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great (adj.) ard-; mooar: You're in a great hurry - Ta shiu ayns siyr mooar. JJK idiom; urrymagh

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great abundance (adj.) palchey vooar

great acts (npl.) obbraghyn mooarey

great antiquity (adj.) feer shenn

Great Bear (n.) (Yn) Cheeaght

Great Britain (n.) (Y) Vretyn Vooar

Great Brow (n.) Kee Mooar

great bustard (n.) bustart mooar

great calm (n.) aalican

great cats (npl.) kiyt vooarey

Great Church (n.) Mooar Keeill

great circle (n.) keayrt vooar

Great Cliff (n.) Amulty

great coat (n.) cooat sidooragh

great commandment (n.) ard-anney

Great Common (n.) Greney Mooar

Great Dane (n.) moddey Danvargagh

Great Datacentre (n.) Ynnyd-fysseree mie er bashtal

great day (n.) laa mooar

great deal (n.) lansh; mooarane: He must have a great deal of money - Shegin ve mooarane argid echey. JJK idiom

Great Edge (n.) Oirr Vooar

great effort (n.) staagey

Great Enquest (n.) (The); (Yn) Ving Vooar

Great Field (n.) Giat Mooar

great fury (n.) jiarg-eulys

Great Gap (n.) Doarlish Mooar, Barney Vooar

Great Garden (n.) Garey Mooar

Great Glen (n.) Glion Mooar

Great Gorse (n.) Conney Mooar

great grandchild (n.) aa-oe

great grandson (n.) aa-oe

great haste preish siyr

Great Height (n.) Ard Vooar, Tullagh Vooar

Great Hollow (n.) Coan Mooar

great image (n.) jalloo mooar

great knot (n.) leayrane ruy mooar

great love (n.) ard-ennoilys

great majority tromlagh mooar

Great Mansion (n.) Plaase Mooar

great many ymmodee mooar; mooarane: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom

Great Marsh (n.) Curragh Mooar

great marvels (npl.) yindyssyn mooarey

great masterwort (n.) flee vooar

Great Meadow (n.) Lheeanee Vooar

Great Mill (n.) Mwyllin Mooar

great mullein (n.) cainle Woirrey

great mussel (n.) gob mooar

great name (n.) ennym ooasle

great niece (n.) inneen vic shayrey; inneen vic vraarey

great owl (n.) hullad vooar: There shall the great owl make her nest - Ayns shen nee yn hullad vooar yn edd eck y yannoo Bible; hullad mooar: The little owl, and the great owl, and the swan - Yn hullad beg, as yn hullad mooar, as yn ollay Bible

Great Pool (n.) Dubbey Mooar

Great Portion (n.) Ayrn Wooar

great powers (npl.) (the); (ny) hashoonyn mooarey

great reason oyr wooar

Great Ridge (n.) Vaish Mooar

Great Rosefinch (n.) Rose-ghlassan mooar

great shearwater (n.) scraayl vooar

Great Shieling (n.) Eary Mooar

Great Shoulder (n.) Geaylin Vooar

great sin (n.) ard-pheccah

great skua (n.) foillan stronnagh; maarliagh marrey; maarliagh mooar

great slaughter (n.) cragh trome

Great Slope (n.) Liargee Mooar

great snipe (n.) coar heddagh vooar

great spearwort (n.) lus ny binjey

great starwort (n.) lhieen ny ferrishyn

Great Thick-knee (n.) Glioon-chiu vooar

great things (npl.) vondeishyn

great tit (n.) myntan mooar

great toe (n.) ordaag chass

Great Waste (n.) Reeast Mooar

Great Waterfall (n.) Eas Wooar

great willow (n.) shellagh vooar

great willow-herb (n.) lus y Trinaid

great woodrush (n.) leaghyr cheylley

great works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: who had seen all the great works of the Lord - va er vakin ooilley obbraghyn yindyssagh y Chiarn Bible

so great cha earrooagh

Great Barrier Reef (n.) (Yn) Rinn Vooar

great black-headed gull (n.) foillan Pallas

Great Black Hill (n.) Knock Doo Mooar

great blast of wind (n.) gaard; gaarder: Great blast of wind from the Slogh - Gaarder wooar yn Sloc. DF idiom

Great Blue Heron (n.) Coar ghorrym vooar

Great Border Land (n.) Meary Mooar

great circle route (n.) bollagh mooar kiarklagh

great crested grebe (n.) greeb kereenagh

Great Deceiving Cross (n.) Crosh Mollee Mooar

great diving beetle (n.) deyll-ushtey vooar

Great Glen River (n.) Awin Glion Mooar

great grand daughter (n.) aa-oe 'neen

great gust of wind (n.) gardar

Great Horned Owl (n.) Hullad chleayshagh vooar

great many people niart mooinjer

Great Mound Hill (n.) Cronk Howe Mooar

Great Mound Lake (n.) Lough Howe Mooar

Great Mound Meadow (n.) Lheannee Howe Mooar

great northern diver (n.) arrag vooar; thummeyder mooar

Great Raven's Nest (n.) Edd Feeagh Vooar

great reed warbler (n.) guilckag vooar

great spotted cuckoo (n.) cooag vreck

great spotted woodpecker (n.) snoggeyder mooar

great white egret (n.) coar-vane vooar

great white egret

Great Laxey Wheel and Mines Trail (n.) Queeyl Vooar as Cassan Meainyn Laksey

aa-oe (m., f.) great grandchild; great grandson

Amulty Great Cliff

ard-ennoilys great love

Ard Vooar Great Height

Barney Vooar Great Gap

bustart mooar great bustard

cainle Woirrey (f.) great mullein

Coan Mooar Great Hollow

Conney Mooar Great Gorse

cooat sidooragh great coat

Doarlish Mooar Great Gap

Dubbey Mooar Great Pool

Eary Mooar Great Shieling

Eas Wooar Great Waterfall

foillan stronnagh (f.) great skua

Geaylin Vooar Great Shoulder

Glioon-chiu vooar Great Thick-knee

gob mooar great mussel

Greney Mooar Great Common

hashoonyn mooarey (ny); (the) great powers

Kee Mooar Great Brow

kiyt vooarey great cats

leaghyr cheylley (f.) great woodrush

Lheeanee Vooar Great Meadow

Liargee Mooar Great Slope

maarliagh mooar great skua

moddey Danvargagh Great Dane

mooarane (=Ir. mórán) great deal, lot, many, more numerous, much, multitude: Ver oo lhiat mooarane rass magh gys y vagher Bible; considerable; great many [O.Ir. mór]

Mooar Keeill Great Church

Mwyllin Mooar Great Mill

myntan mooar great tit

Oirr Vooar Great Edge

Plaase Mooar Great Mansion

Rose-ghlassan mooar Great Rosefinch

scraayl vooar (f.) great shearwater

shellagh vooar (f.) great willow

staagey great effort

tromlagh mooar great majority

Tullagh Vooar (f.) (Yn) Great Height

Vaish Mooar Great Ridge

ymmodee mooar great many

great-aunt (n.) shenn naunt

great-grandfather (n.) shenn shaner; shenn shenn-ayr

great-grandmother (n.) mwarree vooar; shenn shenn voir; shenn warree

great-great-grandfather (n.) shenn shenn shaner

great-great-grandmother (n.) shenn shenn warree

great-nephew (n.) mac vic shayrey; mac vic vraarey

great-uncle (n.) shenn naim

aa-oe 'neen (f.) great grand daughter

coar heddagh vooar (f.) great snipe

coar-vane vooar (f.) great white egret

cooag vreck (f.) great spotted cuckoo

deyll-ushtey vooar (f.) great diving beetle

flee vooar (f.) great masterwort, masterwort

foillan Pallas great black-headed gull

gaard great blast of wind

greeb kereenagh great crested grebe

guilckag vooar (f.) great reed warbler

inneen vic shayrey (f.) great niece

inneen vic vraarey (f.) great niece

leayrane ruy mooar great knot

mac vic shayrey great-nephew

mac vic vraarey great-nephew

Meary Mooar Great Border Land

mwarree vooar great-grandmother

niart mooinjer great many people

Rinn Vooar (f.) (Yn) Great Barrier Reef

shenn shaner great-grandfather

shenn shenn-ayr great-grandfather

shenn shenn shaner great-great-grandfather

shenn shenn voir (f.) great-grandmother

shenn shenn warree (f.) great-great-grandmother

shenn warree (f.) great-grandmother

thummeyder mooar great northern diver


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