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guiy Eeslynnagh bean goose, pink-footed goose

guiy (=Ir. guadh) (f.) goose: Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey DF

Inexact matches:

cass guiy (f.) crow's foot

eean guiy gosling

guiy bayrnag barnacle goose

guiy beg goose giblets

guiy boght grief, humbling defeat: Hug ad y guiy boght er. DF

guiy breck brent goose

guiy Canadagh Canada goose

guiy cleeau-yiarg red-breasted goose

guiy doo Brent goose

guiy Eajiptagh Egyptian goose

guiy feie wild goose

guiy glass greylag, white-fronted goose

Guiy impiroil Emperor Goose

guiy Manninagh herring

guiy marrey angel fish, monkfish

Guiy ollay Swan Goose

guiy sniaghtee snow goose

guiy thalhearagh tailor's goose

guiy thie domestic goose

guiy twoaie barnacle

kellagh guiy gander

kesmad kellagh-guiy goose step

skian guiy goose wing

Cooil ny Guiy Goose Nook

Cronk ny Guiy Hill of the Geese

Glion ny Guiy Glen of the Geese

Guiy poanrey yn tundrey Tundra Bean-Goose

guiy skead beg lesser white-fronted goose

guiy yn aasagh Egyptian goose

Gullad ny Guiy Inlet of the Geese

Loughan ny Guiy Goose Pond

Mwannal ny Guiy Goose Neck

Thalloo ny Guiy Land of the Geese

Egyptian goose (n.) guiy yn aasagh; guiy Eajiptagh

lus-ny-guiy daffodil: Hig lus-ny-guiy magh dy-gerrid. JJK

goose (n.) guiy: The goose that lays the golden eggs - Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey. DF idiom; yiarn thalleyragh

angel fish (n.) guiy marrey

barnacle (n.) bayrnag, guiy twoaie

barnacle goose (n.) guiy bayrnag

bean goose (n.) guiy Eeslynnagh

Brent goose (n.) guiy doo

brent goose (n.) guiy breck

Canada goose (n.) guiy Canadagh

crow's foot (n.) cass guiy

domestic goose (n.) guiy thie

Emperor Goose (n.) Guiy impiroil

gander (n.) kellagh guiy

goose giblets (npl.) guiy beg

gosling (n.) eean guiy

greylag (n.) guiy glass

humbling defeat (n.) guiy boght

monkfish (n.) guiy marrey

pink-footed goose guiy Eeslynnagh

red-breasted goose (n.) guiy cleeau-yiarg

snow goose (n.) guiy sniaghtee

Swan Goose (n.) Guiy ollay

tailor's goose (n.) guiy thalhearagh

white-fronted goose (n.) guiy glass

Goose Neck (n.) Mwannal ny Guiy

Goose Nook (n.) Cooil ny Guiy

Goose Pond (n.) Loughan ny Guiy

goose step kesmad kellagh-guiy

wild goose (n.) guiy feie, laagh

Glen of the Geese (n.) Glion ny Guiy

goose wing (n.) skian guiy, skian yuiy

grief (n.) graue, guiy boght, seaghyn; pian

Hill of the Geese (n.) Cronk ny Guiy

Inlet of the Geese (n.) Gullad ny Guiy

Land of the Geese (n.) Thalloo ny Guiy

lesser white-fronted goose (n.) guiy skead beg

Tundra Bean-Goose (n.) Guiy poanrey yn tundrey

domestic mooinjerey; thie: Domestic goose - Guiy thie. DF idiom; thieoil; thieoilagh

daffodil (n.) lus ny cam-ching, lus ny n'guiy, lus-ny-guiy, lus y ghuiy, lus yn arree

golden (adj.) airhey: The goose that lays the golden eggs - Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey. DF idiom; buigh-airhey

herring (n.) guiy Manninagh, ree ny marrey; skeddan: No herring no wedding - Gyn skeddan gyn bannish. JJK idiom


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