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grine 1 bread corn, cereal, grain, oat grist a: cha bee yn grine sloo caillit er y thalloo Bible; 2 grapeshot, pellet; 3 foresight

Inexact matches:

grine buigh maize

grine canaaree canary seed

grine corkey oat

grine curnaght corn of wheat: Mannagh vel y grine curnaght tuittym ayns y thalloo, as goll eig, te cummal ny un ghrine kinjagh Bible

grine curnee grain of wheat

grine laagh duck shot

grine leoaie (f.) lead shot

grine lhome bare grain: As shen tou dy chuirr, cha vel oo cuirr yn corp shen vees, agh grine lhome Bible

grine meein small shot

grine mullee top grain

grine oarn barleycorn

grine trome buckshot

gunnaghyn grine shotguns

gunn grine shotgun

marchan grine grain merchant

penn grine-virragh ballpoint pen

toor grine shot-tower

grine beg runt small round thing: er eaghtyr yn aasagh va grine beg runt, myn myr y lieh-rio, er y thalloo Bible

grine buigh rostit popcorn

grine dy rass mustard grain of mustard seed: Dy beagh nyn gredjue wheesh grine dy rass mustard Bible

grain (n.) arroo; freih; grine: Grain of wheat - Grine curnee. DF idiom; (v.) cur daah snaieagh er, grinaghey

bare grain (n.) grine lhome

barleycorn (n.) grine oarn

bread corn (n.) grine

buckshot (n.) grine trome

cereal (n.) grine; (adj.) grineagh

duck shot (n.) grine laagh

grain merchant (n.) marchan grine

grapeshot (n.) grine

lead shot (n.) grine leoaie

maize (n.) grine buigh

oat (n.) corkey, grine corkey

oat grist (n.) grine

popcorn (n.) grine buigh rostit

shotguns (npl.) gunnaghyn grine

shot-tower (n.) toor grine

small shot (n.) grine meein

top grain grine mullee

ball-point (n.) grine-virragh

ballpoint pen (n.) penn grine-virragh

cornflour (n.) grine-flooyr

corn of wheat (n.) grine curnaght

grain of wheat (n.) grine curnee

shotgun (n.) gunn grine; gunn magheragh

shotproof grine-jeenagh

shot-proof (adj.) grine-jeenagh

grine-flooyr cornflour

grine-jeenagh shotproof, shot-proof

grine-virragh ball-point

canary seed (n.) grine canaaree, rass canaaree

foresight (n.) fys rolaue; grine; kiarail rolaue; faih

grain of mustard seed (n.) grine dy rass mustard

pellet (n.) cramman; grine; milleen; steab pabyragh

small round thing (n.) grine beg runt

mustard mustard: Te goll-rish grine dy rass mustard Bible

creearrey bolting; (sieve) bolt; sift: nee'm creearrey thie Israel mastey dy chooilley ashoon, myr ta arroo er ny reealley ayns creear, ny-yeih, cha bee yn grine sloo caillit er y thalloo. Bible

mustart mustard: agh ta obbyr y Spyrryd dy cooie er ny hoylagh gys grine dy rass mustart CS

preabanyn plots: v'ad geginit d'arraghey gys drogh-thallooyn er y clyst, raad va preabanyn beggey dy halloo, rish tadyr gra croityn, currit daue er maayl, raad oddagh ad freayll beagh ny ghaa ny faase grine as praaseyn. NNS


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