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hene (=Ir. féin) actual, even, own, self, very: Ren shin myrgeddin oardaghyn dooin hene Bible

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ad hene themselves: ren ad fee duillagyn figgagh cooidjagh, dy choodaghey ad hene Bible; fairies

ain hene 1 ours; 2 our own a: Ee mayd yn arran ain hene, as nee mayd ceau yn coamrey ain hene Bible

daue hene for themselves: lhig daue goll as coonlagh y gheddyn daue hene. Bible

dunver hene suicide

dunverys hene suicide

ee hene (=Ir. i-fein) (f.) her, herself: She my huyr ee? as dooyrt ish, dy jarroo ee hene Bible; (the) missus; (the) wife; itself; lady of the house

eh hene goodman; himself: nee'n Chiarn eh hene y hoilshaghey diu. Bible; itself

er hene on itself, on himself: Quoi-erbee chleiys ooig, nee eh tuittym ayn: as eshyn rowllys clagh noi'n ughtagh, chyndaa-ee eh back er hene. Bible; (of boy) coy, reserved

hannah hene (emph.) already

hene-reiltys ynnydagh local autonomy

hene-veeagheyder kemmigagh chemoautotroph

hene-veeagheyder sollysh photoautotroph

hene-veeaghey kemmigagh chemoautotrophy, chemoautotrophic

hene-veeaghey sollysh photoautotrophy, photoautotrophic

jea hene even yesterday: V'eh ayns shoh jea hene. DF

jeh hene spontaneously: Cha jean shiu gee red erbee ta geddyn baase jeh hene Bible

jiu hene 1 even today, this very day a: Eer jiu hene ta my accan sharroo Bible; 2 of yourselves a: chamoo nee shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh keint erbee dy red snauee ter yn ooir. Bible

lesh hene separate: Lhig eh lesh hene. DF

nish hene even now, instantly: Jean nish hene eh! DF; just now

noght hene even tonight: Noght hene roish gerrym chellee Bible

oo hene thyself, yourself: bee oo hene, as dty hie, ayns sauchys Bible

shin hene ourselves, we ourselves: kys nee mayd shin hene y heyrey? Bible

shiu hene yourself: Ymmyrk oo hene! Ymmyrk shiu hene myr deiney. DF

shoh hene this itself: Cur-my-ner te er jeet, as te jeant, ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra ; shoh hene y laa ta mee er loayrt jeh. Bible

stroo hene I imagine, I suppose; it is my opinion

strooys hene I suppose: As ny s'anmey, tra ve mee my lhie 'sy lhiabbee smooinaghtyn er, strooys hene dy vel yn shenn ghooinney baghey ayns seihll elley Coraa

urree hene upon herself: yeigh ee yn dorrys urree hene Bible; (of girl) coy, reserved

ammys er hene self-esteem

arrymagh er hene self-respecting

arrym er hene self-respect

ass y hene wrong in the head

cheet huggey hene come round, pull round: s'coan t'eh cheet huggey hene, erreish da ve dy mooar broojit. Bible

cheet stiagh eh hene (of thing) work in

cleaysh y chur er hene prick-up ears

cormal e hene equilibrate

cur ass e heer hene banish

cur er hene assume

cur huggey hene pull round

cur lesh hug hene bring to

cur liorish hene isolate, isolation

currit er hene self-imposed

currit liorish hene isolated

Dty choyrle hene (intj) Just as you please

dunverys jeh hene felo de se

eeck ass hene self-supporting

er e hene on himself

er e hon hene for himself: cha nee fegooish fuill, ren eh chebbal er e hon hene, as son shaghrynys y phobble. Bible

er nyn son hene for themselves: Huggey shegin dooin guee, cha nee er nyn son hene ny lomarcan, agh son dy chooilley stayd as aght ta sleih ayn CS

er y hon shen hene for this very reason: Er y hon shen hene shegin daue cosney argid. Dhoor

goaill argid da hene embezzle

goaill er hene assume, take upon: Ny lhig da dooinney erbee eh-hene y volley: My ta dooinney erbee ny vud eu goaill er hene dy ve creeney 'sy theihll shoh, lhig da ve ny ommydan, dy vod eh ve creeney. Bible

goaill er hene y yannoo engage

goaill obbyr er hene take on

graihagh er hene self-loving

greim hug hene monopolize

greimmey hug hene monopolize

gyn yss dou hene unknowingly

jannoo beg jeh hene infra dig: Veagh eh jannoo beg jeh hene dy yannoo eh DF

jeh e yoin hene of his own volition, spontaneously, voluntarily: Hie eh stiagh 'syn armee jeh e yoin hene. DF

lane ayn hene self-contained

lhiggey er hene make-believe

lhiggey lesh hene slack; (as person) unbending

lostey ass hene self-ignition

meihaghey oo hene weigh in

myr s'feer da hene self-styled

myr shen hene all the same, even so: as ny-yeih myr shen hene huitt ad giare. Bible

nyn gour hene for themselves: As ny queig thousaneyn as feed dy lhiurid as ny jeih thousaneyn dy lheead vees myrgeddin ec ny Leviteyn, shirveishee yn thie, nyn gour hene Bible

obbal hene jiooldey self-abnegation

obbraghey jeh hene self-acting

oie noght hene (f.) this very night

oo hene y oonlaghey (to) take a bath

ooilley mee hene egoistical; all myself: Cha nel mee ooilley mee hene jiu. DF

poosey vooinjey hene intermarry

reiltys hene ynnydagh local autonomy

screeuyn ayns laue hene autographical letter

shass er dty chione hene rely on yourself

shassoo er e chione hene self-reliance

smaght er hene self-command, self-discipline, self-restraint

smooinaghyn er hene self-communion

soilsheydys ayn hene self-explanatory

stiurey raad dty vea hene controlling your own destiny

thie lesh fer hene private house

ynsagh magh da hene self-educated

Gleashtanyn Faagit er dty Reggyrtys Hene Park at Customers' Own Risk

for themselves daue hene: let them go and gather straw for themselves - lhig daue goll as coonlagh y gheddyn daue hene Bible; er nyn son hene: And afterward they made ready for themselves - As ny lurg shen, daarlee ad er nyn son hene Bible; nyn gour hene: Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation - Coyrt seose ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene undin mie Bible

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible

assume1 (v.) cur er hene, goaill er hene

coy1 (of boy) er hene; (of girl) urree hene; nearildagh

I suppose (v.) er lhiam, stroo hene, strooys hene

monopolize (v.) greim hug hene; greimmey hug hene

on himself er hene; er e hene: He made the sign of the cross on himself - Hug eh croshag er e hene. DF idiom

pull round (v.) cheet huggey hene, cur huggey hene

spontaneously (adv.) jeh e yoin hene; jeh hene

suicide (n.) dunver hene, dunverys hene, hene-varroo, hene-varrooder

reserved er hene; freaylt; neareydagh; neuloayrtagh; ry-hoi; tostagh; urree hene

actual (adj.) hene: That is the actual house - Ta shen yn thie hene. DF idiom; jarroo; rieugh

for himself er e hon hene: Every man for himself - Dagh ooilley ghooinney er e hon hene. DF idiom

itself (pron) ee hene: He is wisdom itself - She creenaght ee-hene eh. JJK idiom; eh hene

jannoo assee da harm, mar: Cha voddym feaysley eh er my hon hene, fegooish jannoo assee da meiraght hene Bible

veih'n veeal verbal, viva voce: son ta shin hene er chlashtyn veihn veeal echey hene Bible

yiarrin I would say: Yiarrin hene dy vel yn caggey son Bretnish yn caggey smoo scanshoil ayns Bretin hene. Carn

accord aigney: Of his own free will and accord - Jeh e yioin as e aigney hene. DF idiom; coardail; jannoo cordail; join: Of your own accord - Jeh dty yoin hene. DF idiom

already2 (adv.) emph. hannah hene

coy3 (adj.) (of girl) nearildagh, urree hene

even today jiu hene

even tonight noght hene

even yesterday jea hene

herself (pron) ee hene; ish

himself (pron) eh hene, eshyn

missus (n.) (the) ee hene

myself1 (pron) mee-hene: I shall go there myself - He'm dys shen mee-hene. JJK idiom

on itself er hene

own eer; hene: He took my hat instead of his own - Ghow eh my edd ayns ynnyd jeh'n fer echey hene. JJK idiom

self (n.) fene; hene: Your own dear self - Oo hene y chree. DF idiom; pene: By myself have I sworn, saith the Lord - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey tan Chiarn gra Bible

self-abnegation (n.) obbal hene jiooldey

self-acting (adj.) obbraghey jeh hene

self-command (n.) smaght er hene

self-communion smooinaghyn er hene

self-discipline (n.) smaght er hene

self-explanatory (adj.) soilsheydys ayn hene

self-ignition lostey ass hene

self-imposed (adj.) currit er hene

self-loving (adj.) graihagh er hene

self-respect (n.) arrym er hene

self-respecting (adj.) arrymagh er hene

self-restraint (n.) smaght er hene

separate (adj.) er lheh: Entered in a separate column - Ayns colloon er lheh. DF idiom; lesh hene; (v.) charbaa; scart; scar, scarr: A separate room for each person - Shamyr da hene ec dagh ooilley pheiagh. DF idiom

this itself shoh hene

thyself (pron) oo hene

unbending2 (as person) lhiggey lesh hene

upon herself urree hene

we ourselves (pron) shin hene: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves - eshyn ter nyannoo shin, as cha nee shin hene Bible

wife2 (n.) (the) ee hene

yourself (pron) oo hene: You ought to have done it yourself - Lhisagh oo er n'yannoo eh oo-hene. JJK idiom; shiu hene: You should behave yourself - Lhisagh shiu g'aghtey shiu-hene. JJK idiom; (emph.) shiuish; (emph.) uss

annooinidyn 1 infirmities a: Tan Spyrryd hene myrgeddin niartaghey lesh ny annooinidyn ain Bible; 2 passions a: Cha vel shinyn agh deiney jeh ny annooinidyn cheddin riu hene Bible

chummey 1 (y) hew out a: Jean daa voayrd chloaie y chummey dhyt hene goll rish ny chied vuird Bible; 2 fashion, form; 3 conform: As ny jean-jee shiu hene y chummey gys y theihll shoh Bible

e her, hers: hug ee keeagh da e mac, derrey v'eh charbait. Bible; his: nee'n marrooder chyndaa gys e ard-valley hene, as gys e hie hene Bible; its

feaysley relief, unknot, unlace, unleash, unloose, unmoor, unshackle, untether, untie, loose, cast off; absolve, redeem: Cha voddym feaysley eh er my hon hene feaysley eh er my hon hene Bible; redemption

fegooish caghlaa unaltered: Cheer dy ghorraghys, eer dorraghys hene, as scadoo yn vaaish, fegooish caghlaa, as raad ta'n soilshey myr y dorraghys hene. Bible

goll er shaghryn aberrate, blundering, divagate, err, stray, straying: as nagh jed shiu lurg nyn gree hene, as ny sooillyn eu hene, myr bollagh shiu goll er shaghryn Bible; (make mistake) blunder

jallooyn grianagh images: Cha der eh geill da ny altaryn, obbyr e laueyn hene, chamoo nee eh soiaghey jeh shen ta e veir hene er n'yannoo, edyr ny keylljyn, ny ny jallooyn grianagh. Bible

leeidagh insinuative; would lead: Son marish nyn greeaghyn moaldey hene, leeidagh shin gys peccah, ta drogh spyrrydyn ayn ta kinjagh aarloo dyn miolagh gys olk, as jin hene cha vel pooar ain dy haghney yn goanlys oc. CS

linney (=Ir. líne) (f.) pl. linnaghyn line, row: Screeu y bard y linney shoh: "As eer ny Sostnee hene, foddee dy vow adsyn hene baase laa ennagh". Carn; assembly line

ro vie too good: T 'ad miolagh sleih dy yarrood Jee, dy smooinaght ro vie jeu hene, as dy hreishteil ayndoo hene CS

thie streebee brothel, disorderly house: Dy vel oo er hroggal dhyt hene thie streebee, as er n'yannoo er dty hon hene ard-ynnyd ayns dy chooilley straïd. Bible

abiogenesis (n.) hene-gheintyn

autobiographer (n.) hene-veashneyder

autobiographical (adj.) hene-veashnyssagh

autobiography (n.) hene-veashnys

autodetermination hene-chynney

auto-ignition hene-lostey

autonomy (n.) hene-reill; hene-reilltys; seyrsnys

auto-suggestion (n.) hene-sannish

chemoautotroph (n.) hene-veeagheyder kemmigagh

chemoautotrophic hene-veeaghey kemmigagh

chemoautotrophy hene-veeaghey kemmigagh

egocentric (n., adj.) hene-veanagh

egoistical (adj.) froaishagh, ooilley mee hene

embezzle (v.) goaill argid da hene

fairies (npl.) ad hene: He saw the fairies at the bridge - Honnick eh ad hene ec y droghad. DF idiom; cloan ny moyrn; ferrishyn: The fairies haunt that glen - Ta ferrishyn goaill 'sy ghlion shen. DF idiom; mooinjer ny king veggey; sleih beggey; (yn) vooinjer veggey

groan (n.) osney; sogh; (v.) soghal: he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man - nee eh soghal kiongoyrt rish, myr soghyn dooinney ta guint gy-baase Bible; osnaghey: we ourselves groan within ourselves - ta shinyn shin hene osnaghey cheu-sthie jin hene Bible; garveigagh: How do the beasts groan! - Kys ta ny beïyn garveigagh! Bible

her (pron) eck: What is her complaint? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom; (emph.) ecksh: My sister will give me hers - Ver my huyr y fer ecksh dou. JJK idiom; ee: Perhaps we shall see her to-morrow - Foddee dy vaikmayd ee mairagh. JJK idiom; e: She died the day after her marriage - Hooar ee baase yn laa lurg e poosey. JJK idiom; ee hene: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom; (emph.) ish

intermarry (v.) eddyr-phoosey; poosey vooinjey hene

isolate (v.) aneraghey, cur liorish hene

judge (n.) briw: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself - Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene. JJK idiom; briwnys: Judge others by yourself - Briwnys feallagh elley liort hene. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo briwnys, jannoo briwnys er; (to); (dy) vriwnys

just now (adv.) er y chooyl: I am going just now - Ta mee goll er y chooyl. DF idiom; vaidjin; vaidjyn: He was here just now - V'eh ayns shoh vaidjyn. DF idiom; kiart nish: Don't intrude on her just now - Ny brish stiagh urree kiart nish. DF idiom; nish hene: I'll be on the ground just now - Beeym er y thalloo nish hene. DF idiom

narcissism (n.) hene-graih

narcissistic (adj.) hene-ghraihagh

photoautotroph (n.) hene-veeagheyder sollysh

photoautotrophic hene-veeaghey sollysh

photoautotrophy hene-veeaghey sollysh

self-abasement (n.) hene-injillaghey

self-assurance (n.) daanys, hene-barrantys

self-assured (adj.) hene-barrantagh

self-confidence (n.) hene-barrantys

self-confident (adj.) hene-barrantagh

self-contained (adj.) glen-scarrit, lane ayn hene

self-deception (n.) hene-volley

self-defence (n.) hene-coadey

self-determination (n.) hene-reddey, hene-reill, seyrsnys

self-educated (adj.) ynsagh magh da hene

self-esteem (n.) ammys er hene, hene-arrym

self-fertilising (adj.) hene-torraghey

self-fertilization (n.) hene-horraghey

self-filling hene-lhieentagh

self-governing (adj.) hene-reiltagh

self-government (n.) hene-reiltys

self-instruction (n.) hene-ynsagh

self-interested (adj.) hene-chooishagh

self-knowledge (n.) hene-enney

self-love (n.) hene-ghraih

self-murder hene-dunverys

self-portrait (n.) hene-chaslys

self-praise (n.) hene-voylley

self-preservation (n.) hene-reayltys

self-propelling (adj.) hene-ghleayshagh

self-reproach (n.) hene-oltooaney

self-righteous (adj.) hene-chairal

self-satisfaction (n.) boggys, hene-chooilleen


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