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groamagh bad-tempered, bearish, cheerless, crestfallen, dejected, depressive, disagreeable, dour, forbidding, gloomy, glum, grim, gruff, mopish, morose, saturnine, sombre, sorry, stern, sullen, surly: cre'n-fa t'ou jeeaghyn cha groamagh? Bible; (of weather) bleak

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dy groamagh sombrely

Cronk Guilley Groamagh Frowning Boy Hill

bearish (adj.) groamagh; maghouinagh

bleak4 (adj.) (of weather) groamagh

crestfallen (adj.) groamagh

depressive (n.) groamagh, groamey, mergnagh

dour (adj.) groamagh, kione-daaney

forbidding groamagh, grouw; obballagh

glum (adj.) groamagh, grouw

grim (adj.) groaishagh; groamagh; grouw

gruff (adj.) groamagh

mopish (adj.) groamagh

morose (adj.) groamagh; s'groamee

saturnine (adj.) groamagh

sombre (adj.) dooagh, groamagh, groamey

sorry (adj.) arryssagh, groamagh, moal

sullen (adj.) groamagh, pooitchagh, puissagh

surly (adj.) groamagh, grouw, sproghtagh

cheerless (adj.) anghennal, groamagh, groymagh, neughennal

sombrely (adv.) dy dorraghey; dy groamagh

bad-tempered1 (adj.) caulgagh, grinn; correydank; cretchagh; friogganagh; groamagh

dejected (adj.) ass cree, groamagh, grouw, sou-aignagh, trome-chreeagh

Frowning Boy Hill (n.) Cronk Guilley Groamagh

gloomy (adj.) dool, dorraghey, dullyr, groamagh, grouw, moorjeenagh

disagreeable (adj.) granganagh; groamagh; meehaitnyssagh; neuhaitnyssagh: That will be very disagreeable to them - Bee shen feer neuhaitnyssagh daue. JJK idiom

stern arbyl, lieh jerree; groamagh; loghtal; jerrey: She sank by the stern - Hie ee fo lurg e jerrey. DF idiom; jerree: Stern oar - Maidjey jerree. DF idiom

pootchagh (=Ir. pusach) pouch-like, pouter, poutish: Ta ymmodee sleih, dy mennick voish Sostyn Twoaie, Nerin ny Nalbin gaccan mychione cummaltee Lunnin as gra dy vel ad ooilley pootchagh, groamagh, as graihagh er argid. Dhoor


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