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happy (adj.) gerjoilagh; maynrey: To be good is to be happy - Dy ve mie te dy ve maynrey. JJK idiom; sonney

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Happy Hill (n.) Cronk Gennal

Happy House (n.) Thie Gennal

happy pair (n.) lannoon aeg

Happy Vale (n.) Glion Maynrey

Happy Valley (n.) Coan Maynrey

make happy (v.) cur gennallys er, jannoo gennal

Happy New Year (intj) Blein Vaynrey Noa; Blein Vie Noa

many happy returns laa ruggyree sonney dhyt

safe and happy souyr-sauchey

Coan Maynrey (n.) Happy Valley

Cronk Gennal Happy Hill

Glion Maynrey Happy Vale

souyr-sauchey safe and happy

Thie Gennal Happy House

happy-go-lucky (adj.) gyn boirey

cur gennallys er make happy

Blein Vaynrey Noa (intj) Happy New Year

laa ruggyree sonney dhyt many happy returns

be2 (to); (dy) ve: To be good is to be happy - Dy ve mie te dy ve maynrey. JJK idiom

birthday (n.) laa ruggyr; laa ruggyree: Happy birthday to you - Laa ruggyree sonney dhyt. DF idiom

gold airh: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; oar

husband1 (n.) dooinney; dooinney poost; dooinney sheshey; sheshey: Her husband is young; his wife is happy - Ta e sheshey aeg; ta e ven maynrey. JJK idiom; sheshey poost; fer-poost

indeed (adv.) dy jarroo: I'm very happy indeed to see you in good health - Ta mee feer vaynrey dy-jarroo dy akin shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; jeer; lioar t'eh; lioar

make1 jannoo: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; jantys; keint; kiartaghey; slanaghey; (y) yannoo: He can do that without me - Foddee eh shen y yannoo m'egooish. JJK idiom

wealth (n.) berchys: Great as his wealth is, which he has amassed, it has not made him happy - Ga s'mooar yn berchys t'eh er garnanaghey, cha nel eh er n'yannoo maynrey eh. JJK idiom; berchid, cooid seihlt, cowrey; foays

Blein Vie Noa (intj) Happy New Year: Er y chied laa jeh'n vlein noa va sleih cur rish yn theay duillageen elley g'eearree "Blein vie Noa" orroo, Cha ren ny Barrantee veg ec y cheayrt shen. Carn

gerjoilagh happy: As m'annym, bee gerjoilagh ayns y Chiarn: nee eh boggey 'ghoaill ayns e haualtys. Bible; comfortable: Clasht rhym, O Hiarn, son ta dty chenjallysghraihagh Bible; reassuring: loayr dy gerjoilagh rish dty harvaantyn Bible

gyn boirey abandon, happy-go-lucky, imperturbed, unmolested; without worry: Dreggyr eh mish gyn boirey erbee. DF

jannoo gennal make happy: Ta trimshey ayns cree dooinney cur er croymmey: agh ta fockle dooie jannoo gennal jeh. Bible

lannoon aeg happy pair: as cha row gennallys ny cloie gyn loght, ry-laccal dauesyn nish, lheid shen va cooie da lannoon aeg noa-poost, gyn smooinaght' er cre oddagh taghyrt foast. PC

maynrey happy: cre'n-fa ta ooilley ny ard-volteyryn as ad maynrey? Bible sh'maynrey ta yn duyne ta fuyllaghtyn mioulaghy PB1610; felicity

sonney affluent, bounteous, fortunate, happy, lucky: bee annym y vooinjer tarroogh jeant sonney Bible

cannot cha nod: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; cha vod: He who doesn't respect his father cannot be a good man - Eshyn nagh vel cur arrym da e ayr, cha vod eh ve ny ghooinney mie. JJK idiom

duty1 (n.) cair, curmal, jiootee, keesh, obbyr, tailley, feeaghyn; currym: She'll be happy, as long as she does her duty - Bee ee maynrey, choud's t'ee jannoo e currym. JJK idiom; curryms: It's my duty to show that to your father - She my churryms eh jeeaghyn shen da dt'ayr. JJK idiom

fortune (n.) aigh vie, faaishnys, sonnys, speeideilys, haghyr; fortan: She has lost half her fortune, but that doesn't make her less happy - T'ee er choayl yn derrey lieh jeh'n fortan eck, agh cha nel eh shen cur urree ve ny sloo maynrey. JJK idiom; sheean

me (pron) mee: The man I wrote to hasn't yet answered me - Yn dooinney huggeysyn screeu mee, cha nel eh foast er n'ansoor mee. JJK idiom; mish: Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed - Smaynrey ta mee, son nee ny mraane genmys mish bannit Bible

trusteth treishtys: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he - as quoi-erbee treishtys ayns y Chiarn, smaynrey teh Bible; coyrt barrant er: He that trusteth in his riches shall fall - Tuittee eshyn ta coyrt e varrant er e verchys Bible; cur barrant er: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man - Dy row mollaght ersyn ta cur e varrant er dooinney Bible; treishteil: be merciful unto me, for my soul trusteth in thee - bee myghinagh dou, son ta mannym treishteil aynyd Bible

year (n.) blein, bleïn: I wish you goodnight, good morning, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New year - Saillym diu Oie vie, Moghrey mie, Ollick ghennal, Blein vie Noa. JJK idiom; (the); (yn) vleïn, vlein: Do you remember the year we had the severe winter? - Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK idiom


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