrass Hollow (n.) Coan y Ryegrass

Seed Hollow (n.) Lhag y Sheel

Shieling Hollow (n.) Slogh Eary

Shore Hollow (n.) Traie Lagagh

Skinner's Hollow (n.) Lhag Skinner

Small Hollow (n.) Glaick

Speckled Hollow (n.) Breck Lhaggagh

Stony Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Glagh, Coan Claghagh

Sunny Hollow (n.) Lag ny Grianane

Thief's Hollow (n.) Lag ny Maarliagh

Tiny Hollow (n.) Lhaggan Veg

Tree Hollow (n.) Lag ny Villey, Coan y Villey

Turbary Hollow (n.) Moaney Laggagh

Upper Hollow (n.) Far Lagg

Wheat Hollow (n.) Coan Curnaght

White Hollow (n.) Lhag Vane, Coan Bane, Lag Bane

Willow Hollow (n.) Coan Shellagh

Yellow Hollow (n.) Coan Buigh

Bottom of the Hollow (n.) Bun y Lhig

Croft of the Hollow (n.) Croit y Laggagh

East Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin Hiar

Edge Ness Hollow (n.) Laggan Agneash

Farm of the Hollow (n.) Balley Lhig, Balley Choan, Balley Coan

Ford of the Hollow (n.) Aah Lhaggagh, Aah Laggey

Glen Farm Hollow (n.) Dalby Lag

Hollow Ford Croft (n.) Croit ny h'Aah Lhaggey

hollow in hills (n.) coirrey

Hollow of the Cask (n.) Lhag ny Mullag

Hollow of the Graves (n.) Coan ny h'Oaie

Hollow of the Horses (n.) Slogh ny Gabbil

Hollow of the Monks (n.) Coan ny Maynaghyn

Home in the Hollow (n.) Cor-Valley

John Tom's Hollow (n.) Coan Yuan Hom

Kermeen's Fold Hollow (n.) Lhag Woaillee Kermeen

Lower Little Hollow (n.) Lhaggan Veg Heese

McKie's Farm Hollow (n.) Lhag Balley Keigh

Middle Little Hollow (n.) Lhaggan Veanagh

Old Road Hollow (n.) Lag y Vollagh

Road of the Hollow (n.) Bayr ny Lhaggey

Rock of the Hollow (n.) Creg y Laggan

Well Hollow Churchyard (n.) Rhullick Chibbyr Coan

bayr lhaggagh hollow road

Breck Lhaggagh Speckled Hollow

Coan Hollow

Coan Bane White Hollow

Coan Buigh Yellow Hollow

Coan Claghagh Stony Hollow

Coan Coon Narrow Hollow

Coan Curnaght Wheat Hollow

Coan Dhowin Deep Hollow

Coan Hughey Hugh's Hollow

Coan Lheeah Grey Hollow

Coan Mooar Great Hollow

Coan Shellagh Willow Hollow

Coan Traagh Hay Hollow

Far Lagg Upper Hollow

feddan follym hollow tube

Glaick Small Hollow

Lag Hollow

Lag Bane White Hollow

Lag Bwoaillee Fold Hollow

Lag Creggan Rocky Hollow

Lag Dhoan Brown Hollow

Laggagh Veg Little Hollow

Laggan Little Hollow

laggan (=Ir. logán) pl. Lagganyn hollow

Laggan Juys Firtree Hollow

Laggey Vollagh Rough Hollow

Lag Keeill Church Hollow

Lhag Birragh Pointed Hollow

Lhag Blaa Flowery Hollow

Lhag Bwoaillee Fold Hollow

Lhag Darragh Oak Hollow

Lhag Dhoo Black Hollow

Lhag Doo Black Hollow

Lhaggagh Ghlass Green Hollow

Lhaggagh Mooie Outer Hollow

Lhaggagh Vooar Big Hollow

Lhaggagh Yuys Fir Hollow

Lhaggan Little Hollow

Lhaggan Veg Tiny Hollow

Lhaggan Vooar Big Hollow

Lhag Ghlass Green Hollow

Lhag Skinner Skinner's Hollow

Lhag Vane White Hollow

Lhag Vollagh Rough Hollow

Lhag Vooar Big Hollow

Lhag Woaillee Fold Hollow

Lheannee Charran Carran's Hollow

lhoob yn yskid (of hip) hollow

Moaney Laggagh Turbary Hollow

slocagh hollow

Slogh (Yn); (The) Sloc, Hollow

sloghan hollow

Slogh Eary Shieling Hollow

sooillyn slocagh (f.) hollow eyes

Traie Lagagh Shore Hollow

hollow-cheeked (adj.) lagg-lieckanagh

hollow-eyed (adj.) lagg-hooillagh

Coan Rhennee Ferny Hollow, Ferndale

Coan y Cowle Cowle's Hollow

Coan y Ryegrass Ryegrass Hollow

Coan y Villey Tree Hollow

Cor-Valley Home in the Hollow

Dalby Lag Glen Farm Hollow

Laggan Agneash Edge Ness Hollow

lagg-hooillagh hollow-eyed

lagg-lieckanagh hollow-cheeked

Lag ny Cailleeyn Hags' Hollow

Lag ny Darragh Oak Hollow

Lag ny Grianane Sunny Hollow

Lag ny Maarliagh Thief's Hollow

Lag ny Shune Rushy Hollow

Lag ny Traagh Hay Hollow

Lag ny Villey Tree Hollow

Lhaggan Veanagh Middle Little Hollow

Lhaggan y Close Enclosure Hollow

Lhag ny Glagh Stony Hollow

Lhag ny Killey Church Hollow

Lhag ny Moddey Dogs' Hollow

Lhag ny Voillan Gulls Hollow

Lhag y Lieen Flax Hollow

Lhag y Sheel Seed Hollow

Lhag y Voddey Dog's Hollow

Slogh y Coull Hazel Hollow

Toar y Lhig Hollow Field


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