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greinnaghey 1 abet, activate, activation, coach, coaching, encourage, goad, incite, induce, move, prompt, provoke, stimulate, urge, urging; 2 stir up a: ren y Chiarn greinnaghey spyrryd Cyrus Bible; 3 encouragement, inducement

Inexact matches:

gyn greinnaghey unprompted

neems greinnaghey I will move

abet (v.) greesaghey, greinnaghey

activation (n.) bioyraghey; greinnaghey

encouragement (n.) cree; greinnaghey

stimulate (v.) greinnaghey

activate (v.) bioyraghey; greinnaghey; jannoo bio

inducement (n.) cleayn, greinnaghey, miolagh, miolaght

coaching greinnaghey; gynsaghey; (v.) gynsaghey er lheh

provoke (v.) caulgaghey, greesaghey; brasnaghey; greinnaghey; brasnee

unprompted (adj.) gyn faaue, gyn greinnaghey, gyn sonsheraght

urging geginaghey; greesaghey; greinnaghey; greinney; lorgaghey; lorgey

encourage (v.) cur creeaght ayn; cur er e hoshiaght; greinnaghey; (to); (dy) ghreinnaghey

goad (n.) brod, brod immanagh, lorg immanagh, sleean, sleeanag; (v.) broddey, greinnaghey, sleeaney

stir up (v.) broddey, doostey, foostyral, greesaghey, greinnaghey, seiy; (to); (dy) ghreeasaghey; (n.) gleashaght

mayd we: Cre'n aght fod mayd greinnaghey sleih aeg dy ynsaghey Ghaelg? Carn

coach (n.) baroose, carbyd, couch; fainagh: Coach and six - Fainagh shey cabbil. DF idiom; waggyn; ynseyder; (v.) greinnaghey, ynsaghey er lheh

incite (v.) brasnaghey: Incite someone to work - Peiagh ennagh y vrasnaghey gys obbyr. DF idiom; greesaghey, greinnaghey

induce (v.) cleaynaghey, cleayney, greinnaghey, indughtaghey, miolaghey, tayrn; cur er: Induce him to come - Cur ersyn cheet. DF idiom

I will move scughym; scugh-ym: I will remove far off from you the northern army - scugh-ym foddey veue sheshaght-caggee yn twoaie Bible; neems greinnaghey

prompt (v.) cur ayns kione feanish, cur yn fockle 'sy veeal, greinnaghey; (adj.) dy traaoil, er builley ny hoor, er y traa, siyragh, leah; (n.) fys jeh'n ockle

urge brasnaghey; brasnee; coyrlaghey; coyrlee; egin: I felt the urge - Haink yn egin orrym. DF idiom; eignaghey; geginaghey; greinn; greinnaghey; greinnee; mien; yeearree

aignaghyn minds: ayndoo ny-neesht ta mee greinnaghey ny aignaghyn ynrick eu gys cooinaghtyn Bible

Shirveishagh Turrysid Tourism Minister: Ta David Cretney, yn Shirveishagh Turrysid, gra dy vel fir-lhiasee goll er greinnaghey dy chroo tooilley lhiabbaghyn son turrysee. BS

sur-virleeyn super-yachts: T'eh jerkit dy jean turrys ny Shirveishee gys Monaco, dy jean eh greinnaghey tooilley shellooderyn jeh 'sur-virleeyn as obbreyderyn dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh recortys- lhuingys Vannin. BS

Ventyr Baghtallys Transparency Initiative: ta'n reiltys Goaldagh cur magh 'Ventyr Baghtallys' ry hoi greinnaghey colughtyn ooill, gass as meaineraght dy insh quoid argid t'ad geeck da reiltyssyn as lughtyn-reill as BS

move (v.) arraghey, scugh; cur seose; gleashagh, gleashaghey: As soon as war was declared, both armies began to move - Cha leah's va caggey er ny hoilshaghey magh, ghow yn daa armee toshiaght dy ghleashagh. JJK idiom; lheill; raisey; scughey; scughys; brasnaghey, greinnaghey; gleashaght


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