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harrystoo over them: fer jeh ny ard-gheiney soit harrystoo Bible

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over them harroo, harroosyn; harrystoo, harrishdoo: Therefore they did set over them taskmasters Ren ad, er-y-fa shen, soiaghey harrystoo oaseiryn Bible; er nyn skyn, er-nyn-skyn; orroo: He triumphed over them - Hooar eh laue yn eaghtyr orroo. DF idiom

harroo See harrystoo over them: ren yn pobble eh ny ard-chaptan harroo Bible

I will set up soie-yms seose; soie-yms harrish: And I will set up shepherds over them - As soie-yms harrystoo bochillyn Bible

troubled1 (of water) seiyt, faitagh; seiy; seaghnit: they were troubled, because there was no shepherd - vad seaghnit, er-yn-oyr nagh row bochilley erbee harrystoo Bible

bunraghtagh constitutional: Ta shenn chairys bunraghtagh ec ny Manninee dy reih cre erbee peiagh t'ad laccal dy reill harrystoo,van. Carn

chiarnys domain, domination, dominion, lordship, manor, peerage: Ta fys eu dy vel princeyn ny Hashoonee gymmyrkey chiarnys harrystoo Bible

laue yn eaghtyr (f.) advantage, upper hand, mastery, superiority, triumph, victory, whip hand: hooar eh yn varriaght as laue yn eaghtyr harrystoo Bible

mainstyryn taskmasters: As va stiurtyn chloan Israel, va mainstyryn Pharaoh er hoiaghey harrystoo, er nyn mwoalley Bible

oaseiryn officers: Ren ad, er-y-fa shen, soiaghey harrystoo oaseiryn, dy reayll ad fo lesh erraghyn Bible; taskmasters

whueeyl See queeyl (y); (the) wheel: Ta ree creeney skeayley ny meechrauee, as tayrn y whueeyl harrystoo Bible


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