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fo harey by order, mandated, under command: As deie ad orroo, as hug ad fo harey ad gyn dy loayrt eddyr, ny dy ynsaghey ayns ennym Yeesey. Bible

Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral The Speaker demands order

by order fo harey

mandated fo harey

under command fo harey

controllee contrary, opposed: Controllee gys ny ta'n Sushtal dy harey. DF

geayghyn winds: t'eh cur ny eer geayghyn as yn ushtey fo harey Bible

laa jiu today: ta mee dy harey dhyt y laa jiu. Bible

contrary condaigagh; controllee: Contrary to what the Gospel demands - Controllee gys ny ta'n Sushtal dy harey. DF idiom; mee-viallagh

council (n.) co-choyrle, coonseil, coyrle, ard-whuaiyl; coonceil: By order of the council - Fo harey ny cooinseil. DF idiom; fer coyrlee, leighder, pleadeilagh, turneyr: Council for the defence - Turneyr yn 'endeilys. DF idiom; (the); (yn) whuaiyl

gospel (n.) sushtal: Contrary to what the Gospel demands - Controllee gys ny ta'n Sushtal dy harey. DF idiom; (adj.) sushtallagh

The Speaker demands order Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral

anney (f.) pl. annaghyn command, directive, fiat, injunction, mandamus, mandate, ordinance, precept, regulation: Son yn anney shoh, ta mee dy harey dhyt jiu Bible

berree will overtake: dy reayll dy tastagh ooilley e oardaghyn, as e lattyssyn ta mish dy harey dhyt jiu; dy jig ooilley ny mollaghtyn shoh ort, as berree ad ort. Bible

bodjalyn clouds: Myr shen ren eh ny bodjalyn heose y harey: as doshil eh dorryssyn yn aer. Bible

currymyn 1 matters a: cha vel shiu er chooilleeney currymyn symmyrchee yn leigh Bible; 2 commandments a: Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh, ta mish dy harey diu Bible; 3 duties; 4 demands

dy kiune quietly, soft, softly: Agh ny-yeih sheign maynrys Phargys 'aagail son ny ta jeant ayd, shen vees aym jeh dt'aill; ymmyrk dy kiune nish ny ta Jee er harey, son sheign dooys dt'akin goll magh roym veih'n gharey. PC

goaill voish 1 derive, expropriate a: Cha jean shiu nhee erbee y choyrt huggey, ny goaill voish y goo ta mee dy harey diu Bible; 2 expropriation

graihaghey love: SHO ta mish dy harey diifs, gy bii shiu grayighy kujaght. PB1610

hyndaa mygeayrt put about: As te er ny hyndaa mygeayrt ec e harey Bible

leigh (f.) pl. leighaghyn pl. leighyn 1 enactment, law a: Ren Moses leigh y harey dooin Bible; 2 respect

shill shed: ver-yms ny bodjallyn myrgeddin fo harey, nagh shill ad fliaghey er Bible

habitation (m.) lann, teagh, ynnyd-vaghey; ynnyd vaghee: God of Israel, whose habitation is in Jerusalem - Jee Israel, yn ynnyd-vaghee echey tayns Jerusalem Bible; thie: I have commanded in my habitation - ta mee er harey ayns my hie Bible; cummal: and it shall be an habitation of dragons - bee eh son cummal dragonyn Bible; oayll: in the habitation of dragons - ayns oayll ny dragonyn Bible

I must shegin dou: All that the Lord speaketh, that I must do - Ooilley ny tan Chiarn dy harey, shegin dou jannoo Bible; shêgin dou: Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it - Dy firrinagh ta shoh my cherraghey trome, as shêgin dou eh y ymmyrkey Bible; shegin dooys: But I must die in this land - Agh shegin dooys baasegheddynsy cheer shoh Bible

jannoo1 (=Ir. déanamh) See yannoo1 accomplish, act, build, cast, coalesce, commit, compose, construct, deal, deed, do, doing, effect, execute, create, fabricate, fashion, fill, follow out, keep, keeping, making, manufacture, perform, perpetrate, practise, produce, render, structure, style, transact; make: jannoo ooilley ny ta'n Chiarn er harey Bible; accomplishment, committal, conferment, conformation, construction, formation, goings on, performance, perpetration, production, pursuance, transaction, transactions


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