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hass stood: hass ad ayns giat y phryssoon. Bible

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stood hass: He stood on his hind legs - Hass eh er e chassyn jerree. DF idiom; (ny) hassoo: A man stood in the doorway - Va dooinney ny hassoo 'sy dorrys. DF idiom

loayrit rish (crowd) addressed: Hass mish lesh yn fockle scruit as hass my ayr lesh yn aght va Gaelg er ve loayrit rish sheeloghyn gyn earroo! JC

dy trean strong: Hass eh dy trean DF

cheu heese underneath: hass ad er cheu heese jeh'n clieau Bible

cosh (=Ir. cos.) foot, under: hass shiu ec cosh y clieau Bible

genniagh (f.) sand: hass mee er genniagh ny marrey Bible

gy (=Ir. gu, gus) unto: hass y pobble fenish Voses veih moghrey gy fastyr. Bible

kione-har eastward: hass ad ec kione har yn altar Bible

liorts by you: she mish y ven hass liorts ayns shoh Bible

praying (v.) goaill padjer: I am the woman that stood by thee here, praying unto the Lord - she mish y ven hass liorts ayns shoh, goaill padjer gys y Chiarn Bible; guee er; prayal

Under the Mountain (n.) Fo Lieau; cosh y clieau: And ye came near and stood under the mountain - As haink shiu er-gerrey, as hass shiu ec cosh y clieau Bible

ben ruy (f.) redhead: haink y ven thie magh ass e thie as hass ee er y ghreeish, v'ee ny ben ruy as stoamey as thollee mysh jeih bleeaney as feed d'eash as kiare paitchyn eck. JC

broogh ny hawin bank of the river, brink of the river: hass ad liorish y maase elley er broogh ny hawin Bible

cabbyl ruy bay horse: Honnick mee 'syn oie, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible as hass eh mastey ny biljyn-myrtle va heese 'sy choan, as cheu chooylloo va cabbil ray, brack as bane. Bible

caggey gys y jerrey fight out: Son mee ny ghaa, hass Tinvaal dy dunnal noi niart Hostyn, caggey gys y jerrey son Radio Caroline Twoaie Dhoor

caghlaaghyn daah divers colours, different clours: er dty laue yesh hass y ven-reïn ayns coamrey d'airh, obbrit mygeayrt lesh caghlaaghyn daah. Bible

cha voddin I could not: Hass eh roym, agh cha voddin baght y ghoaill jeh e chummey Bible

cheu yesh (f.) off side, right side, starboard: hass eh er cheu yesh altar yn oural-millish Bible

cleih embankment: S'coon va'n bayr er yn ynnyd shen, as hass eh ry-lhiattee ayns baarney 'sy cleih choud's veagh y chionnal goll shaghey LC

coon (=Ir. cúng) confined, narrow, narrow-minded, poky, strait, tight-fitting: hass eh ayns ynnyd coon Bible; incapacious

cooyrt (f.) pl. cooyrtyn court, farmyard, forecourt, yard: Eisht haink Jeremiah veih Tophet, raad va'n Chiarn er choyrt eh dy yannoo phadeyrys, as hass eh ayns cooyrt thie yn Chiarn Bible; bowling alley

cosh y clieau Under the Mountain: hass shiu ec cosh y clieau, nas va'n slieau lostey lesh aile gys mean yn aer, lesh dorraghys, bodjallyn, as dorraghys dowin. Bible

Cre bailliu (interrog.) What is your pleasure: As hass Yeesey, as deie eh orroo, as dooyrt eh, Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er ny son eu?

dorrys (=Ir. doras) pl. dorryssyn 1 door, doorway, gate, portal a: hass eh ayns dorrys y chabbane-agglish Bible; 2 (of cart) back; 3 (of tent) fly [O.Ir. doirse]

eayst (=Ir. éasca, Sc.G. easga) (f.) 1 moon a: Hass y ghrian, as yn eayst ayns nyn ynnyd Bible; 2 lunar [O.Ir. ésca]

emperuyr emperor: as hass shuas anayn jusyn er enym Agabus, as hoilshi e liorish y spyryd, gy beagh genney vuar tryid magh y tyyl ully: ren taghyrt ayns laghyn yn Emperuyr Claudius. PB1610

er cheu mooie objective; without: Agh hass Peddyr ec y dorrys er cheu mooie Bible

feayn-foshlit gaping, wide open: hass eh ayns shen lane thanvaanit lesh shen v'eh er n'akin, e hooillyn as e veeal feayn-foshlit jeeaghyn orrin. JC; wide awake

jannoo caslys jeh pictures: Va dooinney aynshoh oie dy row bleeantyn er dy henney as va shamraig echey as hass eh faggys da Keeill Pherick, as v'eh son jannoo caslys jeh'n cheeill vooar as hrog eh seose yn chamraig. LC

laue scrieuee handwriting: Crossey yn laue scrieuee dy oardaghyn, hass 'sy raad roïn as va nyn 'oi, as ghow eh eh ersooyl dy bollagh, treiney eh gys e chrosh Bible

lesh niau heavenwards: As hass Solomon kiongoyrt rish altar y Chiarn, ayns fenish ooilley chaglym Israel, as skeayl eh magh e laueyn lesh niau Bible

magher y ghialleyder fuller's field: As tra v'ad er jeet seose, haink ad as hass ad liorish coorse-ushtey yn loghan syrjey, ta er y raad-vooar liorish magher y ghialleyder. Bible

ordaagagh butter-fingered, clumsy: hass mee jeeaghyn er yn uinnag, goaill yindys quoi erbee va fosley yn uinnag er aght cha ordaagagh. JC

orrym-pene (emph.) on me, on myself: Shen ny va raipit liorish beishtyn, cha dug mee lhiam hood: ghow mee yn coayl orrym-pene; mish hass roish edyr eh ve geiddit 'sy laa, ny geiddit 'syn oie. Bible

seraphim seraphim: Er-e-skyn hass ny seraphim: er dagh fer jeu va shey skianyn Bible

sy (=Ir. sa) in the: Son, Cur-my-ner, va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher, as cur-my-ner, hrog yn vunney aym's, as myrgeddin, hass eh seose jeeragh Bible

tromey heavy; grievous: As tra v'eh er jeet, hass ny Hewnyn haink veih Jerusalem mygeayrt, as hug ad stiagh ymmodee foiljyn tromey gys lieh Phaul, nagh voddagh ad prowal Bible

trumpeteryn trumpeters: hass y ree liorish pillar, myr van cliaghtey, as ny princeyn as ny trumpeteryn liorish y ree Bible

varrys shall kill, will kill: As loayr David rish ny deiney hass liorish, gra, Cre vees jeant son y dooinney varrys yn Philistine shoh, as scughys yn scammylt shoh veih Israel? Bible

ynnyd-soie seat: as va mullagh yn stoyl-reeoil runt cheu-chooylloo: as va geayltyn er dagh cheu jeh'n ynnyd-soie, as hass daa lion [dy airh] liorish ny geayltyn. Bible

by me liorym: Rachel died by me in the land of Canaan - hooar Rachel baase liorym, ayns cheer Chanaan; lioryms: And the Lord hath done to him, as he spake by me - As tan Chiarn er nyannoo er y hon-syn myr loayr eh lioryms Bible; liorym's: For there stood by me this night the angel of God - Son hass lioryms noght ainle Yee Bible

lovers (npl.) gliminee, maarderyn; caarjyn: My lovers and my neighbours did stand looking upon my trouble - Hass my chaarjyn as my naboonyn jeeaghyn er my heaghyn Bible; gimmanyn; graihderyn: All thy lovers have forgotten thee - Ta ooilley dty ghraihderyn er dty yarrood Bible; ainjyssee: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her - mastey ooilley e ainjyssee cha vel unnane dy gherjaghey Bible

round about2 mygeayrt: the food of the field, which was round about every city - arroon vagher, va mygeayrt dagh ardvalley Bible; cruin mygeayrt: But the Levites shall pitch round about the tabernacle of testimony - Agh nee ny Leviteyn goaill grunt cruin mygeayrt cabbane y chonaant Bible; ooilley mygeayrt: your sheaves stood round about - hass ny bunneeyn euish ooilley mygeayrt Bible; runt mygeayrt: and the wall of Jerusalem round about - as voalley Yerusalem runt mygeayrt Bible; slane mygeayrt: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long - van voalley echey slane mygeayrt, queig cheead cron er lhiurid Bible


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