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ben heshey (f.) wife

co-heshey companion, partaker

sheer-heshey boon companion

boon companion sheer-heshey; sheshey mie

braarey (gen.) of a brother: cha jean eh cooilleeney currym braarey my heshey. Bible

phynodderee satyr: nee yn phynodderee gyllagh da e heshey Bible

chosen (pref.) jeih-: Then he said again to his chosen wife - Eisht dooyrt eh reesht rish e yeih heshey hene. DF idiom; reiht: Chosen place - Ynnyd reiht. DF idiom

Christ (n.) Creest: I am your fellow servant in Jesus Christ - Ta mish dty heshey harvaant ayns Yeesey Creest. DF idiom

goodman (n.) eh hene; fer thie: say ye to the goodman of the house - abbyr-jee rish y fer-thie Bible; sheshey: For the goodman is not at home - Son cha vel my heshey ec y thie Bible

partaker (n.) ayrniagh, coayrnagh, commagh, fer ronnee, fer goaill ayrn, co-heshey; rheynneyder

schoolfellow (n.) cumraag scoill, sheshey-scollag; sheshey-schoillar: He's a schoolfellow of ours - T'eh ny heshey-schoillar ainyn. JJK idiom

wife1 (n.) ben, ben heshee, ben heshey, ben phoost, ee hene: Allow me to introduce you to my wife and my daughter. - Lhig dou cur er enney shiu da my ven as inneen. JJK idiom

alley alley, alleyway: Nish tra va Satan ronsagh lesh e hooill trooid magh y garey, alley, bayr as cooill, honnick eh'n dooinney as [e] heshey dooie ayns stayd dy vaynrys, 'naght myr v'eh hene roie PC

hem I shall go, I will go: Hem roym dy valley gys my chied heshey Bible

hem roym I will depart: Hem roym dy valley gys my chied heshey, son va mee ny s'maynrey mârishyn, na ta mee nish. Bible

inver estuary, river mouth: Va talhear as e ven heshey baghey ayns thie faggys da Loch yn Inver as she cliaghtey lieu gobbragh dy mie gagh laa GB [L. infra]

lheim stiagh jump in: Shoh olk dy liooar, agh c'red ta goll er haghyr tra ta my heshey lheim stiagh ayns y lhiabbee? Dhoor

neuyerkit unexpected, unrehearsed: myr shen dy chooilley cheayrt, ta my heshey veen foostyrey er y toght noa, ta tonnyn thalloo-chraagh neuyerkit skeaylley magh voish y chesh vean. Dhoor

ynnyd fea resting place: nee yn phynodderee gyllagh da e heshey; nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen, as ynnyd fea y gheddyn er e son hene. Bible

companion cooidjaghtagh, co-heshey; cumraag: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; greeish chabbaneagh; laue-lioar; sheshey

tost muteness, speechless: Vrie mee j'ee mychione y dooinney eck, as dy beagh paitchyn elley marish Hommy Beg; v'ee ny tost rish tammylt beg, eisht yeeagh ee orrym dy hrimsagh gra dy row Robin Gorry e dooinney-heshey, ny hiaulteyr er lhong- hiaullee vooar Dhoor; mute; silent


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