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hoiggal1 peradventure, perhaps: edyr teh taggloo, ny teh ayns roie, ny teh er jurnah, ny, hoiggal dy vel eh ny chadley, as dy negin y ghoostey eh Bible

hoiggal2 (dy); (to) understand: cur er y dooinney shoh dy hoiggal yn ashlish Bible

Inexact matches:

fockle do-hoiggal inarticulate word

ry hoiggal understandable, understood

understand2 (v.) (to); (dy) hoiggal: To understand business affairs - Dy hoiggal cooishyn dellal. DF idiom

peradventure (n., adv.) foddee; hoiggal; higge

understandable (adj.) ry hoiggal, so-hoiggal

comprehensible (adj.) so-hoiggal; toiggallagh; tushtagh

enigmatic (adj.) do-hoiggal; dorraghey; doo-ocklagh

fathomable (adj.) so-feaysley; so-hoiggal; so-huntal

intelligible (adj.) so-hoiggal

misconception (n.) far-hoiggal

misunderstanding far-hoiggal; marranys; neuhoiggalys

unintelligible (adj.) do-hoiggal

do-hoiggal abstract, enigmatic, incomprehensible, obscure, unintelligible

doillee-hoiggal mysterious

far-hoiggal misconception, misinterpret, misunderstand, misunderstanding

so-hoiggal comprehensible, fathomable, intelligible, understandable: Scruit er yn oastrick va ny fockleyn shoh, "Tigh Osda a' Chidhe", ennym so-hoiggal da Manninagh as Gaelg echey! GK

abstract bouyranagh, do-hoiggal, giare-chummey, neuloaghtagh, scartagh

inarticulate word (n.) fockle do-hoiggal, fockle plooghit

misinterpret (v.) cur mee vaght er, far-hoiggal

mysterious (adj.) folliaghtagh; doillee-hoiggal, dorraghey, dullyr, druiaghtagh

obscure do-hoiggal; dorraghey; neureayrtagh; neuvaghtallagh; ooignyssagh

affairs (npl.) cooishyn: To understand business affairs - Dy hoiggal cooishyn traghtee. DF idiom

incomprehensible (adj.) do-hoiggal, erskyn tushtey, harrish tushtey, neuhoiggalagh; keilt

misunderstand (v.) far-hoiggal, goaill dy marranagh, goaill marran

baillym I would wish: baillym shiu dy hoiggal Bible; I should like

erskyn tushtey incomprehensible: As dy hoiggal graih Chreest, ta erskyn tushtey Bible

gyn scansh regardless: Gyn scansh ny cooish y hoiggal. DF

so- (pref.) easy: Ta shen so-hoiggal DF; (suf.) -able

traghtee commercial, mercantile, trade: Dy hoiggal cooishyn traghtee. DF; of trade

comprehend (v.) goaill baght, goaill stiagh; toiggal: May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length - Ve abyl dy hoiggal marish ooilley ny nooghyn cre tan lheead, as y lhiurid Bible

perhaps (adv.) foddee: Perhaps we shall see her to-morrow - Foddee dy vaikmayd ee mairagh. JJK idiom; hoiggal

quick1 (adj.) bieau; tappee: To march in quick time - Dy ghleashagh dy tappee. DF idiom; bioal; gastey: He is quick on the uptake - T'eh gastey dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom

slow1 moal: He is slow on the uptake - T'eh moal dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom; moaldey

chlashtyn (dy); (to) hear: cree dy hoiggal, ny sooillyn dy akin, ny cleayshyn dy chlashtyn, gys y laa jiu. Bible

coardailys (of figures) agreement; compliance, compromise, concord, harmony: Rere my hoiggal bee eh ayns coardailys DF

coraaghyn-dorraghey parables: Diuish te er ny choyrt dy hoiggal folliaghtyn reeriaght Yee; agh da feallagh elley ayns coraaghyn-dorraghey Bible

coyrleyder adviser, advisor, consultant, counsellor, mentor: Son quoi t'er hoiggal aigney'n Chiarn, ny quoi t'er ny ve yn coyrleyder echey? Bible; warner

cur roish frame, instruct, propose, submit: quoi t'er hoiggal aigney yn Chiarn, dy jean eh cur roish? Bible

doilleeys hardship; difficulty: Ta feallagh elley lhiggey orroo dy vel yn dooilleeys dy hoiggal ny Scriptyryn wheesh shen dy vel ad cooie dy ve'r nyn lhaih ynrican liorish saggyrtyn, as deiney ard-ynsit. Hom; stiffness

Drogh 'Er (Yn); (The) Devil: Quoi-erbee ta clashtyn goo yn reeriaght, as nagh vel dy hoiggal eh, ta'n drogh er cheet, as tayrtyn lesh shen ny va cuirt ayns e chree: shoh eh ghow yn rass rish oirr y raad.

dy giare brusquely: 'Scosoylagh nagh bee eh feer aashagh diu dy hoiggal er yn oyr shen, agh shen yn aght ayns ny shenn daanyn Gaelgagh-ta gagh ooilley nhee rait dy giare, dy rooisht, bunnys gyn jesheen erbee. Coraa

dy olkyssagh despitefully: Agh t'ad shoh loayrt dy olkyssagh jeh ny reddyn shen nagh vel ad dy hoiggal Bible; wickedly

er-dyn hoshiaght since the beginning: Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn, ny er hoiggal liorish y chleaysh, chamoo ta sooill er vakin, er-lhimmey jeeds, O Yee

fer balloo mute: Quoi my hee ad fer balloo nagh vod loayrt, t'ad dy choyrt lhieu eh,  as guee gys Bel dy vod eh loayrt, myr dy beagh eh abyl dy hoiggal. Apoc

focklagh declaratory, diffuse, expansive, garrulous, loquacious, oral, verbose, voluble, wordy: Dy firrinagh focklagh, ta sleih heet dy hoiggal dy vel ny Americanee cheu-heear jeh ram jeh ny cooishyn shoh. Carn

grig (of clock) second, tick: T'eh scanshoil dy hoiggal nagh vel slane scoillyn cheet dy ve Gaelagh ayns grig agh dy vel unnidyn Albinish currit er bun cheusthie jeh scoillyn Baarlagh Carn

imneagh anxious, careful, circumspect, concerned, diligent, doubtful, nervous, scrupulous, uneasy, uptight, worried: Bee imneagh dy hoiggal stayd dty hioltaneyn Bible; thoughtful; wistful

Jelune (=Ir. Luain) Monday, on Monday: Hug mee ersyn dy hoiggal dy darrin Jelune. DF [L. Dies-lunæ]

my nearey my shame: T'ou uss er hoiggal m'oghsan, my nearey, as my vee-onnor: ta my noidyn ooilley ayns dty hilley. Bible

neughlen defiled, foul, impure, lewd, muddy, unclean, unwashed, vulgar: dy hoiggal y lhiettrimmys eddyr glen as neughlen Bible

reilley regulate, reign, rule, ruling: T'ad gra dy vel feme foast er reilley trome as plannyn ry hoi lhiasaghey slattyssyn vees aashagh dy hoiggal as dy ymmydey. BS; regulation

ro ard extortionate: Dy hoiggal shoh, te ro yindyssagh as ro ard er my hon Bible

thaish (f.) whisper: Myr sodjey goll, er-lesh dy geayll eh thaish myr coraa bioee, as ny syrjey gaase myr sniessey da v'eh cheet; agh goo er-lheh cha dod eh 'hoiggal dy yannoo ymmyd jeh. PC

proverb (n.) dooyrtiman; coraa dorraghey: now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb - nish tou loayrt dy foshlit, as cha vel oo loayrt coraadorraghey Bible; shenn-raa: Therefore it became a proverb - Shen-y-fa haink eh dy ve shenn-raa Bible; raa creeney; raa-dorraghey: To understand a proverb - Dy hoiggal raa-dorraghey Bible; raa floutagh: That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon - Dy jean oo goaill seose yn raa floutagh shoh noi ree Vabylon Bible; raa-cadjin: Son of man, what is that proverb that ye have in the land of Israel - Vac y dooinney, cre tan raacadjin; shennockle

understood ry hoiggal; toiggit: known and read of all men - toiggit as lhait liorish dy chooilley ghooinney Bible; hoig: And they understood that the ark of the Lord was come into the camp - As hoig ad dy row arg y Chiarn er jeet gys y champ Bible

oastrick pub sign: Scruit er yn oastrick va ny fockleyn shoh, "Tigh Osda a' Chidhe", ennym so-hoiggal da Manninagh as Gaelg echey! GK

raghtal impatient, impetuous, obstinate, rash, stubborn; violent: t'eh so-hoiggal dy vel boirey ayn er y fa dy row dooinney abyl dy yannoo yn loght cheddin reesht lurg da v'er soie er mraane dy raghtal sy traa hie shaghey. BS; unruly

S'doogh lhiam (intj) I am sorry, Woe is me, Woe: Va mee ro aeg dy hoiggal c'red va goll er, agh shimmey keayrt car ny bleeantyn er-giyn, veagh m'ayr ching 'sy lhiabbee, as s'doogh lhiam gra hooar eh baase ec shiaght bleeaney as da'eed dy eash lesh y doghan-aarey JG


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