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hirveish served: hirveish eh ny jallooyn va e ayr er hirveish Bible

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piob hirveish (f.) service-pipe

Colleish Hidooragh Co-hirveish Joint Service Military College

Doour Hirveish Valley Gawne (f.) Ballagawne Service Reservoir

service-pipe (n.) piob hirveish

civil service (n.) staait-hirveish; staitshirveish

served lheimmit, shirveishit, tendit; (v.) hirveish

staait-hirveish civil service

Ballagawne Service Reservoir (n.) Doour Hirveish Valley Gawne

Joint Service Military College (n.) Colleish Hidooragh Co-hirveish

greddanit grilled, roasted, toasted: hirveish eh ee lesh arroo greddanit Bible

saa1 younger, youngest, junior: Nee'n fer shinney yn fer saa y hirveish. Bible

joint collagh; copharteeagh; glioon; junt: compacted by that which every joint supplieth - sniemmit dy cheilley liorish shen ta dagh junt dy hirveish Bible; juntaghey; juntal; juntey; olt; parteeasagh

Baal Baal: ren ad daue hene jallooyn grainnit eer daa lheiy, as hoie ad keyll, as hug ad ooashley da ooilley rollageyn yn aer, as hirveish ad Baal. Bible

biall obedient: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC

carriads (f.) cab, carriage, compartment, corvee, vehicle: er cabbil, as ayns fainee, as er carriads Bible; enforced labour: Shoh obbyr lught-thie ny Gershoniteyn, dy hirveish, as son carriads Bible

cleaynagh (adj.) attractive, circumventory, coaxing, inclinable, inclining, slopewise, witching: Beign daue cur nyn enmyn gys conaant dy hirveish rish queig bleeaney, as eisht veagh ad seyr dy gholl boayl erbee ballloo; cheb cleaynagh rish deiney debejagh! Dhoor; (n.) addict, deviationist, pervert, tempter

craidoil burlesque, gibing, grieve, mocking, scornful: Tra t'ad d'enmys eh gys ymmyd fardailagh ny olk erbee, ta shen tra t'ad loayrt jeh Jee, ny jeh Ghoo, ny jeh hirveish, ayns aght erbee craidoil. CS

crommey (=Ir. crommadh) bow down: Lhig da pobble uss y hirveish, as ashoonyn crommey hood Bible; bending

cur biallys da obey: Shegin dhyt toiggal dy vel ec y Jouyl reeriaght ayns y teihll shoh, as sleih ta cur biallys da, as dy hirveish eh 'naght myr t'ec Creest. CS

dagh unnane every one: hed Aaron as e vec stiagh, as pointeil ad dagh unnane gys e hirveish, as gys e churrym. Bible

fardail1 inanity; vainness; vain: Ta shiu er ghra, She fardail eh, dy hirveish Jee Bible; vanity: T'ad fardail, as obbyr y volteyrys: ayns earish nyn gerraghey nee ad cherraghtyn. Bible; larger part

ghooinney ooasle (voc.) sir: Ta jinnair er ny hirveish ghooinney ooasle DF; (n.) (ny) honourable man: ta ayns yn ard-valley shoh dooinney dy Yee, as teh ny ghooinney ooasle Bible; Dear Sir

gour toward: hie ad gour nyn drommey, as huitt ad gys y thalloo. Bible; for: hug ad lhieu oural y Chiarn gour obbyr y chabbane-agglish, as gour ooilley e hirveish Bible

jalloo airh golden image: Agh mannagh jean, lhig fys y ve ayd's, O ree, nagh jean mayd ny jeeghyn ayd's y hirveish, ny ooashley y choyrt da'n jalloo airh shen, t'ou uss er hoiaghey seose. Bible

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible

joarree (=Ir. deoraí) foreigner, outlander, outsider, stranger: Dooinney erbee jeh thie Israel, ny jehn joarree ta troailt ny mast' eu, Bible; (adj.) alien, bizarre, foreign, odd, outlandish, peculiar, remarkable, strange, unfamiliar, uninitiated: ren ad jeeghyn joarree y hirveish Bible; singular; unusual

junt pl. juntyn commissure, joint, seam: ta'n slane corp dy kiart er ny choyrt cooidjagh, as sniemmit dy cheilley liorish shen ta dagh junt dy hirveish Bible

lhiassagh allegation;: Myr nagh daink yn Mac dooinney dy ve shirveishit er, agh dy hirveish, as dy chur e vioys ny lhiassaghey son ymmodee. PB1765; chargee

mannanyn kids: hig three deiney dty whail goll seose dy hirveish Jee gys Bethel, fer jeu cur lesh three mannanyn, fer elley three bwilleenyn arran, as yn er elley boteil feeyney Bible

ostyllyn apostles; disciples: hug eh ny bwilleenyn da ny ostyllyn, as hirveish adsyn ad er y pobble Bible

porch-quaallagh porch of judgment: Eisht ren eh porch son y stoyl-briwnys, veih shen dy hirveish briwnys, eer yn porch-quaallagh: Bible

smalyn snuffdishes: coodee ad kainlere y toilshey, as e lampyn, as e smalyderyn, as e phlaityn cour ny smalyn, as ooilley ny siyn ooil, lhieu t'ad dy hirveish eh. Bible

soiagh assail, attack, raid; placing, set: dy lowal traa daue dy hirveish Jee as soiagh sambyl rhymboo dy yannoo shen, cooinaght kinjagh nagh vel Jee soiagh jeh persoonyn ta goaill neose un er as soiagh seose fer elley. Bible

whilleen See whillin as many, as much as, so many: ta mish rish whilleen blein shen ayns dty hirveish Bible

many years (npl.) ymmodee bleeantyn: But if a man live many years - Agh ga dy vel dooinney er cheau ymmodee bleeantyn Bible; mooarane bleeantyn: If there be yet many years behind - My vees mooarane bleeantyn ergooyl Bible; bleeantyn foddey: Yet many years didst thou forbear them - Foast, dymmyrk oo lhieu ry bleeantyn foddey Bible; whilleen blein: these many years do I serve thee - ta mish rish whilleen blein shen ayns dty hirveish bible

jeh elley (yn); (the) other one: Cha vod sharvaant erbee daa vainshter y hirveish: son eddyr ver eh feoh da'n derrey yeh as graih da'n jeh elley; er nonney cummee eh gys y derrey yeh, as soie-ee eh beg jeh'n jeh elley. Bible

seihll mooar wide world: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC

shesheree of a team: 1 As hie eh roish back voish, as ghow eh cubbyl jeh ny dew, as varr eh ad, as ren eh yn eill oc y aarlaghey lesh ny greinyn shesheree as hirveish eh er y pobble, as ren ad gee ; eisht dirree eh. Bible; belonging to a plough


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