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greie niaghyn washer, washing machine

Greie Fishing Line

greie (=Ir. gréithe) pl. greienyn, greieyn engine, gear, implement, instrument, tool, utensil: cha drog oo seose greie erbee yiarn orroo Bible

greïe instrument: neem oo y yannoo myr greïe noa gyere-feeacklagh, ry-hoi tasteraght Bible; tool: lesh claghyn cummit; son my hroggys oo greïe erbee er, tou er nyannoo eh anchasherick Bible

Inexact matches:

greie aer air-engine

greie aile fire engine

greie ansooragh answering machine

greie baaree shaver

greie blieaun milking machine

greie broojee compressor

greie buinn mower

greie buinnee reaper

greie bwoailtagh battering ram

greie caggee weapon: Cha nel cliwe ayns y laue echey ny greie caggee elley, agh ta niart mooar cheet veih ny laueyn echey. Dhoor

greie cheeree drying machine

greie chiaull musical instrument

greie coonee auxiliary engine

greie coontee adding machine

greie correy sowing machine

greie doagh tank engine

greie earrooagh calculating machine

greie etlee aeroplane, airplane

greie faastee (machine) wringer

greie feayslee releasing instrument

greie foyragh tool sharpener

greie gas gas engine

greie geayee aeromotor

greie gloasee glazer

greie hesheree plough gear

greie jaghtee dictaphone

greie kianglee binder

greie kiaullee musical instrument: Honnick shin yn dooinney shoh as v'eh cloie er greie kiaullee nagh vaik mee rieau roie. Dhoor

greie leeideilagh direction finder

greie linneychlou linotype

greie loayrt phonograph

greie scoltan slot machine

greie scoltee slotting machine

greie screeuee typewriter

greie shleeuee grinder

greie skeabee sweeper, sweeping machine

greie skillee shelling machine

greie sneeuee spinner, throstle

greie spoiy castrator

greie stiuree steering engine

greie traagh haymaker

greie traauee tiller

greie troggee winding engine

greie ushtey water engine

greie whaaley sewing machine

greïe dy vingys musical instrument: O Yee, cloie er greïe dy vingys: hoods goym arrane er y chlaasagh, O uss er-casherick dy Israel. PB1765

uinnagyn greie traenagh (f.) cab spectacles

musical instrument (n.) greie chiaull; greie kiaullee; greie-kiaull; greïe dy vingys

instrument (n.) greie, greïe; jeshaght; wappin; ynstriument

engine (n.) greie: Engine in perfect tune - Greie ayns combaase cruinn. DF idiom; jeshaght

adding machine greie coontee

aeromotor (n.) greie geayee

aeroplane (n.) etlan, greie etlee

air-engine (n.) greie aer

airplane (n.) greie etlee

answering machine (n.) greie ansooragh

auxiliary engine (n.) greie coonee

compressor (n.) cohionneyder, greie broojee

dictaphone (n.) greie jaghtee

direction finder (n.) greie leeideilagh

drying machine (n.) greie cheeree

fire engine (n.) greie aile

Fishing Line (n.) Greie

glazer (n.) gloaseyder, greie gloasee

haymaker (n.) greie traagh; traaghanagh

linotype (n.) greie linneychlou

milking machine (n.) greie blieaun

phonograph (n.) greie loayrt

plough gear (n.) greie hesheree

releasing instrument (n.) greie feayslee

sewing machine (n.) greie whaaley

shelling machine (n.) greie skillee

slot machine (n.) greie scoltan

slotting machine (n.) greie scoltee

sowing machine (n.) greie correy

spinner (n.) greie sneeuee, sneeuder

steering engine (n.) greie stiuree

sweeper (n.) greie skeabee, skeabeyder

sweeping machine (n.) greie skeabee

tank engine (n.) greie doagh

throstle (n.) greie sneeuee; treshlen

tool sharpener greie foyragh

typewriter (n.) clouscreeuder, greie screeuee

utensil (n.) greie, jeshaght, saagh

winding engine (n.) greie troggee

wringer2 (n.) (machine) greie faastee

aero-engine (n.) greie-etlan, jeshaght etlan

amusement machine (n.) greie-cloie

answer machine (n.) greie-freggyrt

binder (n.) greie kianglee; kiangleyder; queeylleyder

cab spectacles (npl.) uinnagyn greie traenagh

castrator (n.) giarreyder, greie spoiy, spoiyder

lighter2 (n.) (mechanical) greie-foaddee

shaver (n.) baareyder, greie baaree, scrysseyder

slaughter weapon (n.) greie-chaggee

washer1 (n.) greie niaghyn; oonleyder; sealan

washing machine (n.) greie niaghyn; greie-niee

greie-chaggee slaughter weapon: haink shey deiney veih raad y yiat syrjey ta lesh y twoaie, as dy chooilley ghooinney lesh greie-chaggee ny laue Bible

greie-cloie amusement machine

greie-etlan aero-engine

greie-foaddee (mechanical) lighter

greie-freggyrt answer machine

greie-ghunneyder machine gunner

greie-kiaull musical instrument

greie-niee washing machine

battering ram (n.) greie bwoailtagh, rea caggee

calculating machine (n.) greie earrooagh, jeshaght earroo

gas engine (n.) greie gas, innyl gas

grinder (n.) beihlleyder, beihllinder, bleihder, cooyl-eeackle, greie shleeuee, shleeuee

implement (v.) cur ayns bree, cooilleen, cur rish; (n.) greie

machine gunner (n.) greie-ghunneyder, gunneyder jeshaght

tool bwoid; grainnaghey; greie, greih; guilley; yiarn

water engine (n.) greie ushtey, obbyr ushtey

weapon (n.) arm, wapin, wappin; greie caggee

mower (n.) beaynee; buinneyder; foldyr, foldeyr, folleyder; greie buinn; jeshaght vuinn

tiller (v.) cur reuyreyder er; (n.) greie traauee, maidjey stiuree, pinn stiuree, reureyder

reaper (n.) beaynee, beayney, buinneyder, folder, greie buinnee, meillagh: A bad reaper never got a good sickle - Cha dooar rieau drogh veaynee corran mie. JJK idiom The best reaper - Yn reih-veaynee. DF idiom

anchasherick impious, profane, unholy, unsanctified: my hroggys oo greie erbee er, t'ou er n'yannoo eh anchasherick. Bible

boghlaneys rubble: Chionnee mee kishtey-greie as mastey yn boghlaneys va traval, oard, as greienyn masoonee elley. Dhoor

bwaane chellvane callbox, telephone box, telephone kiosk: ren ad goaill rish dy row "greie ry hoi eaishtagh" er ve currit sy bwaane-chellvane. Carn

bwoalley magh (of trail) blaze; hammer out: ta mee er chroo yn gaaue ta sheidey ny smarageyn 'syn aile, as ta bwoalley magh greie son e obbyr hene: as ta mee er chroo yn stroider dy choyrt mow. Bible; tick out

chaghnoil technical: Greie shareit dy chaghnoil, shen sittyr y choyrd-oard, ny Mynvandalyn Fischer. Dhoor

dy myn small: nee'm oo y yannoo myr greïe noa gyere-feeacklagh, ry-hoi tasteraght: as nee oo tasteraght ny sleityn, as broo ad dy myn, as nee oo ny croink myr coau. Bible

feeacklagh 1 cogged, dental, dentate, jagged, milled, serrated, snappy, snappish, stepped, toothed, toothlike, tusker a: nee'm oo y yannoo myr greïe noa gyere-feeacklagh; 2 (as leaf) indented

fittal fitting: Creenaght yn seihll shoh, yn greie share ta fittal yn jouyl EF

goaill magh delete, evacuate, evacuation, move out, take out, withdrawal: Ayns mynphiannaghyn-sittyr, oddagh oo goaill magh y boayrd-mair as pluckey y greie lesh dty veir. Dhoor; (as money) withdraw

gyn obbyr1 unemployed; without work: Yn ooir va roie j'ee hene cur magh e mess gyn obbyr laue, gyn greie dy obbragh lesh PC

obbyr laue (f.) handicraft, handwork, manual labour: Yn ooir va roie j'ee hene cur magh e mess gyn obbyr laue, gyn greie dy obbragh lesh PC

organe-barril barrel organ: Ren Paul Reissner y greie shoh y haraghey ayns 1919 dy lhiggey da cloie er rybban va bwoaillit lane dy huill myr organe-barril. Dhoor

poggaid (=Ir. pocadh) (f.) pocket: Ayns y bwaane chellvane, hooar eh greie quaagh goll rish radio poggaid. Carn

shareit bettered: Greie shareit dy chaghnoil, shen sittyr y choyrd-oard, ny Mynvandalyn Fischer. Dhoor

skirraghtyn (=Ir. sciorradh) lapse; skid: Tra va'n greie goll er cloie, va'n boayrd-mair jeant fondagh lesh daa 'reeney dy lhiettal skirraghtyn. Dhoor

teaddyn ropes: Va'n greie er boayrd echey, as v'eh crankal ny bwoalley mairyn gollrish clouscreeuder lesh y laue hoshtal as v'eh cloie teaddyn lesh y laue yesh. Dhoor

traval (f.) trowel: Chionnee mee kishtey-greie as mastey yn boghlaneys va traval, oard, as greienyn masoonee elley. Dhoor

gear (n.) geear: He changed down gear at the top of the hill - Darree eh geear sheese ec mullagh y chronk. DF idiom; greie; cullee: Take your gear out of this - Gow yn cullee ayd magh ass shoh. DF idiom; greieghey

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom

Kione Doo Black Head: Ta seaghyn mooar orrym nagh row greie-recortys ayn ayns ny laghyn shid hug Caesar orryms as er my vraar "Kione Doo" dy screeu sheese yn sheean hene jeh'n Ghaelg echey as cha nee yn aght screeuee ta ry-geddyn ayns Gaelg screeuit. LTQ


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