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Green (n.) (The) Londaig

green1 eayney; geayney: Put more of the green in - Cur tooilley geayney stiagh. DF idiom; glassey: Green hills beside the sea - Cruink ghlassey rish y cheayn. DF idiom; faaie; foain; oor

green2 (adj.) (of nature) glass: The lawn looks quite green already - Ta'n liondaig hannah jeeaghyn slane glass. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

bottle green boteil-ghlass

bowling green (n.) faaie voulleragh

Castleward Green (n.) Faaie Rheynn y Chashtal

Flowery Green (n.) Faaie Vlaa

green bacon (n.) bagoon gyn lhiasaghey

green bean (n.) poanrey-glass

green belt (n.) cryss ghlass

Green Brows (npl.) Brooinyn Glassey

Green Close (n.) Close Green

Green Creek (n.) Grenick, Fleshwick

green energy (n.) bree glass

Green Farm (n.) Grenaby

green fern (n.) renniagh ghlass

Green Field (n.) Magher Glass

green figs (npl.) figgyn glassey; figgyn oor

Green Flat (n.) Faaie Ghlass

Green Fold (n.) Glass Woaillee, Bwoaillee Gheayney

green food (n.) bee glass; glassreeyn

green fruit (n.) mess glass; mess glassey

green fuel (n.) conney noa

green garden (n.) garey glass

Green Glen (n.) Glion Ghlass

green heron (n.) coar gheayney; Coar ghlass

Green Hill (n.) Cronk Glass

Green Hillock (n.) Glass Cor

Green Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Ghlass, Lhag Ghlass

green ink (n.) doo geayney

Green Island (n.) Ellan Glass

Green Lake (n.) Lough Ghlass

Green Land (n.) Glass Thalloo

Green Marsh (n.) Curragh Glass

Green Meadow (n.) Lheeanee Ghlass

Green Nook (n.) Cooil Ghlass, Cooill Ghlass

green pasture (n.) pastyr glass

green pea (n.) pishyr ghlass

green peas (npl.) pishyryn glassey

green plot (n.) lhondaig

Green Quarter (n.) Kerroo Glass

green ray (n.) soilshey bio

Green Ridge (n.) Immyr Glass

Green River (n.) Awin Ghlass

Green Roof (n.) Clea Ghlass

green room (n.) shamyr aash

green rush (n.) leaghyr ghlass

green sandpiper (n.) looyran mooar; leayrane geayney

Green Shieling (n.) Eary Glass

green shoot (n.) foghan glass, slat ghlass

Green Shrubbery (n.) Garee Ghlass

Green Slope (n.) Lhargagh Glass

green sod (n.) scraa, scrah

green stone (n.) clagh ghlass

Green Sward (n.) Fank, Foaid Glass

Green Top (n.) Mullagh Glass

Green Trees (npl.) Biljyn Glassey

Green-veined White (n.) Baneag gheayney

green warbler (n.) kiaulleyder geayney

green winter (n.) geurey bog

Green Wood (n.) Keyll Ghlass

green woodpecker (n.) snoggeyder glass

green wrasse collee

growing green (v.) glassraghey

Little Green (n.) Grenicle, Faaie Veg

making green (v.) geaynaghey

pale green bane-ghlass

pastel green bane-ghlass

putting green (n.) faaie amas

village green (n.) faaie balley beg cheerey

yellowish green buigh-ghlass

Close Green Green Close

Barley Green Place (n.) Tuar Oarn

Bleach Green Farm (n.) Balley yn Toar

Bleach Green Field (n.) Magher Thoar

Bleach Green Road (n.) Bayr Thoar

Bleaching Green Croft (n.) Toar ny Croit

Croft of the Green (n.) Croit y Greyney

Dark Green Fritillary (n.) Breckag ghoo-ghlass

Farm of the Green (n.) Balley Greyney

Green Creek Glen (n.) Glion Grenick

Green Creek Harbour (n.) Purt Grenick

Green Farm Marsh (n.) Curragh Grenaby

Green Manured Field (n.) Toar Ghlass

green stalk of corn (n.) cuirrag

Little Green Creek (n.) Fleshwick Beg

Little Green Farm (n.) Grenaby Beg

Southern Civic Amenity Site and Green Waste Composting Facility (n.) Ynnyd Jeelym Theayagh y Jiass as Mholmeyder Orçh Ghlass

bane-ghlass pale green, pastel green

Awin Ghlass Green River

bee glass green food

Biljyn Glassey Green Trees

boteil-ghlass (f.) bottle green

bree glass green energy

Brooinyn Glassey Green Brows

buigh-ghlass yellowish green

Bwoaillee Gheayney Green Fold

Clea Ghlass Green Roof

coar gheayney (f.) green heron

Coar ghlass (f.) green heron

conney noa green fuel

Cooil Ghlass Green Nook

Cooill Ghlass Green Nook

Cronk Glass Green Hill

cryss ghlass (f.) green belt

Curragh Glass Green Marsh

doo geayney green ink

Eary Glass Green Shieling

Ellan Glass Green Island

faaie amas (f.) putting green

Faaie Ghlass Green Flat

Faaie Veg Little Green

Faaie Vlaa Flowery Green

faaie voulleragh (f.) bowling green

Fank Green Sward

figgyn glassey green figs

figgyn oor green figs

Fleshwick Green Creek [Scand]

Foaid Glass Green Sward

foghan glass green shoot

Garee Ghlass Green Shrubbery

geaynaghey making green

Glass Cor Green Hillock

Glass Thalloo Green Land

Glass Woaillee Green Fold

Glion Ghlass Green Glen

Grenick Green Creek [Scand]

Grenicle Little Green

Immyr Glass Green Ridge

Kerroo Glass Green Quarter

Keyll Ghlass Green Wood

kiaulleyder geayney green warbler

leaghyr ghlass (f.) green rush

leayrane geayney green sandpiper

Lhaggagh Ghlass Green Hollow

Lhag Ghlass Green Hollow

Lhargagh Glass Green Slope

Lheeanee Ghlass Green Meadow

lhondaig (f.) green plot

Londaig (The) Green

looyran mooar green sandpiper

Lough Ghlass Green Lake

Magher Glass Green Field

mess glass green fruit

mess glassey green fruit

Mullagh Glass Green Top

pastyr glass green pasture

pishyr ghlass (f.) green pea

pishyryn glassey (f.) green peas

poanrey-glass green bean

renniagh ghlass (f.) green fern

shamyr aash (f.) green room

slat ghlass (f.) green shoot

snoggeyder glass green woodpecker

soilshey bio green ray

apple-green ooyl ghlass

bronze-green geayney-ghone

emerald-green glass ny marrey

green-eyed (adj.) glass-hooillagh

jade-green jaid-glass

pea-green (adj.) glass pishyragh

rifle-green doo-gheayney

sage-green (adj.) lheeah-ghlass

sea-green (n., adj.) gorrym-ghlass, mooir-ghlass

bagoon gyn lhiasaghey green bacon

Baneag gheayney Green-veined White

Bayr Thoar Bleach Green Road

Breckag ghoo-ghlass Dark Green Fritillary

Curragh Grenaby Green Farm Marsh

doo-gheayney rifle-green

Fleshwick Beg Little Green Creek

geayney-ghone bronze-green

glass-hooillagh green-eyed, grey-eyed, pale-eyed

glass ny marrey emerald-green

glass pishyragh pea-green

Glion Grenick Green Creek Glen

gorrym-ghlass aquamarine, azure, sea-green

jaid-glass jade-green

lheeah-ghlass light grey, sage-green

Magher Thoar Bleach Green Field

mooir-ghlass sea-green

Purt Grenick Green Creek Harbour

Toar Ghlass Green Manured Field

Tuar Oarn Barley Green Place


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