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harrish ny h-alpyn transalpine

harrish above, across, beyond, bygone, over, over him, trans, trans-: cha vel eh er my livrey harrish gys baase Bible

Inexact matches:

cassey harrish turn over

ceau harrish overturn: Ta plan ynnydagh Sulby 'breinnit' as lhisagh eh goll er ceau harrish, coardail rish Arthur Radcliffe. BS; tip over, upset

cheet harrish cite, re-enact, repeat, repetition: lhig da fer jeh ny deiney aegey cheet harrish dy chur lesh eh. Bible

chiarnaghey harrish overlord

chyndaa harrish turn over: Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF; overturn

cloie harrish bubble over

cloughey harrish overprint

craa harrish bestrew

croghey harrish overhang: nee'n lieh churtan shoh croghey harrish cooyl y chabbane Bible

cur harrish 1 get over, go about, relinquish, relinquishment, speechify; 2 cover a: As skeaylee ad orroo eaddagh dy scarleod, as cur harrish shen coodagh dy chraitnyn broc Bible

deayrtey harrish run over

Gaue harrish (intj) All clear

gholl harrish (dy); (to) pass over: As cren-oyr ta shiu cur cloan Israel ass cree, dy gholl harrish gys y cheer tan Chiarn er choyrt daue? Bible

goaill harrish take over

goll harrish (as road) cross; elapse, exceed, get beyond, go over, overpass, roll on, span, traverse: Lhig dooin goll harrish gys y cheu elley. Bible

gra harrish rehearse, repeat: Agh cooinee er tra ta dooinney mee-rioosagh ny mee-chrauee gra harrish yn ayrn shoh jeh e Chrea, t'eh dy firrinagh goaill rish dy vel eh jerkal rish dy ve er ny stroie annym as corp. CS

hannah harrish already over

harrish boayrd outboard, overboard: hilg ad y churnaght harrish boayrd 'sy cheayn. Bible

harrish deiney over men: Shegin dasyn ta reill harrish deiney ve cairagh, reill ayns aggle Yee Bible

harrish proof over-proof

harrish shen furthermore, moreover; over that: cur harrish shen coodagh dy chraitnyn broc Bible; beyond that: Harrish shen ny va lowal da DF

harrish smooinaghtyn undreamt of

harrish tushtey incomprehensible

hilgey harrish (dy); (to) overturn: Teh sheeyney magh e laue er y chreg; teh dy hilgey harrish ny sleityn bun-ry-skyn Bible

imman harrish drive over

immee harrish overstep

immeeit harrish crossed, traversed

jeeaghyn harrish look round, oversee, superintend, superintendence: Jeeaghyn harrish y doour er gerrey da'n spooyt veg tuittym neose lhiattee Colden, eisht er y raad stiagh ayns y doour, ta fys ayd er y voayl nagh vel? Dhoor; looking over

lail harrish overlaid: veih ny pillaryn va Hezekiah ree Yudah er lail harrish Bible

lheim harrish jump across

lhieeney harrish overflowing

lhieent harrish overflowing: as nee eh gatt seose dy slane myr thooilley; as bee eh lhieent harrish, as er ny vaih myr liorish awin Egypt. Bible

lhiggey harrish ignore

livrey harrish demise, transfer, transference: cha vel eh er my livrey harrish gys baase. Bible

livreys harrish transfer; permit; transire

markiagh harrish override

reill harrish preside, reign over: Nish ayns yn hoghtoo vleïn jeig jeh ree Jeroboam mac Nebat, ren Abijam reill harrish Judah. Bible

roie harrish outflow, overflow, range, run over: Vod cabbil roie harrish creggyn? Bible

screeu harrish make over

screeuyn harrish superscription

shooyl harrish range: Ta daa ghooinney ynnydagh kiarail shooyl harrish ny kiare mulleeyn as feed syrjey ayns Mannin. BS

skeeal harrish res judicata, already settled

skirrit harrish slurred

skyrrey harrish slur

slaa harrish overpaint

soiaghey harrish appoint: as dy choyrt eh dauesyn saillish hene, as soiaghey harrish ny moodjeenyn s'inshley dy gheiney. Bible

soie harrish preside

soie-yms harrish I will set up

soit harrish promoted: Bailliu mish dy aagail my veeaylys, lesh tad ooashlaghey Jee as dooinney, Jee as dooinney, Bible

tar harrish cite, come over, re-enact: Tar harrish maryms, as nee oo beaghey marym pene Bible

tuittym harrish outfall, overturn, tip over: As nee ad tuittym harrish y cheilley myr roish y chliwe, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's. Bible

ceau harrish boayrd jettison

ceau scadoo harrish overshadow

cur harrish e niart overstrain

cur harrish fo'n gheay wear

cur harrish gys transfer to

cur harrish yn vaarney tide over

cur y lugh harrish hover the mouse over

fo ny harrish more or less

geddyn barriaght harrish best, gain victory over

goll harrish reesht recapitulate, recapitulation

goll harrish y cheilley overlapping

gow kesmad harrish step over

gyn goll harrish (as boundary) uncrossed

harrish as erskyn shen over and above that, therewithal

harrish as tarrish over and over

harrish kiongoyrt rish over against: Mysh da-eed thousane aarloo dy ghoaill magher hie harrish kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn gys caggey Bible

harrish ny sleityn dotty; over the mountains

harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin upon the face of all the earth: veih shen ren y Chiarn ad y skeayley harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

harrish y chadjinys extra

harrish y cheayn offshore, transmarine; (as country) ultramarine; over the sea: ta dty phlantyn er n'gholl harrish y cheayn, t'ad roshtyn gys eer faarkey Yazer Bible

harrish y chione above value

harrish yn Atlantagh transatlantic

harrish yn cadjinys exceptionally

harrish yn oayllys ain beyond our ken

harrish yn traa overdue

kione harrish shen notwithstanding

lheeys harrish lheeys sovereign remedy

lhie harrish y cheilley overlap

livrey kiarail harrish transfer of care

sleih elley harrish others besides

tayrn neose harrish slip over

Thallooyn harrish Mooir Overseas Territories

overturn (v.) ceau harrish; cleddal; tuittym harrish; (to); (dy) hilgey harrish; chyndaa harrish: Car liable to overturn - Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF idiom

overlaid lail harrish: from the doors of the temple of the Lord, and from the pillars which Hezekiah king of Judah had overlaid - veih dorryssyn chiamble y Chiarn as veih ny pillaryn va Hezekiah ree Yudah er lail harrish Bible; laiyt harrish: overlaid with gold - laiyt harrish lesh airh bible

strooanyn streams: Sheeyn magh dty laue lesh dty lorg harrish ny strooanyn, harrish ny hawinyn, as harrish ny loghanyn Bible

overflowing (v.) freaynagh; lhieent harrish; lhieeney harrish; lum-lane

preside (v.) reill harrish, soie harrish

re-enact (v.) cheet harrish; tar harrish; aa-aghtey

repeat aacheau; aachreeley; aaloayrt; brooightooil; cheet harrish: They told me not to repeat it - Dooyrt ad rhym dyn cheet harrish. DF idiom; gra harrish; imraa; jannoo ass y noa, jannoo reesht; reesht

run over (v.) deayrtey harrish, lhieggey, roie harrish

tip over (v.) ceau harrish, croymmey, tuittym, tuittym harrish

transfer1 livrey harrish; livrey-ys; astreeaghey; livreys harrish

turn over1 broillaghey; broilley; cassey harrish; chyndaa harrish; lauejaghys argid

cite (v.) cheet harrish, tar harrish, cuirrey, cur myr sampleyr, enmys, symney

shooill-ym I will walk: shooill-ym harrish Edom; harrish Philistia yioym y varriaght. Bible

overboard (adv.) harrish boayrd: A sailor was washed overboard - Va shiaulteyr er ny skeabey harrish boayrd. DF idiom

over him harrish: He lets people ride over him - T'eh lhiggey da sleih markiagh harrish. JJK idiom; (emph.) harrishyn

slur comys; kiangle; moandid; oltooan; skyrrey harrish: To slur one's words - Dy skyrrey harrish ny focklyn ayd. DF idiom

ammyryn channels: as hig eh seose harrish ooilley e ammyryn, as lhieenee eh harrish ooilley e vrooinyn Bible

All clear (intj) Gaue harrish

already over hannah harrish: I wish that the winter were already over - Saillym dy beagh yn geurey hannah harrish. JJK idiom

already settled skeeal harrish

beyond (adv., prep.) cheu hoal; cheu hoal jeh: The house is beyond the church - Ta'n thie cheu hoal jeh'n cheeill. DF idiom; har; harrish: The countries beyond the seas - Ny cheeraghyn harrish yn aarkey. DF idiom; hoal

beyond that harrish shen

bubble over (v.) cloie harrish

demise livrey harrish

get over (v.) cur harrish

go over goll harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; goll tessen; gow noon

jump across (v.) lheim harrish

look round (v.) jeeaghyn harrish

outfall (n.) tuittym harrish

outflow (v.) roie harrish

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

overhang croghey harrish; sceau

overlord (n.) (n.) ard-hiarn; (v.) chiarnaghey harrish

overpaint (v.) slaa harrish

overpass (v.) goll harrish; (n.) raad-ghroghad

overprint (v.) cloughey harrish; farchloughey

over-proof harrish proof

override (v.) markiagh harrish

overstep (v.) immee harrish

over that harrish shen

pass over (v.) (to); (dy) gholl harrish: To pass over a river - Dy gholl harrish awin. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl noon; cur da, sheeyn noal, sheeyney hug

promoted soit harrish

range1 (n.) aber; rheamys; cleeauraght, fodjeeaght; sorn; roie: He has free range of the house - Ta roie yn thie echey. DF idiom; straih; (v.) cur ayns straih, roie harrish, sheeyney, shooyl harrish, reaynal

reign over (v.) reill harrish

relinquishment (n.) cur harrish

res judicata (n.) skeeal harrish

slurred kianglt; skirrit harrish

speechify (v.) cur harrish

superintend (v.) jeeaghyn harrish; oaseiraghey

take over (v.) goaill harrish

transalpine (adj.) harrish ny h-alpyn

transatlantic (adj.) harrish yn Atlantagh

transference (n.) astraghey, livrey harrish

transire (n.) livreys harrish

transmarine (adj.) harrish y cheayn

traversed immeeit harrish; troailtit

ultramarine2 (as country) harrish y cheayn

uncrossed1 (as boundary) gyn goll harrish

undreamt of (adj.) harrish smooinaghtyn

ard-chianoortys supreme governorship; chief of the governors: hug eh da yn reill harrish slane rheam Vabylon , as yn ard-chiannoortys harrish ooilley deiney-creeney Vabylon

ard-oaseiryn chief officers: Cheu-mooie jeh ard-oaseiryn Solomon va harrish yn obbyr, three thousaneyn as three cheead, va reill harrish yn pobble va laboraghsyn obbyr Bible

croghey sheese hang down: s nee towse cubit er y derrey heu, as cubit er y cheu elley, jeh ny ta harrish ayns lhiurid curtanyn y chabbane, croghey sheese harrish lhiatteeyn y chabbane, er dagh cheu, dy choodaghey eh. Bible

doghanagh diseased, disordered, ill, morbid, sickly, sick person, unwell: strugey e laue harrish y boayl doghanagh Bible as strugey e laue harrish y boayl doghanagh, as slaanaghey yn lourane. Bible

phointeil appointed; (dy); (to) appoint: ren mish y reih roish dt'ayr as roish ooilley e hie, dy phointeil mish my er-reill harrish pobble y Chiarn, harrish Israel Bible

skiootal (of liquid) burst forth; cascade, gush, jet, rush, spout, spurt; cascading, spouting, squirting: Va'n ushtey skiootal harrish ny cassyn eck, choud's v'ee ny soie geaishtagh rish y trooan va roie harrish ny claghyn. Dhoor

above (prep.) cheu heose jeh; (ny) shlee na; (ny) smoo na; (ny) syrjey na: He is above me in rank - T'eh ny s'yrjey na mish. DF idiom; erskyn: It was above his head - V'eh erskyn e chione. DF idiom; heose: As stated above - Myr t'eh rait heose. DF idiom; harrish: Above value - Harrish y chione. DF idiom

above value harrish y chione

across (prep.) har: Across there in England - Har aynshen ayns Sostyn. DF idiom; cheu hoal; hoon; tessen, tessyn: I am going across the road - Ta mee goll tessyn y raad. DF idiom; wass; harrish: He has a scar across his face - Ta cron harrish yn eddin echey DF idiom; noal: He came from across - Haink eh noal. DF idiom; noon: Go across to England - Immee noon gys Sostyn. DF idiom; hoal: The house across the way - Yn thie hoal DF idiom

bestrew (v.) craa harrish, skeaylley er

cross5 (v.) (as road) goll harrish, goll tessen

elapse (v.) goll harrish, goll shaghey

exceed (v.) goll harrish, erskyn; rondaghey

hypersonic (adj.) harrish-sheeanagh

others besides (npl.) sleih elley harrish

overlap (v.) lhie harrish y cheilley

overlapping goll harrish y cheilley

Overseas Territories (npl.) Thallooyn harrish Mooir

overstrain (v.) cur harrish e niart

recapitulate (v.) aacheimnaghey, goll harrish reesht

recapitulation (n.) aacheimnaghey, goll harrish reesht

rehearse (v.) cliaghtey, gra harrish, imraa

sovereign remedy (n.) lheeys harrish lheeys

step over (v.) gow kesmad harrish

superintendence (n.) jeeaghyn harrish, oaseirys, stiurey

trans (pref.) cheu elley jeh, harrish

trans- (pref.) cheu elley jeh, harrish

transfer to (v.) cur harrish gys

harrish-sheeanagh hypersonic

reiltys (=Ir. rialtas) (f.) pl. reiltyssyn governance, rule: va'n reiltys er ny ghoaill voue Bible; kingdom: Myr shen ghow Saul yn reiltys harrish Israel Bible; dominion: Son va reiltys echey harrish ooilleyn cheer er cheu shoh jehn awin Bible; government: Son dooinyn ta lhiannoo er ny ruggey, dooinyn ta mac er ny choyrt, as bee yn reiltys er e gheaylin Bible

beyond our ken harrish yn oayllys ain

drive over (v.) imman harrish, imman noal, imman noon

extra brash; frea; harrish y chadjinys; loggyr; loggyragh

gain victory over (v.) geddyn barriaght harrish

get beyond goll harrish; goll shaghey

go about (v.) cur harrish; goll mygeayrt

hover the mouse over (v.) cur y lugh harrish

ignore (v.) ceau neu-hastey da, lhiggey harrish

incomprehensible (adj.) do-hoiggal, erskyn tushtey, harrish tushtey, neuhoiggalagh; keilt

make over (v.) cur seose da, screeu harrish

more or less (adv.) fo ny harrish

outboard (adj.) cheumooie; harrish boayrd; magh; mooie

over and above that harrish as erskyn shen


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