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hoilshee appeared: Hoilshee Jee ooilley niartal eh hene dooys ec Luz Bible

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cluic hoilshee (f.) publicity stunt

lhong hoilshee (f.) lightship

lioar hoilshee (f.) running commentary

appeared hoilshee

publicity stunt (n.) cluic hoilshee

lightship (n.) lhong hoilshee, lhong hollysh

cair-hoilshee copyright

copyright (n.) cair aascreeuee, cair-choip, cair-hoilshee, coip-chiart

running commentary (n.) coontey roie, coontys roie, lioar hoilshee

ailagh fiery: hoilshee eh hene ayns y thammag ailagh Bible

dooys to me: Hoilshee Jee ooilley niartal eh hene dooys Bible; unto me

irriney truth: hoilshee mee da yn irriney ayns ynrickys my chree. Bible

intelligence (n.) chyrrysid, fys, inchynaght, naight, rick, tushtaght; tushtagh: It is the work of an intelligence - She obbyr hushtagh eh. DF idiom; toiggalys: He showed intelligence - Hoilshee eh toiggalys. DF idiom

republic (n.) pobblaght; poblaght: They declared a republic - Hoilshee ad magh poblaght. DF idiom

bluggan ball: As eisht ayns tullagh va feiyr mooar agglagh ayn; hoilshee skell orrashtagh yn speyr dy slane as jirree bluggan jiarg doaltattym veih ynnyd y pholt dy jeeragh cour niau. GB; globe

feyshtane questionnaire: Hoilshee yn feyshtane dy row boayl ny ghaa ayn raad va doilleeid ec sleih. BS

Goaldee (Ny); (The) British: Hoilshee yn skeeal Bennett magh dy vel ny Goaldee as nyn gaarjyn soie er Yernee ayns twoaie ny hErin ayns aght barbaragh. Carn

goll er y cheer go into the country: Ny lurg shen hoilshee eh eh-hene ayns cummey elley da jees jeu, myr v'ad shooyl er y raad, as goll er y cheer. Bible; landing

har mooir oversea: hoilshee eh anchaslys eddyr ny Thallooyn har Mooir as ny Crogheenyn-Crooin, ta shen dy ghra, Mannin, Jersey as Guernsey. BS

lesh eunys with joy: Hoilshee e h-eddin lesh eunys dy insh dou skeeal ny s'maynrey, as lesh mynghearey ghow ee er Dhoor

meaig (=Ir. meug) (f.) whey: Hoilshee prowallyn dy row e-coli ayns piob-beeal Vollagh Lhean, ta goll er ymmydey ec Keylannyn Vannin dy phumpal meaig nagh vel ad laccal stiagh sy cheayn. BS

plan pl. plannyn plan: hoilshee shen magh dy row sleih ennagh lostey ny thieyn er jeean, coardail rish plan. Carn

scaait overshadowed, shaded: As fer as fer jeu lieh-varroo scaait noon as noal, hoilshee ad oyr nyn maaish. Apoc

Shirveishagh Tashtey Treasury Minister: Chammah as shen, hoilshee yn Shirveishagh Tashtey dy bee aa-reayrt mooar jeant jeh leigh-cholught Vanninagh. BS

shuyraghyn sisters: Ny keayrtyn, shegin dou goaill rish dy vel mee er jeet dy ve began corree tra hoilshee nyn mraaraghyn as shuyraghyn Cornagh nagh vel ad toiggal dy vel seihll elley ayns Mannin. Carn

dy foshlit avowedly, frankly, professedly: hoilshee eh daue, kys v'eh er vakin y Chiarn er y raad, as dy row eh er loayrt rish, as kys v'eh er preacheil dy dunnal as dy foshlit ec Damascus ayns ennym Yeesey. Bible; above board, publicly; openly

jeeaghym I will look: Cha der oo veg dou jeh ny t'ayd: my nee oo yn bargane shoh rhym goym's reesht kiarail jeh, as jeeaghym lurg dty hioltane Bible; I will show: As hoilshee yn Chiarn eh-hene da, as dooyrt eh, Ny gow sheese gys Egypt, cum 'sy cheer jeeaghym dhyt. Bible


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