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hands (npl.) skimmee; lauesyn; laueyn: She raised her hands towards heaven - Hrog ee e laueyn hug niau. JJK idiom

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dig with hands (v.) grobbal, grobbey

laid hands on ghreim: And they laid hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king's house - As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thien ree Bible

hold up cooyl-chlea; lhiettrimys; shassoo; tannaghtyn ny hassoo; troggal seose: when I hold up my hands towards the mercy-seat - when I hold up my hands towards the stoyl-y-vyghin Bible

grobbal dig with hands

grobbey dig with hands

lauesyn (emph.) hands: liorish ny lauesyn ocsyn ta shirrey nyn mioys Bible

cleaning (v.) glenney: I am cleaning my my hands - Ta mee glenney my laueyn. DF idiom; (gen.) glennee

commend (v.) chymney: into thy hands I commend my spirit - gys dty laueyn ta mish chymney my spyrryd Bible; cur fo currym; moylley: I commend unto you Phebe our sister - Ta mee moylley hiu Phebe nyn shuyr Bible

deck (n.) lout-eaghtyr, paggey; karraghey; lout: All hands on deck - Dagh ooilley pheiagh er y lout. DF idiom; laare: Deck a ship - Laare y chur er lhong. DF idiom

dirt breban; broid, broïd: His hands are ingrained with dirt - Ta broid grainnit ayns ny laueyn echey. DF idiom; brouteraght; sollaghar; trustyr; cugh

fold (n.) bwoaillee: It's the worst sheep in the fold - T'ish y cheyrrey smessey 'sy woaillee. DF idiom; craplag, filley, lhagg; tuck; (v.) fill: Fold your hands - Fill dty laueyn. DF idiom

heaven (n.) flaunys: Dinner is some peoples heaven - Ta jinnair flaunys da sleih ennagh. JJK idiom; flaunyss; niau: She raised her hands towards heaven - Hrog ee e laueyn hug niau. JJK idiom

held dreill; chum: He held it in both hands - Chum eh 'sy ghaa laue echey. DF idiom; cummit

idleness (n.) lag-laueys, lhiastid, litcheraght, litcherys, soaillaght, meerioose; mee-rioose: and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through - as trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn tan faarn shilley trooid y chlea Bible

I will wash niee-ym: I will wash my hands in innocency - Niee-ym my laueyn ayns ônid Bible

of the hand lauee: the work of the hands of a cunning workman. - obbyr lauee yn er-keirdee schleioil Bible

place1 (v.) cur: Place it in God's hands - Cur eh ayns laueyn Yee. DF idiom; soiaghey

spindle (n.) fess: She layeth her hands to the spindle - Tee cur e meir gys y fess Bible

spoilers (npl.) cragheyderyn; roosteyryn; spooilleyderyn: he delivered them into the hands of spoilers - ren eh ad y livrey gys laueyn ny spooilleyderyn Bible

threshold1 (n.) sole y dorrys: and her hands were upon the threshhold - as ny laueyn eck er sole y dorrys Bible

wash1 bashlagh; cur brat leaght-daah er; leaght-daah; niaghyn; niee: Wash thy hands - Niee dty laueyn. JJK idiom; oonlaghey; oonlee: Go, wash in the pool of Siloam - Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible

wittingly (adv.) dy tastagh: guiding his hands wittingly - leeideil e laueyn dy tastagh Bible

wouldn't cha jinnagh: He wouldn't do a hands turn for me - Cha jinnagh eh veg dou. DF idiom; (interrog.) nagh jinnagh

er laueyn by hand; upon the hands: As chur eh ad ooilley er laueyn Aaron, as er laueyn e vec, as heb eh ad son oural-criht noon as noal roish y Chiarn.

ghreim gripped; laid hands on: As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thie'n ree; as ayns shen varr ad ee. Bible

laueyn COMPARE lauesyn hands: She my vraar eh: ayns ônid my chree, as gyn loghtynid my laueyn, ta mee er nyannoo shoh Bible

skimmee cast, company, crew, gang, hands, personnel, ship's company, staff: Coardail rish ny pabyryn naight, bee skimmee jeh daeed pheiagh ec Oldfield. Carn

all (adj., adv.) cagh: All mowing hay - Cagh buinn traagh. DF idiom; fey; (pref.) ooilley-; (dy) chooilley; ooilley: All is right except this sentence - Ta ooilley kiart er-lhimmey jeh'n raa shoh. JJK idiom; dagh ooilley, gagh ooilley: All hands on deck - Dagh ooilley pheiagh er y lout. DF idiom

cunning (adj.) cluicagh; (n.) cluicys; schlei, schleï; croutys; kialgeyrys; schleioil: the work of the hands of a cunning workman - obbyr lauee yn er-keirdee schleioil Bible; aghtal: with cherubims of cunning work made he them - va cherubim jeant orroo lesh obbyr aghtal Bible

cut out (v.) giarrey magh; giarit ass: but the froward tongue shall be cut out - agh bee yn chengey vee-reiltagh giarit ass Bible; cleiyt: Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands - Er-lhiat dy row clagh cleiyt fegooish laueyn Bible; (n.) scarreyder

mighty works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: for if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon - son dy beagh ny obbraghyn yindyssagh er ve jeant ayns Tyre and Sidon Bible; obbraghyn mirrillagh: for all the mighty works that they had seen - son ooilley ny obbraghyn mirrillagh vad er nakin Bible; obbraghyn niartal: that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands - dy vel lheid ny obbraghyn niartal er nyn obbraghey liorish ny laueyn echey Bible

palms (npl.) bassyn: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands - agh cha dooar ad ny smoo jee nan chlaigin, as ny cassyn, as bassyn ny laueyn eck Bible; palmyn

submit (v.) beasaghey, bial, cur roish, cur stiagh; (to); (d’) injillagh; injillaghey: as jean oo hene y injillaghey fo yn laue eck - and submit thyself under her hands Bible; ginjillaghey: Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God - Ginjillaghey shiu hene yn derrey yeh gys y jeh elley ayns aggle Yee Bible


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