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hallooin of earth: cha vel mee geddyn veg: giare sheese eh, cha vel eh agh goaill seose room hallooin Bible

Inexact matches:

airh hallooin (f.) milfoil

ayr hallooin yarrow

balley hallooin farm

brelleein hallooin (f.) groundsheet

Bwoaillee Hallooin Earthy Fold

cooid hallooin (f.) real estate

keesh hallooin (f.) ground rent

kere hallooin (f.) valerian

laare hallooin (f.) ground flour

lilee hallooin (f.) white bindweed

linneeaght hallooin (f.) ground plan

muc hallooin (f.) aardvark

obbree hallooin farmhand, farm worker

obbyr hallooin (f.) agricultural work, husbandry: As reesht dymmyrk ee e vraar Abel; as v'ec Abel ymmodee sholtaneyn keyrragh, agh va Cain cur rish obbyr hallooin. Bible

onnane hallooin (f.) stemless thistle

ooir hallooin (f.) dung of ants

pick hallooin bitumen

pishyr hallooin (f.) groundnut, peanut

quing hallooin (f.) isthmus

shellagh hallooin (f.) creeping willow

teim hallooin (f.) wild thyme

troar hallooin (f.) farm produce

cur pick hallooin ayn bituminise

cur pick hallooin er bituminise

bituminise (v.) cur pick hallooin ayn, cur pick hallooin er

state-hallooin farm, possession: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible

aardvark (n.) muc hallooin

agricultural work (n.) obbyr hallooin

bitumen (n.) pick hallooin

Earthy Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Hallooin

farmhand (n.) mooinjer, obbree hallooin

farm worker (n.) obbree hallooin

ground flour (n.) laare hallooin

ground rent (n.) keesh hallooin

groundsheet (n.) brelleein hallooin

isthmus (n.) quing hallooin

real estate (n.) cooid hallooin

stemless thistle (n.) onnane hallooin

white bindweed (n.) lilee hallooin

wild thyme (n.) teim hallooin

craa-hallooin earthquake: va tendreilyn, as coraaghyn, as taarnaghyn, as craa-hallooin, as claghyn mooarey sniaghtee. Bible

dung of ants (n.) ooir hallooin

earthquake (n.) craa-hallooin, craa thallooin

groundnut (n.) cro thallooin, pishyr hallooin

peanut (n.) cro thallooin, pishyr hallooin

valerian (n.) kere hallooin, kere lheannagh

obbyr-hallooin husbandry

creeping willow (n.) shellagh hallooin, tuig y yeeigey

farm produce (n.) troar hallooin, troar ny thallooin

ground plan (n.) cummey thallooin; linneeaght hallooin

milfoil (n.) airh hallooin, ayr lossey, lus cosney folley

yarrow (n.) ayr hallooin, lus cosney folley

acre (n.) acre: within as it were an half acre of land which a yoke of oxen might plow. - ayns mygeayrt lieh acre hallooin, oddagh cubbyl dy ghew y hraaue Bible; acyr

farm (n.) balley hallooin, state-hallooin; gowaltys: Go over a farm - Gowaltys y hooyl. DF idiom; (v.) gerinagh

husbandry (n.) obbyr hallooin: for he loved husbandry - son va taitnys echey ayns obbyr thallooin Bible; obbyr-hallooin; farrys-thie; farrysthie: ye are God's husbandry - ta shiuish farrysthie Yee Bible; eirinnys, errooid

of earth (gen.) ooirey, thallooin; hallooin; (ny) cruinney: The children of Earth - Cloan ny cruinney. DF idiom

acre (pl -yn) acre: ayns mygeayrt lieh acre hallooin, oddagh cubbyl dy ghew y hraaue. Bible

cray (f.) ash, clay, pipe clay: slaa ee eh lesh cray as pick-hallooin Bible

Delbee (f.) See Delby Dalby: Va Billy Beg as Thom Beg daa greesee cruittagh as v'ad baghey cooidjagh ayns stayd hallooin ny lomarcan er-gerrey da Delbee. GB [Scand]

locust locust: Ooilley dty viljyn as dty vess-hallooin ver yn locust naardey Bible

lurg1 (=Ir. lorg) 1 (time) after, after her, after him, afterwards, ensuing a: As lurg yn craa-hallooin va aile Bible; 2 agate

sholtaneyn flocks: as v'ec Abel ymmodee sholtaneyn keyrragh, agh va Cain cur rish obbyr hallooin. Bible

state state: hie eh ersooyl dy trimshagh: son va state mooar hallooin echey Bible

possession (n.) shelloo: It is in my possession - T'eh ayns my helloo. DF idiom; shellooderys, soylley, eirys; possession, cummal; state-hallooin

cha der 1 shall not give a: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible; 2 shall not put a: cha der ad moo red erbee ta jannoo ollish. Bible

gunney gun: Va polt myr gunney ayn as hilg y chryss veih ny greieyn as va boirey kiart ayns y uhllin. JyC; of a gun: Hug yn daa çheu oaie er y cheilley er quing hallooin eddyr Point as Steòrnabhaigh, ny meoiryn shee as sidooryn lesh cliwenyn gunney, ny cotteyryn lesh maidjaghyn as claghyn. NNS

naardey annihilate, decay, destroy, fade, fail, faint, waste: Ooilley dty viljyn as dty vess-hallooin ver yn locust naardey Bible; desolate; wasted


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