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hedge cleigh: The wind blew the snow against the hedge - Heid y gheay y sniaghtey ayns sheebey noi'n cleigh. DF idiom; (n.) cleiy; faal: Quickest hedge - Faal bio. DF idiom; shaghnys; (v.) cur gial er gagh cheu

Inexact matches:

boundary hedge (n.) cleigh caglee; faal

dead hedge (n.) faal chirrym

hawthorn hedge (n.) cleigh drineagh

Hedge Enclosure (n.) Close ny Cleigh

Hedge Flat (n.) Faaie Cleiy

hedge hyssop (n.) lurgeydish chleiee

hedge in (v.) cur cleigh mysh, faalaghey

hedge mustard (n.) burley cleiyee, mustart cleiyee

hedge parsley (n.) lus ny claghyn fuail

hedge pink (n.) lus y cheeabin

hedge school (n.) scoill chleiee

hedge sparrow (n.) boght keeir, buntee gorrym, jallyn keylley

hedge woundwort (n.) lus y lhott

Hillock Hedge (n.) Cleigh Cor

Meadow Hedge (n.) Cleigh ny Lheeannagh

mountain hedge (n.) cleigh cloaie

Old Hedge (n.) Shenn Chleigh

quickset hedge (n.) faal bio

Stone Hedge (n.) Cleigh Clagh

stone hedge (n.) bun-chleighan, cleigh cloaie

Thick Hedge (n.) Cleigh Roauyr

thorn hedge (n.) paal skeag

Thorny Hedge (n.) Cleigh Drineagh

Turbary Hedge (n.) Cleigh ny Moaney, Cleigh ny Moanee

White Hedge (n.) Cleigh Finn

will hedge atnee

broken down hedge (n.) boghlane

Croft of the Hedge (n.) Croit ny Cleigh

Hedge of the Corner (n.) Cleigh ny Cuilleig

Hedge of the Marsh (n.) Cleigh Curree

Hedge of the Rampart (n.) Cleigh yn Arragh

Hedge of the Ramparts (n.) Cleigh ny n'Arraghyn

Hedge of the Ridge (n.) Cleigh Drommey

Hill of the Hedge (n.) Cor yn Faal

I will hedge up atnee-ym: I will hedge up thy way with thorns - atnee-ym seose dty raad lesh drineyn Bible

Marsh Hedge Croft (n.) Croit Cleigh Curree

Nook of the Hedge (n.) Cooil Cleiy

Road Hedge Bottom (n.) Toinn Chleiy y Vayr

Start of the Hedge (n.) Bun Cleighan

Thick Hedge Field (n.) Magher Cleigh Roauyr

Tom of the Hedge (n.) Tom y Cleigh

cleigh cloaie mountain hedge, stone hedge: Ren Chris Sheard as mee hene karraghey yn cleigh cloaie caglee jeh'n aaie Carn

burley cleiyee hedge mustard

cleigh caglee boundary hedge

Cleigh Clagh Stone Hedge

Cleigh Cor Hillock Hedge

Cleigh Drineagh Thorny Hedge

cleigh drineagh hawthorn hedge

Cleigh Finn White Hedge

Cleigh Roauyr Thick Hedge

Faaie Cleiy Hedge Flat

faalaghey hedge in

faal bio quickset hedge

faal chirrym dead hedge

jallyn keylley hedge sparrow

lurgeydish chleiee (f.) hedge hyssop

mustart cleiyee hedge mustard

paal skeag (f.) thorn hedge

scoill chleiee (f.) hedge school

Shenn Chleigh Old Hedge

hedge-spade (n.) kiebbey cleiyee

boght keeir dunnock, hedge sparrow

bun-chleighan fell dyke, stone hedge

buntee gorrym dunnock, hedge sparrow

Cleigh ny Lheeannagh Meadow Hedge

Cleigh ny Moanee Turbary Hedge

Cleigh ny Moaney Turbary Hedge

Close ny Cleigh Hedge Enclosure

kiebbey cleiyee hedge-spade

lus y lhott (f.) hedge woundwort

Bun Cleighan Start of the Hedge

Cleigh Curree Hedge of the Marsh

Cleigh Drommey Hedge of the Ridge

Cleigh ny Cuilleig Hedge of the Corner

Cleigh ny n'Arraghyn Hedge of the Ramparts

Cleigh yn Arragh Hedge of the Rampart

Cooil Cleiy Nook of the Hedge

Cor yn Faal Hill of the Hedge

Croit Cleigh Curree Marsh Hedge Croft

Croit ny Cleigh Croft of the Hedge

cur cleigh mysh fence, hedge in

cur gial er gagh cheu (as bet) hedge

lus ny claghyn fuail (f.) hedge parsley

Magher Cleigh Roauyr Thick Hedge Field

Toinn Chleiy y Vayr Road Hedge Bottom

Tom y Cleigh Tom of the Hedge

atnee will hedge: cur-my-ner, atnee-ym seose dty raad lesh drineyn Bible

lus y cheeabin (f.) bouncing Bess, bouncing bet, soapwort, hedge pink

atnee-ym I will hedge up: cur-my-ner, atnee-ym seose dty raad lesh drineyn, as nee'm voalley, nagh vow ee magh e oayll. Bible

boghlane bank, broken down hedge: Ayns glion coon ta dowin ayns mean ny sleityn ta boghlane dy henn tholtan ta jiu ry akin boayl va cliaghtey ve thie feer yesh as bwaagh. GB

cleigh (f.) pl. cleighee, cleiyee, cleighyn, cleiyn embankment, fence, hedge: Va fer-thie dy row ren garey-feeyney y hoiaghey, as ren eh cleigh y yannoo mysh, as chleiy eh press-feeyney ayn Bible; mound

faal boundary hedge, fence, septum: Dy scarrey un chorneil jeh'n vagher lesh faal. DF

shaghnys adjournment, avoidance, evasion, hedge: nee'm fooilliagh y aagail, dy vod sluight 've eu shaghnys yn cliwe mastey ny ashoonyn Bible

cleiy 1 delve, dig, digging, dig out, harvest, quarry a: Ta goaill foddeeaght son y vaase, as cha vel eh cheet; as cleiy er y hon ny smoo na son berchys follit Bible; 2 earthwork, hedge, hedging: Nagh vel oo er nyannoo cleiy mygeayrt-y-mysh as mysh e hie Bible [O.Ir. claidid]


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