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Heap (n.) Butt

heap carn, carnane: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; (n.) butt, crannag, dash, torr; (v.) carnanaghey, chummal, torry

Inexact matches:

ash heap (n.) carnane leoh, carnane leoirey; pollag leoh

Big Heap (n.) Butt Mooar

Heap Field (n.) Magher y Bhutt

Heap Fold (n.) Bwoaillee y Vutt

Heather Heap (n.) Ling Butt

muck heap (n.) thorran

rubbish heap (n.) carnane tustyr

small heap (n.) buttag; peishteig

East Heap Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Vutt Hiar

heap of dung (n.) pollag

heap of seaweed (n.) thorran amlee

West Heap Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Vutt Heear

Butt Heap

Butt Mooar Big Heap

carnane leoh ash heap

carnane leoirey ash heap

carnane tustyr rubbish heap

Ling Butt Heather Heap

pollag leoh (f.) ash heap

Bwoaillee y Vutt Heap Fold

Magher y Bhutt Heap Field

thorran amlee (f.) heap of seaweed

buttag (f.) gore, small heap, triangular piece of land

Bwoaillee Vutt Heear West Heap Fold

Bwoaillee Vutt Hiar East Heap Fold

peishteig caterpillar; worm, beast, monster; small heap

pollag (f.) boss, small pile; heap of dung

of seaweed amlee: Heap of seaweed - Thorran amlee. DF idiom

butt 1 heap, mark; 2 little crowd; 3 stamina, strength a: Cha nel monney butt aynjee. DF

crannag (f.) dock, heap; desk, pulpit, rostrum: Crannag y chirveishagh. DF; lookout; tribune

carn (n.) carn: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; carnane: Sand bank - Carnane geinnee. DF idiom; lhiaght

desolated (adj.) traartit, traartyssit; traartagh: and it shall be a desolate heap - as bee eh ny charnane traartagh Bible

carn cairn, carn, heap, memorial, raise, stack of stone: Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF; mound

carnanaghey accumulate, clamp, heap, lump, stock up: Neeym carnanaghey ooilley my chlouagyn cooidjagh. DF; (of earth) pack

carnane (f.) pl. carnaneyn cairn, carn, memorial, mound; heap: ghow ad claghyn, as ren ad carnane Bible; dump; hutch; kitty; rampart

chummal (dy); (to) heap, pile up; dwell, live: eisht toiggee ooilley jeelym Yudah, t'er n'gholl gys cheer Egypt dy chummal ayn Bible

dash dash, heap, small pile: Ta ny keeillyn echey myr dash dy spiceyn Bible

thorran (f.) cesspool, dunghill, midden, muck heap: T'eh troggal seose y boght ass y joan, as goaill yn jeirkagh veih'n thorran

torr (n.) heap: Raeyng e yn fargey, as ligge e dau doll treyfd : hugg e er ny huiskaghyn shassu shuas ayn torr. Psalm1610

torry (v.) heap: Erson ta duyne gimmiaght ayns ska fardalagh : as d'ianu e heyn anveagh ayns fardayl te torry shuas berchys as gha nell fyss agge quei haglys ayd. PB1610


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