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gush1 brooight; brooightey; geill; skioot; skiootal; shilley: Mine eyes gush out with water - Ta my hooillyn shilley lesh jeir Bible

gush2 (spray) spreie

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brooight (f.) gush; seaweed cast on shore

brooightey (of liquid) burst forth; debouch, debouchment, emission, emit, flush, gush, uprush

skioot (pl -yn) burst, gush, jet, rush of liquid, spout, spurt, squirt

geill (=Ir. géill) 1 attention, consideration, heed, heedfulness, notice, observance a: Er-y-fa dy vel oo er choyrt geill da goan dty ven Bible; 2 (of mind) concentration; 3 (v.) bubble up, gush, spring: nee farrane geill magh veih thie yn Chiarn Bible

skiootal (of liquid) burst forth; cascade, gush, jet, rush, spout, spurt; cascading, spouting, squirting: Va'n ushtey skiootal harrish ny cassyn eck, choud's v'ee ny soie geaishtagh rish y trooan va roie harrish ny claghyn. Dhoor

spreie gush, spray: As myr v'ad gyllaghey, as ceau jeu nyn eaddagh, as spreie joan 'syn aer Bible

shilley (=Ir. sealladh, sioladh) pl. shillaghyn eyesight, look, look in, scene, show, sight, spectacle, view, vision, revelation: ren eh olk ayns shilley yn Chiarn Bible; distillation; (v.) drop, gush, shed, shedding, trickle: O my ven veen, shilley myr kere-volley: ta bainney as mill fo dty hengey Bible


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