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greesaghey (=Ir. gríosú) abet, accelerate, agitate, drive, egg on, excite, foment, foster, incentive, incite, instigate, press, prod, provoke, stir, urging; stir up: Ta smooinaghtyn er olk ayns nyn greeaghyn: as dy kinjagh greesaghey seose anvea. Bible; (enthusiasm) fire; kindle: ooilley shiuish ta greesaghey aile Bible; excitation, excitement, fomentation, provocation; abetting

Inexact matches:

goan greesaghey inflammatory words

greesaghey terriu bull-baiting

gyn greesaghey uninspired

cooney as greesaghey aiding and abetting

abetting (v.) greinnit; greesaghey: Aiding and abetting - Cooney as greesaghey. DF idiom

abet (v.) greesaghey, greinnaghey

bull-baiting greesaghey terriu

egg on (v.) greesaghey

excitation (n.) greesaghey

fire2 (v.) (enthusiasm) greesaghey

fomentation (n.) glabbag, greesaghey, seiy

incentive (n.) greesaghey, oyr

inflammatory words (n.) goan greesaghey

prod (v.) greesaghey; seiy

provocation (n.) brasnagh; brasnaghey, greesaghey

accelerate (v.) greesaghey, siyraghey, troggal bieauid

instigate (v.) cur er bun, greesaghey

agitate (v.) coghreesaghey; gleashaghey seose; greesaghey; seiy

aiding and abetting cooney as greesaghey

excite (v.) greesaghey; greinaghey; brasnaghey; moostey; breddey

foment (v.) cur glabbag er, greesaghey, seiy

provoke (v.) caulgaghey, greesaghey; brasnaghey; greinnaghey; brasnee

uninspired (adj.) dree; gyn greesaghey; gyn vree; moal

urging geginaghey; greesaghey; greinnaghey; greinney; lorgaghey; lorgey

foster doltaghey; doltey; doltit: Foster brother - Braar doltit. DF idiom; greesaghey

stir up (v.) broddey, doostey, foostyral, greesaghey, greinnaghey, seiy; (to); (dy) ghreeasaghey; (n.) gleashaght

excitement (n.) greesaghey: He was in a fever of excitement - Va ard-ghreesaghey er. DF idiom; musthaa

incite (v.) brasnaghey: Incite someone to work - Peiagh ennagh y vrasnaghey gys obbyr. DF idiom; greesaghey, greinnaghey

plenty palchey: He has plenty of drive - Ta palchey greesaghey ayn. DF idiom; palchid; palchys; ram; soogh: Plenty never felt for want - Cha dennee rieau yn soogh y shang. JJK idiom

press broo, chionney; broojey; chennid; chionney er; craishtey; faastan; greesaghey; jingey; lhiannaghey; preays, preis, preish; preaysal; pronney; traastey; (n.) saagh

stir foostyr; gleashagh; gleayshaghey; grees; greesaghey; lheil; mestey; seiy; gleashee; gleaysh: Don't stir from the place - Ny gleash veih'n voayl. JJK idiom; (n.) musthaa; doindyr

oardyr order: Ec lunney yn lioar, hie eh er fockley dy row yn Reejerey Chalse er ngeddyn Oardyr-Toilchynys Norlann son greesaghey kianglaghyn eddyr Mannin as Norlann. BS

smooinaghtyn dowin musing, meditation: Va my chree cheh er cheu-sthie jee'm ; as choud va mee myr shoh ayns smooinaghtyn dowin, ren yn aile greesaghey Bible; devices

drive1 chlo; chennid; co-chloie; eiyr, eiyrt, clohghey, greesaghey, lorgaghey, ruightey, shiaulley roish y gheay, sheebey; gimman: Can you drive? - Nod oo gimman? DF idiom; (n.) bayr; markiaght: He went for a drive - Hie eh son markiaght ayns gleashtan. DF idiom


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