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grass (v.) cur lhieen er y thoar, cur thalloo fo faiyr; (n.) faiyr: The grass is growing - Ta'n faiyr g'aase. JJK idiom; glassyragh [L. foenum]

Inexact matches:

after grass (n.) nah faiyr

alfa grass (n.) alfey; faiyr alfey

cotton grass (n.) cadee lheeanagh, clooie hunnag, cottin lheeannagh, lus y chadee

couch grass (n.) faiyr voddee, pundaig

deer's grass (n.) faiyr-feeaihee

dog's-tail grass (n.) faiyr chione mollagh

fiorin grass (n.) feeryn, shaslagh vane

grass plot (n.) lhiondaig

grass rent (n.) faiyr-vaaylys

grass roots (n.) bun ny cheerey: From the grass roots - Voish bun ny cheerey. DF idiom

grass snake (n.) ardnieu Sostynagh

grass widow (n.) breck-ventreoghe

grass widower (n.) breck-ghooinney treoghe

lyme grass (n.) shaslagh frangagh, thaiane

marsh foxtail-grass (n.) famman shynnee, fiddag cham

meadow foxtail-grass (n.) fiddag

meadow grass (n.) shaslagh lheeannagh

millet grass (n.) faiyr milladagh

moor grass (n.) sheeidey ny moanee

oat grass (n.) faiyr corkey

pampas grass (n.) faiyr pampas

quaking grass (n.) faiyr chraaee

quitch grass (n.) pundaig

scurvy grass (n.) burley traie, faiyr, feiyr, guilley bing, guilley jeen

shave grass (n.) birrag

spear grass (n.) finnan

stubble grass (n.) faiyr choonlee

sweet grass (n.) faiyr villish

vernal grass (n.) faiyr arree

English Scurvy Grass (n.) guilley bing Frangagh

Farm of the Grass (n.) Balley 'n Aiyr

Grass Bank Ford Farm (n.) Byballo

purple moor grass (n.) brabbanagh, bun glass

Ravan Grass Thicket (n.) Munenyrzana

Rough Grass Shore (n.) Traie ny Faiyr Mollagh

wavy hair grass (n.) faiyr ny moaneeyn

pundaig (f.) couch grass, quitch grass; upheaval, upset

faiyr (=Ir. féar, Sc.G. feur,fiar) (m., f.) grass, scurvy grass: Son dy vel shiu er n'aase roauyr myr yn cholbagh ec faiyr Bible; herbage [O.Ir. fér]

alfey (v.) alfa grass, esparto

ardnieu Sostynagh grass snake

breck-ghooinney treoghe grass widower

breck-ventreoghe (f.) grass widow

burley traie scurvy grass

cadee lheeanagh cotton grass

clooie hunnag (f.) cotton grass

cottin lheeannagh cotton grass

faiyr alfey alfa grass

faiyr arree vernal grass

faiyr choonlee (f.) stubble grass

faiyr chraaee (f.) quaking grass

faiyr corkey oat grass

faiyr-feeaihee (f.) deer's grass

faiyr milladagh millet grass

faiyr pampas pampas grass

faiyr-vaaylys (f.) grass rent

faiyr villish (f.) sweet grass

feeryn fiorin grass

finnan spear grass

guilley bing scurvy grass

guilley jeen scurvy grass

lhiondaig (f.) glade, grass plot

nah faiyr after grass

shaslagh frangagh (f.) lyme grass

shaslagh lheeannagh (f.) meadow grass

shaslagh vane (f.) fiorin grass

thaiane lyme grass

grass-fed yndyrit

grass-grown fo faiyr

whitlow-grass (n.) bossan ingyr

bossan ingyr whitlow-grass

brabbanagh (f.) dry-snotty; purple moor grass

bun glass purple moor grass

bun ny cheerey grass roots

cur thalloo fo faiyr grass

faiyr chione mollagh (f.) dog's-tail grass

faiyr voddee (f.) couch grass, twitch

fiddag cham (f.) marsh foxtail-grass

fo faiyr grass-grown

sheeidey ny moanee moor grass

yndyrit grass-fed

Balley 'n Aiyr Farm of the Grass

Byballo Grass Bank Ford Farm [Scand]

cur lhieen er y thoar grass

faiyr ny moaneeyn wavy hair grass

famman shynnee foxtail, marsh foxtail-grass

fiddag (f.) field foxtail, meadow foxtail-grass

guilley bing Frangagh English Scurvy Grass

Traie ny Faiyr Mollagh Rough Grass Shore

glassyragh grass: myr y lhuss glass, myr glassyragh er mullagh thie Bible

lus y chadee (f.) bog cotton, cotton grass, pearly everlasting

growing aasagh; aasoil; gaase: The grass is growing - Ta'n faiyr g'aase. JJK idiom

of the field vagher; (y) vagheragh: The grass of the field - Faiyr y vagheragh. DF idiom

shining gial; goulragh; sollys: as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain - myr y faiyr ta gaase ass y thalloo liorish bree sollys y ghrian lurg frassyn Bible

birrag (f.) (pl -yn) canine tooth, eye tooth, fang; skewer, spike: Yn lheeah-rio neesht myr sollan t'eh deayrtey er y thalloo, as tra te riojit, t'eh lhie er baare ny stakyn birragh. Apoc; Dutch rush, shave grass

feiyr 1 clatter, din, honk, noise, rowdiness, sound a: bee'n feiyr echey er ny chlashtyn Bible; 2 scurvy grass

Munenyrzana Ravan Grass Thicket: voish y logh enmyssit Hesca na appayze t'eh goll seose liorish Sicscetum dy jeeragh veih'n voayl enmyssit Munenyrzana liorish keyll enmyssit Kor as boayl enmyssit Leabba Aukonnlhay. Chron

clothe (v.) coamrey: If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field My ta Jee eisht myr shoh coamrey blaa ny magheragh ta jiusy vagher Bible; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Clothe yourself - Cur mood. DF idiom; coamree


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