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hear1 (impv) clasht, eaisht; (v.) cluinaghtyn, eaishtagh; clashtyn: I hear a knock - Ta mee clashtyn crank. JJK idiom

hear2 (v.) (to); (dy) chlashtyn: Hoping to hear from you - Jerkal dy chlashtyn voyd. DF idiom

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Hear, Hear (intj) Abbyr eh

shall hear1 cluinee, clynnee, clinnee, cluinnee; chlynnys; (dy) glinnys

shall hear2 (interrog.) chluinnee; clynnee: The people shall hear, and be afraid - Clynnee yn pobble, as bee aggle orroo Bible

will hear (interrog.) gluin

would hear1 cluinagh, chluinagh, gluinnagh

would hear2 (interrog.) chluinagh, gluinnagh

did not hear cha geayll: I did not hear it - Cha geayll mee eh. JJK idiom

I will not hear cha neaisht-ym: I will not hear the melody of thy viols - cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible; cha jean-ym clashtyn: when ye make many prayers, I will not hear - tra ta shiu goaill ymmodee padjeryn, cha jean-ym clashtyn Bible

I would hear cluinnin

shall not hear cha gluinnee

Would I hear (interrog.) Chluinin

would not hear cha neaishtagh

Abbyr eh (intj) Hear, Hear, Well said; Say on: As dreggyr Yeesey, as dooyrt eh rish, Simon, ta red aym's dy ghra rhyt, As dooyrt eh, Abbyr eh, vainshter. Bible

chluinagh (interrog.) would hear

Chluinin (interrog.) Would I hear

chluinnee (interrog.) shall hear

cluinagh audible; would hear

cluinaghtyn hear

cluinnin I would hear

gluin (interrog.) will hear

gluinnagh (interrog.) would hear

cha jean-ym clashtyn I will not hear

cluinnee shall hear: Ayns clashtyn cluinnee shiu Bible

chlynnys shall hear: Cha leah as chlynnys ad jee'm Bible

clasht hear: Clasht rhym tra ta mee geamagh Bible

clashtyn (=Ir. cloisdin, Sc. claistinn) 1 hear, hearing: Bible a: cha dug eh clashtyn daue; 2 (Jur) sit

clinnee shall hear: clinnee ooilley Israel jeh, as bee aggle orroo Bible

clynnee shall hear: My choraa clynnee uss dy leah Bible

eaisht (=Ir. éist) (impv) hear, hearken: Eaisht-jee rish ny focklyn jeh'n shenn arrane! Carn; (v.) heard

glinnys (dy) shall hear: Ec traa erbee dy glinnys shiu feiyr y trumpet Bible

fortnight (n.) kegeesh: I shall hear from my father in a fortnight or so - Cluinnym voish m'ayr cheusthie jeh kegeesh ny myr shen. JJK idiom

from you veue; veueish; voyd; void: Let me hear from you now and then - Lhig dou clashtyn void nish as eisht. JJK idiom; voïd; voids

Gentiles (npl.) ashoonee: that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel - dy row ny Ashoonee veih my veeals dy clashtyn goo yn tushtal Bible

it may be foddee eh ve: It may be the Lord thy God will hear all the words of Rab-shakeh - Foddee eh ve, dy jean y Chiarn dty Yee clashtyn ooilley goan Rab-shakeh Bible

melody (n.) carr; bingys: for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. - son cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible

of thunder taarnee: I hear the sound of thunder - Ta mee clashtyn sheean taarnee. DF idiom

then1 (adv.) eisht: Come here, and then you'll hear me better - Trooid dy shoh, as eisht cluinee shiu mee ny share. JJK idiom

cha geayll did not hear: Agh cha geayll Jonathan dy row e ayr er choyrt y pobble fo'n sarey Bible

cha gluinnee shall not hear: cha gluinnee shiu y ghlare loayrit ayns straidyn as puirt ny h-Ellan myr v'ee ry-chlashtyn keead vlein er dy henney Coraa

cha neaishtagh would not hear: Nagh loayr mish riuish, gra, Ny cur-jee laue er y lhiannoo, as cha neaishtagh shiu rhym? Bible

cha neaisht-ym I will not hear: son cha neaisht-ym roo tra nee ad geamagh hym ayns earish nyn seaghyn Bible

chlashtyn (dy); (to) hear: cree dy hoiggal, ny sooillyn dy akin, ny cleayshyn dy chlashtyn, gys y laa jiu. Bible

cluinee shall hear: Trooid dy shoh, as eisht cluinee shiu mee ny share. JJK

eaishtagh See geaishtagh attentive, harken, hear, hearken, listen, listen in: Nagh jean shiu ynsagh y ghoaill dy eaishtagh rish my ghoan? Bible; confess; earshot

geaishtagh (=Ir. éisteacht) listen: Ren ad geaishtagh er-y-fa shen rish goo'n Chiarn, Bible; hear; hearken: Tra nee oo geaishtagh rish coraan Chiarn dty Yee Bible; listening

careless (adj.) meerioosagh: Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women - Ymmodee laghyn as bleeantyn vees shiu seaghnit, shiuish vraane mee-rioosagh Bible; neuchiarailagh; neuchurrymagh; neuharroogh: hear my voice, ye careless daughters - clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh Bible; almoragh: to make the careless Ethiopians afraid - dy chur ny Ethiopianee almoragh ayns aggle Bible

stand still er-troggloo; er troggloo; shassoo sthill: When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan - Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan BNible; (impv) shass-jee: stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord - shass-jee, as cur-jee my-ner yn saualtys neen Chiarn soilshaghey diu Bible; fuirree-jee: Stand still, and I will hear what the Lord will command concerning you - Fuirree-jee tammylt, as neem clashtyn cre neen Chiarn sarey mychione eu. Bible; shass raad tou: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God - shass raad tou, as smooinee dy dowin er obbraghyn yindyssagh Yee Bible

state (v.) abbyr, gra; (n.) ashoon; cheer: Every state was represented - Va chaghter ass gagh cheer ayn. DF idiom; state; staydoilys: We dined in state - Dee shin ayns staydoilys. DF idiom; foaynoo; stayd: I want to hear the actual state of things - Saillym clastyn stayd firrinagh ny reddyn. DF idiom; stait: Divorce church from state - Yn agglish y scarrey veih'n stait. DF idiom; steat: Weighed down with the affairs of state - Laadit lesh currymyn steat. DF idiom


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