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ground bleihit, shleeuit; (v.) fondaghey, gruntey, soiaghey er y ghrunt; (n.) grunt; (n.) thalloo: The ground appears to be cultivated - Ta'n thalloo shoh jeeaghyn dy vel hiassit. JJK idiom

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above ground er yn eaghtyr, erskyn thallooin, erskyn y thalloo

Bright Ground (n.) Grunt Sollys

burial ground (n.) grunt oanluckee, ruillick

Burnt Ground (n.) Thalloo Losht

camping ground (n.) thalloo-campal

Cattle Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Ollee

Children's Ground (n.) Grunt ny Paitchyn

Dirty Ground (n.) Thalloo Broigh

fishing ground (n.) aahley, grunt eeastee

flying ground (n.) pairk etlee

football ground (n.) faaie sockyr

ground almonds (npl.) almonyn bleiht

ground bait (n.) solley

ground coat (n.) (yn) chied vrat

ground colour (n.) (yn) chied-daah

ground control (n.) stiurey thallooin

ground controller (n.) stiureyder thallooin

ground flour (n.) laare hallooin

ground frost (n.) lheeah-rio

ground game (n.) feieys er chosh

ground glass (n.) gless veihlt, glonney rioeeagh

ground ivy (n.) ard-losserey, ayr-losserey

ground landlord (n.) chiarn thallooin

ground light (n.) soilshey thallooin

ground line (n.) fartiman; gorstag

ground noise (n.) bun-sheean

ground plan (n.) cummey thallooin; linneeaght hallooin

ground plot (n.) preaban thie

ground rent (n.) keesh hallooin

ground speed bieauid thallooin

ground swell (n.) mooireerey

ground tier straih-grunt

ground zero (n.) neunhee thallooin

herring ground (n.) grunt skeddan

hunting ground (n.) boayl shelg

Insects' Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Beishteig

Kaighin's Ground (n.) Thalloo Kaighin

landing ground (n.) ynnyd tarlheimagh

Limed Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Eaylley

Lime Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Eayl

Manured Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Eoylley

Marshy Ground (n.) Curragh

middle ground (n.) mean-ynnyd

Mountain Ground (n.) Thalloo Clieau

New Ground (n.) Thalloo Noa

new ground (n.) banejagh

Oat's Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Phlaggad

Old Ground (n.) Shenn Thalloo

peaty ground (n.) grunt moainey

ploughed ground (n.) ar

Precipice Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Eaynin

Quilleash's Ground (n.) Thalloo Quilleash

Quine's Ground (n.) Thalloo Quine

recreation ground (n.) faaie chloie

Red Ground (n.) Thalloo Jiarg

rising ground (n.) ughtagh

rocky ground (n.) screg

Shaking Ground (n.) Crielagh

Sharry's Ground (n.) Grunt Charry

show ground (n.) pairk taishbynys

small ground meein; myn

spawning ground (n.) behrtragh, grunt oghyragh

sports ground (n.) laaragh spoyrt

teeing ground (n.) boayl teeal

Tree Ground (n.) Grunt y Villey

turfy ground (n.) grunt moaney

waste ground (n.) reeastane

whaling ground (n.) laaragh ny muick marrey

Big Stomach Ground (n.) Grunt ny Ghailley Mooar

Burial Ground Flat (n.) Faaie Rhullick

fall to the ground (v.) tuittym gys y thalloo: and did let none of his words fall to the ground - as cha lhig eh da veg jeh e ghoan dy huittym gys y thalloo Bible

Hawthorn Flat Ground (n.) Thalloo Faaie Skeag

High Upper Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Ard Heose

Looney's Lower Ground (n.) Thalloo Looney Heese

Looney's Upper Ground (n.) Thalloo Looney Heose

North Old Ground (n.) Shenn Thalloo Twoaie

paw the ground (v.) (to) thalloo y scrabey

potatoes left in ground (npl.) praaseyn thallooin

put in the ground (v.) currit 'sy thalloo

Quakers' Burial Ground (n.) Rhullick ny Quakeryn

Rear House Ground (n.) Thalloo Cooyl Thie

Rocky Ground Croft (n.) Croit y Chreggan

Rough Ground Train (n.) Train ny Garroo

Sheep Pen Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Groa

Tree Stump Ground (n.) Stockaland

Upper Lime Ground (n.) Thalloo Eayl Heose

almonyn bleiht ground almonds

ar (=Ir. ar) (n.) ploughed ground; (pron) our

ard-losserey ground ivy

ayr-losserey ground ivy

behrtragh (f.) bed, spawning ground

bieauid thallooin ground speed

bleihit ground

boayl shelg hunting ground

boayl teeal teeing ground

bun-sheean ground noise

chied-daah (yn) ground colour

chied vrat (yn) ground coat

Crielagh Shaking Ground

cummey thallooin ground plan

erskyn thallooin above ground

faaie chloie (f.) recreation ground

faaie sockyr (f.) football ground

gless veihlt (f.) ground glass

glonney rioeeagh (f.) ground glass

gorstag (f.) ground line

Grunt Charry Sharry's Ground

gruntey (as fishing) bottom; ground, grounding

grunt moainey peaty ground

grunt moaney turfy ground

grunt oghyragh spawning ground

grunt skeddan herring ground

Grunt Sollys Bright Ground

keesh hallooin (f.) ground rent

laaragh spoyrt sports ground

laare hallooin (f.) ground flour

linneeaght hallooin (f.) ground plan

mean-ynnyd middle ground

neunhee thallooin ground zero

pairk etlee flying ground

pairk taishbynys show ground

preaban thie ground plot

screg (f.) rocky ground

soilshey thallooin ground light

solley ground bait, soiling

stiureyder thallooin ground controller

stiurey thallooin ground control

straih-grunt ground tier

Thalloo Broigh Dirty Ground

thalloo-campal camping ground

Thalloo Clieau Mountain Ground

Thalloo Jiarg Red Ground

Thalloo Kaighin Kaighin's Ground

Thalloo Quilleash Quilleash's Ground

Thalloo Quine Quine's Ground

ynnyd tarlheimagh landing ground

Curragh Marshy Ground, Mire, Swamp

Faaie Rhullick Burial Ground Flat

feieys er chosh ground game

grunt eeastee fishery, fishing ground

Grunt ny Paitchyn Children's Ground

Grunt y Villey Tree Ground

soiaghey er y ghrunt ground

Stockaland Tree Stump Ground [Scand]

Thalloo ny Beishteig Insects' Ground

Thalloo ny Eaylley Limed Ground

Thalloo ny Eoylley Manured Ground

Thalloo ny h'Eayl Lime Ground

Thalloo ny h'Eaynin Precipice Ground

Thalloo ny h'Ollee Cattle Ground

Thalloo ny Phlaggad Oat's Ground

chiarn thallooin ground landlord, landlord, squire

Croit y Chreggan Rocky Ground Croft

currit 'sy thalloo layered; put in the ground

fartiman (from shore) ground line, night line, longline; paternoster

Grunt ny Ghailley Mooar Big Stomach Ground

laaragh ny muick marrey whaling ground

lheeah-rio ground frost, hoarfrost, rime, white frost

praaseyn thallooin potatoes left in ground

Rhullick ny Quakeryn Quakers' Burial Ground

Shenn Thalloo Old Ground, Old Land

Shenn Thalloo Twoaie North Old Ground

Thalloo Cooyl Thie Rear House Ground

Thalloo Eayl Heose Upper Lime Ground

Thalloo Faaie Skeag Hawthorn Flat Ground

Thalloo Looney Heese Looney's Lower Ground

Thalloo Looney Heose Looney's Upper Ground

Thalloo Losht Burnt Ground, Burnt Land

Thalloo ny Groa Sheep Pen Ground

Thalloo ny h'Ard Heose High Upper Ground

thalloo y scrabey (to) paw the ground

Train ny Garroo Rough Ground Train

breaking (v.) brishey: Breaking new ground - Brishey thalloo noa. DF idiom

banejagh (f.) fallow, lea, new ground: brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu Bible

changed caghlaait: The character of Langness has been changed - Ta cowrey Langlish er ve caghlaait. DF idiom; ceaghlit; cheaghil: He changed his ground - Cheaghil eh y skeeal echey. DF idiom; choonree

cultivate1 (v.) lhiasaghey: If you cultivate your ground, its value will be increased a hundred-fold - My lhiasys shiu nyn dhalloo, bee e eeuid er ny bishaghey keead filley. JJK idiom; obbraghey; troarey

falling bolganeagh; corragh; tholtanagh; tuittym: Falling to the ground - Tuittym gys y thalloo. DF idiom; tuittymagh

fallow1 bane; banejagh, banjagh; branley; branlit; neuchuirt; thalloo bane; thalloo banejagh: break up your fallow ground - brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu Bible; (v.) branlaghey, faagail bane

harder (ny) sdoillee; (ny) screoi; s'creoiey: If you shake the tree a little harder the nuts will fall to the ground - My chrieys oo yn billey red beg ny s'creoiey, tuittee ny croyn er y thalloo. JJK idiom


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