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shooyl cheu-ry-heu walking abreast

cheu ry heu adjacent, apposition, broadside on, side by side

cur cheu ry-heu rish flank

cur fer er my heu win over

daa heu jeh'n skeeal pros and cons

dy chooilley heu every side: eisht sheid jee shiuish ny trumpetyn eu myrgeddin er dy chooilley heu jehn champ Bible

er y derrey heu alternatively: va ymmodee biljyn er y derrey heu, as er y cheu elley. Bible

saih voish cheu dy heu transpierce

pros and cons (n.) daa heu jeh'n skeeal: Weigh the pros and cons - Yn daa heu y veihaghey. DF idiom

alternatively (adv.) er aght elley: Or alternatively you can come tomorrow - Er agh elley foddee oo cheet mairagh. DF idiom; er y derrey heu: Or alternatively they will die - Er y derrey heu yiow ad baase. DF idiom

full-page lane-heu

half-page (n.) lieh-heu

walking abreast (v.) shooyl cheu-ry-heu

lane-heu full-page

lieh-heu half-page

broadside on cheu ry heu; ry-lheead

transpierce (v.) saih voish cheu dy heu

win over (v.) cur fer er my heu

cruinnee keep, siege: cruinnee ad oo stiagh er dy chooilley heu Bible; gather

adjacent (adj.) cheu ry heu; faare; faggys; sheeynt ry-cheilley; sniessey: The adjacent house to us - Yn thie sniessey dooin. DF idiom

apposition (n.) co-aishnyssagh; co-aishnys; cheu ry heu: They are in apposition - T'ad cheu-ry-heu. DF idiom

every side dagh cheu; dagh ooilley ard: They came from every side to see him - Haink ad voish dagh ooilley ard dy akin eh. DF idiom; dy chooilley heu

flank (n.) blean, boayn, lhiattee, shleeast; (v.) cur cheu ry-heu rish, jannoo soiaghey lhiattagh

side by side (adj.) cheu ry heu, cosh ry cholbey, dy lieragh, lhiattee ry lhiattee

broogh (=Ir. bruach) (f.) pl. brooinyn bank, brae, brim, brink, brow, fringe, shoal: ec broogh ny hawin va ymmodee biljyn er y derrey heu, as er y cheu elley. Bible; (of river) edge; mound

chionnt strained: Eisht dosnee Susanna, as dooyrt ee, Ta mee chionnt er dy chooilley heu Apoc

chruinnee besieged, compassed, inclosed: chruinnee ad camp ny nooghyn er dy chooilley heu Bible; clustered

cliwe ailagh flaming sword: hoie eh kione-har garey Eden Cherubim, as cliwe ailagh va chyndaa er dy chooilley heu Bible

croghey sheese hang down: s nee towse cubit er y derrey heu, as cubit er y cheu elley, jeh ny ta harrish ayns lhiurid curtanyn y chabbane, croghey sheese harrish lhiatteeyn y chabbane, er dagh cheu, dy choodaghey eh. Bible

straddle (n.) maidjey, scarrey goal; (v.) shassoo scart; soie scart: To straddle a chair - Dy hoie scart er caair. DF idiom; scarrey: To straddle a horse - Dy scarrey er chabbyl. DF idiom; bwoalley daaheuagh: To straddle a target - Dy woalley er yn daa heu jeh. DF idiom

pluckey evulsion; pluck, plucking, pluck off: va Satan dooisht, dowin tilgey ayns e chleeau kys yioghe eh'n cheshaght-chaggee er e heu dy irree magh noi'n ooilley-niartal Jee as pluckey neose eh veih dy ve ny ree, yn Mac y hilgey magh veih'n eiraght wooar, 's eh hene y hoiagh' seose er stoyl y phooar. PC

seose yn ughtagh uphill: ta'n raad yiarn roie ayns lhag lesh broogh ard er dagh cheu, myr shoh b'egin da'n cabbyl as y caart goll sheese y lhergagh er y derrey heu, as seose yn ughtagh er y cheu, elley. JG

straneyn lines: Er y laa pointit, haink y ghaa heshaght ry cheilley ec Rhumsaa as hoie ad sheese ayns straneyn, y ree as y vooinjer echey er yn derrey heu as ny braaraghyn as adsyn maroo, er y cheu elley. Chron; ranks; series


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