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bayr fo-halloo subway

Dhoo Halloo Black Land

Doogh Halloo Black Land

Doo Halloo Black Land

kishtyn fo-halloo cellar kitchen

ruillick fo-halloo (f.) catacombs

stashoon fo-halloo tube station

traen fo-halloo tube

ushtey fo-halloo conspiracy

Bayr Halloo Clieau Mountain Land Road

cabbal fo halloo (f.) crypt

Croit y Doo Halloo Croft of the Black Land

fer ushtey fo-halloo wire-puller

laare fo halloo (f.) basement

raad yiarn fo-halloo tube, tube railway

shamyr fo halloo (f.) souterrain

shamyr lajer fo halloo (f.) vault

Ushtey Mie Halloo Good Land Water

Black Land (n.) Dooys, Dhoo Halloo, Doogh Halloo, Thalloo Dhoo, Doo Halloo

tube (n.) choob, feddan, pioban; (v.) cur feddan ayn; (n.) raad yiarn fo-halloo, traen fo-halloo

basement1 (n.) laare fo halloo

crypt (n.) cabbal fo halloo

souterrain (n.) shamyr fo halloo

fo-halloo subterranean, surreptitious, underground: As bee oo er dty injillaghey, as nee oo loayrt myr fo-halloo Bible

cellar kitchen (n.) kishtyn fo-halloo

subterranean (adj.) fo-halloo

subway (n.) bayr fo-halloo

surreptitious (adj.) fo-halloo; gyn yss

tableland (n.) ard-halloo, thalloo ard

tube station (n.) stashoon fo-halloo

view-halloo (n.) eam y chelgey

wire-puller (n.) fer ushtey fo-halloo

ard-halloo tableland

eam y chelgey view-halloo

er-halloo ashore

Good Land Water (n.) Ushtey Mie Halloo

Mountain Land Road (n.) Bayr Halloo Clieau

tube railway (n.) raad yiarn fo-halloo

catacombs (npl.) oaighyn, oayghyn, ruillick fo-halloo, ynnyd oanluckee

Croft of the Black Land (n.) Croit y Doo Halloo

ceabyn clods: vel eh fosley as brishey ceabyn e halloo Bible

pooder (=Ir. puder) powder: Nee'n Chiarn jannoo fliaghey dty halloo pooder as joan Bible

goodly images (npl.) jallooyn stoamey: according to the goodness of his land they have made goodly images - rere foays e halloo, tad er nyannoo jallooyn stoamey Bible

parcel1 (n.) kianglaghan: Is the parcel done up? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? DF idiom; mynjeig; peesh: And he bought a parcel of a field - As chionnee eh peesh dy halloo Bible; (v.) mynjeigey

underground dy follit, dy keillit; fo-halloo: To work underground - Dy obbraghey fo halloo. DF idiom; follit, keillit

vault (v.) cur aae er; lheim laue, lheimyragh, lheim; (n.) shamyr hickyr, shamyr lajer fo halloo, aae

chuirr2 1 (dy); (to) let down a net; 2 (dy); (to) sow a: ver eh paart dy hraaue as dy chuirr e halloo Bible

dy noa newly: Ren eirinagh skeayl lieenteenyn er e halloo dy noa cuirrit as ren eh tayrtyn shiartanse dy coar-ny-hastanyn v'er jeet dy gheid yn rass echey. EF

Garee Shrubbery: boallagh dooin clole er meer dy halloo va faggys da shenn veain v'ayns shoh; denmys shin y veain shoh 'The Garee mine'. LC

hraaue (dy); (to) plough: as ver eh paart dy hraaue as dy chuirr e halloo, as dy vuinn e ouyr Bible; (dy); (to) till

jallooyn stoamey goodly images: t'eh gymmyrkey mess da hene: rere earroo e vess, t'eh er vishaghey e altaryn; rere foays e halloo, t'ad er n'yannoo jallooyn stoamey. Bible

lhiggit 1 broached a: Ta ny giattyn eck lhiggit sheese fo halloo Bible; 2 (permitted) allowed: cha bee veg jeh lhiggit lhieu Bible; 3 shot

peesh (=Ir. píosa) (f.) pl. peeshyn bit, cutting, patch, piece: hug ad peesh dy cheeak figgagh da Bible; (of thread) length; parcel: Ta mee er chionnaghey peesh dy halloo, as shegin dou goll dy yeeaghyn er Bible

preabanyn plots: v'ad geginit d'arraghey gys drogh-thallooyn er y clyst, raad va preabanyn beggey dy halloo, rish tadyr gra croityn, currit daue er maayl, raad oddagh ad freayll beagh ny ghaa ny faase grine as praaseyn. NNS

thallooyn grounds: v'ad geginit d'arraghey gys drogh-thallooyn er y clyst, raad va preabanyn beggey dy halloo NNS

ashore (adv.) er cheer; er-halloo; er-traie; er y traie: The boat was driven ashore - Va'n baatey eiyrit er y traie. DF idiom

conspiracy (n.) co-chialg: He was involved in the conspiracy - Va laue echey 'sy chochialg. DF idiom; co-vollaght, coyrle follit; drogh choyrlagh cooidjagh; ushtey fo-halloo; irree-magh

goaill stiagh 1 annex, comprise, contain, include, including; 2 annexation, inclusion, ingathering, intake; 3 comprehend; 4 take in, taking in a: rish shey-bleeaney nee oo cuirr dty halloo, as goaill stiagh ny messyn echey: Bible; 5 retain a: Lhig da dty chree goaill stiagh my ghoan Bible; 6 receive a: lhig dan chleaysh eu goaill stiagh goo e veeal Bible; b: cre vees yn goaill stiagh oc reesht, agh bioys veih ny merriu? Bible; 7 gather a: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible

rouailtagh itinerant, nomad, ranger, roamer, rover, stroller, wanderer: As hooar yn chenn rouailtagh, ny-cheayrtyn, oaie ny s'cooie: Cha nee ayns lhiaght fo-halloo ve, agh heese 'syn aarkey mooie. Coraa; roaming, wandering, roving; nomadic


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