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hed shall go: Hed eh stiagh myrgeddin gys y cheer aalin Bible

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shall go1 hed: after that she shall go. - lurg shen hed ee mêriu Bible

eh shoh this: Eh shoh hed mayrt Bible

cashtallyn castles: hed ny cashtallyn lajer ayds sheese gys y thalloo Bible; forts

jubile jubile: Hed eh magh seyr ayns bleïn y Jubile Bible

lhiannee shall cleave, shall pursue: lhiannee ad dhyt, derrey hed oo naardey Bible

lout-reayrtey viewing gallery: As hed shamyr-Tinvaal er caghlaa, goaill stiagh lout-reayrtey noa BS

nastee (=Ir. aisce) 1 buckshee, gratis, gratuitous; 2 free a: hed ee magh seyr, as nastee. Bible

reayrtey view, viewing: As hed shamyr-Tinvaal er caghlaa, goaill stiagh lout-reayrtey noa BS

treanagh 1 he-man, hero, mighty a: Hed y Chiarn magh myr treanagh Bible; 2 tyrant

yindyss wonder: bee yindyss mooar er dy chooilley unnane hed shaghey Bible

amiable (adj.) caarjoil: He'd be well received if he were more amiable - Veagh mooar jeant jeh dy beagh eh ny s'caarjoiley. JJK idiom; ennoil, gennal, graihoil, taitnyssagh; gyn myskid

betray1 (v.) brah: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; treigeil

burial (n.) oanluckey: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass - hed eh er oanluckey lesh oanluckey assyl Bible

die1 cab, kiarroo; (v.) fow baase, paartail, goaill eig, fuillaghtyn baase; geddyn baase: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; surranse baase; (to); (dy) gheddyn baase

Dublin (n.) Balley Aah Cleeah; Divlin, Divlyn: She will start for Dublin the day after to-morrow - Hed ee dys Divlyn nuyr. JJK idiom [Ir. Baile Átha Cliath]

go against (v.) goll noi: That will go against him - Hed shen noi echey. DF idiom; obbal

go over goll harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; goll tessen; gow noon

never (adv.) chioee; rieau: Never was dog more faithful - Cha row rieau moddey cha firrinagh. JJK idiom; dy bragh: He said he'd never forgive me - Dooyrt eh nagh leihagh eh dy-bragh mee. JJK idiom; dy bra

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

rather (adv.) dy jarroo; red beg; share lesh; bare lesh: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom

shall pursue eiyree: the sword shall pursue thee - eiyree yn cliwe orts Bible; lhiannee: and they shall pursue thee until thou perish - as lhiannee ad dhyt, derrey hed oo naardey Bible

thickets (npl.) keylljyn: then the people did hide themselves in caves, and in thickets - eisht dollee yn pobble ad-hene ayns ooigyn, as ayns keylljyn Bible; thammagyn: they shall go into thickets - hed ad stiagh ayns ny thammagyn Bible

ard-vargaghyn supermarkets: Hed y cummey jeh kuse dy h-ard-vargaghyn Shoprite er caghlaa roish foddey. BS

arree 1 Spring, spring, vernal a: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn; 2 various

astyl avenue: Y haglym, vees goaill toshiaght ec lieh-oor lurg shiaght, hed eh er cummal ayns Halley Killagh Noo Peddyr ayns Astyl Reeoil. BS

berraghtyn catch, overtake, pull ahead: Cha leah as hed eh magh nee eh berraghtyn erriu Bible

billaghyn bank bills; bills: Hed kiare billaghyn as feed gys y Choonseil Slattyssagh, as ny mast'oc, y nah lhaih jeh'n Villey Arraghey-Raaidyn, as Billey y Faill Sloo, son resooney oltyn. BS

cha jean-yms goll I will not go: My hed uss mârym, eisht neem's goll: agh mannagh jed uss mârym, eisht cha jean-yms goll. Bible

cha jed shall not go: Hed ny Caldeanee dy shickyr ersooyl voïn: son cha jed ad roue. Bible

cheer-har east country: As hed oo noi ooilley yn cheer-heear, er-yn-oyr as dy ren ad mee- viallys er y sarey aym's. Apoc

cheer-heear west country: As hed oo noi ooilley yn cheer-heear, er-yn-oyr as dy ren ad mee- viallys er y sarey aym's. Apoc

cherraghtyn fade, fail, perish, pass, vanish: hed eh sheese gys caggey, as cherraghtyn ayns shen Bible

classicagh (=Ir. clasaiceach) classic, classical: Y Ratçh Soshar marish y Ratçh Eddrym Classicagh, hed ad er cummal ry cheilley ec kerroo lurg jeih. BS; classicist

coamrey-caggee battle dress: Agh hed dty harvaantyn harrish, dagh dooinney ayns coamrey-caggee, fenish y Chiarn gys y vagher-caggee, myr ta my hiarn dy ghra. Bible

craid (f.) derision, irony, jeer, mock, mockery, scoffing: nee dagh fer hed shaghey thassane ayns craid Bible; jesting

culleeyn standards: hed ad er nyn doshiaght, dagh dooinney ayns e ynnyd liorish ny culleeyn oc. Bible

dagh unnane every one: hed Aaron as e vec stiagh, as pointeil ad dagh unnane gys e hirveish, as gys e churrym. Bible

eaddagh cadjin mufti: Hed ny h-offishearyn eaddagh cadjin er traenal liorish meoiryn-shee Lunnin. BS; undress

eillaghyn accoutrements: Eisht gowee adsyn nyn eillaghyn, as hed ad ayns nyn gamp Apoc

fark wait: Fark ort, my inneen, derrey hee mayd kys hed y chooish Bible

Fark ort (impv) Hold, Stop; Sit still: Eisht dooyrt ee, Fark ort, my inneen, derrey hee mayd kys hed y chooish Bible

fer aitt clown, comedian, comic: Agh y viggar, hed er cloie liorish y fer aitt Rowan Atkinson, t'eh eeit seose liorish y screeudeyrys echey as, myr shen, cha nel eh cur geill da brishey-poosey yn ven echey BS; quiz

geay chassee (f.) tornado, whirlwind: nee yn Chiarn Jee yn trumpet y heidey, as hed eh magh lesh geayghyn-cassee yn jiass Bible

gimmanyn lovers: As hed ee geiyrt er e gimmanyn, agh cha berr ee orroo Bible

goaill ayrn ayns qualified for; take part in: Lhig dooin ooilley nish goaill ayrn ayns yn arrane moyllee noa; Hed mayd roin er gys nyn Jiarn, Son cha voddey vees mayd bio. LH

hee mayd we will see: Eisht dooyrt ee, Fark ort, my inneen, derrey hee mayd kys hed y chooish Bible; we shall see

hendeil 1 (dy); (to); (at table) wait; 2 wait upon a: Shoh currym ny Leviteyn, veih queig bleeaney as feed dy eash as erskyn, hed ad stiagh dy hendeil er shirveish chabbane-agglish y cheshaght Bible

jeh Mee Houney of November: Hed shoh er cummal yn shiaghtin s'jerree jeh Mee Houney. Dhoor

lesh y gheay adrift, leeward: Fasnee oo ad, as hed ad lesh y gheay, as nee geay-chassee ad y scaalheaney Bible

loayrt er speak of: Agh ta'n chairys ta liorish credjue loayrt er yn aght shoh, Ny abbyr ayns dty chree, Quoi hed seose gys niau? Bible

mayrt with you: Tra hed oo trooid ny ushtaghyn bee'm mayrt Bible yn kloyky dayg mi ag Troada, marish Carpus nar higg u kurr leyt mayrt e, as ny lioryn, agh erskyn ully ny kraghyn skriui. PB1610

Mean Fouyir (=Ir. Meán Fómhair) (f.) September: Ayns Mean Fouyir hed yn chied nuy paitchyn gys brastyl slane-hraa vees goll er cummal dy bollagh trooid Gaelg. Dhoor

mooadys amount, amplitude, artificialness, augmentation, capacity, dimension, extravagance, greatness, huge, hugeness, increase, largeness, magnitude, size, stature: ayns mooadys e ommijys hed eh er-shaghryn. Bible; portliness; grossness

muyne pl. muynaghyn mountain: as ghaa Iesy shuas gys muyne (na) slu as hed taynshenn marish y austylyn. PB1610

ny slooid unless: Heemayd eh dy-mennick, ny slooid ny hed eh dys thie e vayrey. JJK

oc their, theirs: hed yn aalid oc mow ayns yn oaie ass ny cummallyn oc Bible; at them; have

paarant (pl -yn) parent: Hed y cosneyder gys sleityn Magaliesburg as gys Johannesburg neesht, raad ta colught-paarant y vanc soit. BS

preevaadjaghey privatise: My hed ny shirveishyn shoh er preevaadjaghey, bee eh jannoo er yn Ellan dy çhelleeragh, coardail rish Stiureyder Purt-Aer Roonysvaie, Philip Pain. BS; privatisation

scoill laa (f.) day school: Ec yn Thie Tashtee, Doolish, Jesarn, 7oo Mee Houney, 10 sv - 5 sa hed scoill laa er cummal enmysit 'Karraghey ny Brishaghyn. Dhoor

shamyr-aarlee kitchen: Hed y çhaglym jeh Sheshaght Phenshyneyryn Vannin er cummal ec Shamyr-aarlee Molly ec jees er y chlag fastyr jiu. BS

shirveish ny merriu (f.) funeral, funeral service: Hed shirveish ny merriu er cummal ec thie-lostee Ghoolish ec jees er y chlag, Jemayrt, y chied laa as feed Mean Fouyir. BS

skeogyn locks: My nee oo rheynn folt my ching ayns shiaght skeogyn, as fee ad dy cheilley, as jannoo ad shickyr lesh kibbin 'sy gharmin [hed my niart voym]. Bible

s'looid (ny) except, if not, unless: Ny slooid ny hed eh gys thie e vayrey. DF

startaghyn jobs: Ec bunnys yn traa cheddin haink yn naight dy hed 200 startaghyn coayl voish BBC Highland as BBC Radio nan Gàidheal. Carn; situations

'syn oie at night, at night time: hed eh shaghey myr ashlish 'syn oie. Bible

'sy vlein per annum: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn

taggloo mysh comment; talk about: t'eh taggloo mysh geddyn poosit dy gerrid, agh cre'n voayl hed ad dy vaghey lurg shen cha s'ayms Dhoor

Toshiaght Arree (=Ir. tosach Earraigh) (f.) February: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn

trass (=Ir. treas) pl. Trassyn third: er y trass laa hed oo seose gys thie yn Chiarn Bible

blossom blaa: and their blossom shall go up as dust - as hed y blaa oc seose myr y joan Bible; cheet my vlaa, cur magh blaaghyn; (to); (dy) vlaaghey; blaaghey: And it shall come to pass, that the man's rod, whom I shall choose, shall blossom - As hig eh gy-kione, dy jean slattag y dooinney, neems y reih, blaaghey Bible

fan1 (v.) fasney: toward the daughter of my people, not to fan, nor to cleanse - noi inneen my phobble, cha nee son fasney, ny son reealley Bible; fasnee: Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them - Fasnee oo ad, as hed ad lesh y gheay Bible; (n.) feayragan, feayraghan, sleayst, yskyyl; (n.) dollan-bennaylt: which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan - ter ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt Bible; (n.) dollan; (n.) thaagheyder

fortress (n.) carrick: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim - Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim Bible; rhaa; doon: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; toor: And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down - As troshid toor ard dty voallaghyn ver eh lesh sheese, Bible; cashtal: O Lord, my strength, and my fortress - O Hiarn my niart, as my chashtal lajer Bible and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north - as hed eh stiagh ayns cashtal ree yn twoaie Bible

craa brandish, dither, dodder, flicker, flutter, jog, jolt, judder, quake, quaver, rustle, shake, shiver, shock, tremble, vibrate; (shake) jar; (of head) toss; (of hand) wave; (as singer) trill, wobble; rent: ren yn ard-valley craa lesh y feiyr oc Bible; sprinkle; ring; warble; wag: dagh fer hed shaghey thassane ayns craid, as craa e laue urree Bible; trembling

lhiaghtyn beds: Hed eshyn roish ayns shee: bee ad ec fea ayns nyn lhiaghtyn Bible; couches; rests: son cheu-mooie ayns voalleyn thie ren eh lhiaghtyn coon ooilley mygeayrt Bible; sepulchres: d'oanluck ad eh ayns ard-valley Ghavid: agh cha nee ayns ny lhiaghtyn reeoil. Bible

soiaghey magh bed out, disposition, furnish, profess, represent, set forth; describe: Reih-jee veih ny mast' eu three deiney ass dagh tribe: as ver-ym magh ad, as hed ad mygeayrt trooid y cheer, as nee ad soiaghey magh eh cordail rish nyn eiraght, as hig ad reesht hym's. Bible; garnish


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