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greimmey 1 adhere, adhesion, attach, bite, catch, clutch, fishing tackle, grab, grasp, grip, gripping, hold, jam, lock in, mesh, monopolization, nab, pin on, seize, seizing, snap, snatch, snatching, stick, stitch, stitch up a: ren loauid greimmey my chraueyn Bible; 2 tooth; 3 (of person) adherence; 4 (rugby) tackle; 5 holding; 6 sticks

Inexact matches:

billey greimmey wild service tree

greimmey ersooyl snatch away

greimmey jeh bite off

greimmey hug hene monopolize

greimmey lesh birrag spike

greimmey lesh teayst paste

sticks (npl.) maidjyn, maidjaghyn; (for burning) brasnaggyn; (v.) greimmey: It sticks like a limpet - T'eh greimmey gollrish baarnagh. DF idiom

adherence2 (n.) (of person) greimmey

adhesion (n.) greimane; greimmey; lhiantynys

bite off (v.) greimmey jeh

gripping greimmagh; greimmey

mesh (v.) greimmey, snaue; (n.) moggyl

monopolization (n.) greimmey

nab feeacklaghey; greimmey

seize (v.) glackey, goaill shellooderys jeh, tayrtyn; greimmey: Let us seize this man - Lhig dooin greimmey yn dooinney shoh. JJK idiom

snatch (v.) glackey, greim, greimmey

snatching (v.) greimmey

tackle1 (n.) (football) doolane; (rugby) greimmey

fishing tackle (n.) cullee eeastee, greimmey

seizing goaill, greimmey, nastey, stolkey

wild service tree (n.) billey greimmey

adhere (v.) festal; greimmey; lhiann; lhiant; taah

attach (v.) greimmey; kiangley, kiangley rish; lhiantyn hug

grab (v.) goaill greim er; greim; greimmey; (n.) greimmeyder

monopolize (v.) greim hug hene; greimmey hug hene

paste (v.) greimmey lesh teayst; (n.) teayst; sooslagh

pin on (v.) greimmey, kiangley lesh freeney

snatch away (v.) greimmey ersooyl, raipey ersooyl

spike (n.) birrag, kibbin; (v.) greimmey lesh birrag

stitch up (v.) greimmey, whaaley ry cheilley

baarnagh limpet, scrappy: T'eh greimmey gollrish baarnagh. DF

lock in (v.) cur fo ghlass, cur yn glass er, greimmey, kiangley

bite1 (n.) greim: His bark is worse than his bite - Ta e ghounstyrnee ny smessey na'n ghreim echey. JJK idiom; (v.) greimmey

catch1 (v.) berraghtyn, glackey, goaill, goaill greim, goaill greim er, greim, greimmey, tayrtyn; tayr: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; taare; (n.) croymmag, ronneeaght, sneg, snig

clutch (n.) aail, greim; (v.) goaill greim er, greimmey; glackey: He made a clutch at me - Ren eh glackey orrym. DF idiom; craag: The clutch is slipping - Ta'n chraag skyrraghtyn. DF idiom

grasp1 greim: I freed myself from his grasp - Deayshil mee mee hene ass y ghreim echey. DF idiom; greimmey

grip cummal; doarn; goaill greim jeh; greim: He has a grip of steel - Ta greim yiarn echey. DF idiom; greimman; greimmey; greme

holding1 (v.) greimmaghey; greimmey: He is holding the cup - T'eh greimney yn cappan. DF idiom

jam1 gloo; greimmey; jingey; lhiettrimys; soo: She has some jam - Ta soo eck. JJK idiom; jingan

snap greim, greimmey; (as picture) goaill jalloo jeh; (as decision) gyn thort; (as sound) polt: It went snap - Pholt eh. DF idiom

stitch fuailley; greim 'sy lhiattee; greimmey; guin; lhoob; staik; whaaley; greim: A stitch in time saves nine - Ta greim ayns traa cooie sauail nuy. JJK idiom

tooth (n.) feeackle, feeackyl: I had a tooth out - Va feeackle tayrnit assym. DF idiom; (v.) cur kere er, greimmey

hold (n.) brein lhuingey; holt: but they had not hold in the wall of the house - agh cha row veg y holt oc ayns voalley yn chiamble Bible; greim: He had a hold of me - Va greim echey orrym. DF idiom; (v.) cummal; greimmey; shassoo; greme; cumm, cum: Hold it away from me - Cum magh eh voym. DF idiom; holt; shass: Hold out against it! - Shass noi echey! DF idiom


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