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hen (n.) kiark: The hen was cooked to death - Va'n chiark spongit. DF idiom

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broody hen (n.) kiark ghuirragh

grey hen (n.) kiark lheeah

hen bird (n.) kiark; (yn) woirrinagh

hen coop (n.) paal chirkey

hen egg (n.) ooh chiark, ooh chirkey, ooh kiark

hen harrier (n.) shirragh ny giark

hen house (n.) thie kiark, thie ny giark; thie-kirkey

hen lobster (n.) gimmagh bwoirrin

hen party (n.) cooish caillagh

hen pigeon (n.) kiark calmane

pecky hen (n.) kiark spulgagh

water hen (n.) kiark ushtey

young hen (n.) arrag

er hen there: Er hen ooyl vraew dhyt. DF

Veih hen (intj) Lo, Look: Veih hen! Ta'n "Balley Drine" cheet DF

of a hen (gen.) kirkey

kiark (=SG., Ir. cearc) (f.) pl. kiarkyn (of birds) female; fowl, hen, hen bird: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible

Lo (intj) Jeeagh; Veih hen

Look (intj) Jeeagh; Veih hen

cooish caillagh hen party

kiark calmane (f.) hen pigeon

kiark spulgagh (f.) pecky hen

ooh chiark (f.) hen egg

ooh chirkey (f.) hen egg

paal chirkey (f.) hen coop

thie-kirkey hen house

hen-head (n.) kione kirkey

turkey-hen (n.) kiark rangagh

kiark rangagh (f.) (female) turkey; turkey-hen

shirragh ny giark hen harrier

thie ny giark hen house

there ayns shen; ayns shid; er hen; aynshen

arrag (f.) COMPARE earrag fledged chicken, young hen

gimmagh bwoirrin female lobster, hen lobster

kiark ghuirragh (f.) brooder, broody hen, sitter

kiark lheeah (f.) grey hen; (female) black grouse

kiark ushtey (f.) coot, marshhen, moorhen, water hen

kione kirkey hen-head, witless head

thie kiark fowl house, hen house

woirrinagh (yn) hen bird: Quoi y woirrinagh shen? DF

bondeyr bonder, nurse: myr ta bondyr jannoo mooar jeh e cloan hen Bible

kirkey (gen.) of a hen: Ben as cosheeaght ny kirkey eck. DF

ooh kiark (f.) hen egg: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

gentleman (n.) dooinney ooasle; dooinney seyr: There's the gentleman whose son you know - Er hen y dooinney-seyr, shione diu e vac. JJK idiom; fer

lay1 breh, brey: That's the place the hen goes to lay an egg in - Shen y boayl ta'n chiark goll dy vrey ooh ayn. DF idiom; (v.) cur, cur sheese, lhie, lhiaghtey; jibbag; layal, laiyal; (adj.) neuagglishagh, theayagh

wrinkle (n.) craplag: There's another wrinkle to your backside - Er hen craplag elley da dty hoyn. DF idiom; (v.) craplaghey, crapley, crappey, cungaghey; shirgaghey

fill (v.) bolgey; jannoo; lhieeney: Why don't you fill the tumblers? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu lhieeney ny glessyn? JJK idiom; lughtaghey; pronney; saie; lhieen: There are the tumblers, fill them - Er hen ny glessyn, lhieen ad. JJK idiom; lhieen-jee

creaghyn 1 furrows a: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible; 2 clods, heaps, stacks: My nee aile brishey magh, as goaill ny drineyn, myr hen dy vel ny creaghyn, ny ny magheryn arroo er nyn stroie liorish Bible; 3 treasures a: ny vel oo er vakin creaghyn y sniaghtey-garroo Bible


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