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gynsagh teaching: As ayns y laa v'eh gynsagh 'sy chiamble Bible

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learning lioaraght; scoill; ynsagh: Learning is the fine clothing of the rich man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh. DF idiom; gynsagh: Learning to talk - Gynsagh loayrtys. DF idiom

teaching ynsagh, gynsagh

instead of ayns ynnyd: She's always talking instead of learning her lessons - T'ee dy-kinjagh taggloo ayns ynnyd jeh g'ynsagh e lessoonyn. JJK idiom

study (n.) halley studeyrys, shamyr studeyrys; (v.) jannoo studeyrys er; scoillarys, studeyrys; ynsagh: You talk more than you study - Ta shiu taggloo ny smoo na gynsagh. JJK idiom; ynsee: Study your lessons - Ynsee nyn lessoonyn. JJK idiom

talk1 beealeraght; caaynt; loayrt: There's nothing to talk about - Cha nel veg dy loayrt mysh. JJK idiom; pleateil; taggloo: You talk more than you study - Ta shiu taggloo ny smoo na gynsagh. JJK idiom

gagh laa daily, every day: As v'eh gynsagh ad gagh laa ayns y chiamble. Bible

glion (=Ir. gleann) (m., f.) pl. glionteenyn creek, glen, vale, valley: eisht cluinnee oo'n lhon kiaulleeaght bingys ayns dagh broogh as glion; yn kellagh ooasle gynsagh dooin kys ta yn oie goll shaghey PC

goaill ass laue attempt, presume, suppose, undertake: Ta'n Agglish goaill ass laue dy vod ad, as ta ee gynsagh nyn lheid shoh cre nee ad. CS

goull pl. goullyn beam, dart, ray: ta goull beg sollys skeayley magh er my chree dy voddym's gynsagh da ny Manninee PC; pillar; (of lightning) fork

Jee (=Ir. Dia) Allah, God; (The) Almighty: Ta mee gynsagh dy chredjal ayns Jee yn Ayr, chroo mish as ooilley'n seihll. CS; (The) Creator; (The) Deity [L. Deus]


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