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gross (n.) daa ghussan yeig; gross; (adj.) jiarg-; slane; garroo; roauyr: For this people's heart is waxed gross - Son ta cree yn phobble shoh er naase roauyr Bible

gross gross

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gross darkness (n.) dullyr dowin: the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people - nee dorraghys coodaghey yn thalloo, as dullyr dowin y pobble Bible

gross indecency (n.) ard-neuchooieid

gross domestic product (n.) lane troar sthie, LTS

ard-neuchooieid gross indecency

daa ghussan yeig gross

GDP (n.) = gross domestic product LTS, lane troar sthie

jiarg- (pref.) arrant, crass, egregious, gross, rank

LTS See lane troar sthie GDP, gross domestic product

dullyr dowin gross darkness: Te dullyr dowin nagh vod dooinney erbee cur-my-ner; son ta'n chooid smoo jeh e obbraghyn keillit. Apoc

garroo (=Ir. garbh) coarse, crude, gross, harsh, husky, jagged, low, pockmarked, raw, rough-and-tumble, rough-spoken, rugged, scraggy, stubbly, uncouth, undressed, unpolished, vulgar; pock-marked; (of weather) dirty; (as sea) stormy; (as ground) uneven; boisterous, ill-mannered, naughty, rude; shaggy; rough: ny raaidyn garroo er nyn yannoo rea Bible; coarse-fibred, hairy

lane troar sthie gross domestic product, GDP: T'eh jerkal dy bee ny symmyn bleinoil kianlt gys y Lane Troar Sthie tra vees ad roshtyn eh. BS

roauyr (=Ir. ramhar) bulky, buxom, corpulent, fat, firm, fleshy, heavy, obese, overweight, plump, sleek, stiff, stout, thick: Ta'n cree oc cha roauyr as saill Bible; gross

slane (=Ir. slán) 1 absolutely, complete, entire, fully, gross, healed, intact, integer, inviolate, perfect, sane, sheer, thorough, total, unbroken, undivided, unharmed, unhurt, unimpaired, unwounded, utter, well, whole a: Nagh vel y slane cheer kiongoyrt rhyt? Bible; 2 (of ruler) absolute; 3 (as edition) unexpurgated; 4 chin-chin, goodbye


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