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caddil sleep: Caddil-jee nish, as gow-jee nyn vea Bible

censeryn cencers: Shoh jean-jee; Gow-jee censeryn, Korah, as ooilley e heshaght Bible

dooyrt said: As dooyrt Joseph roo, Ny gow-jee aggle Bible; saidst

helmet helmet: As gow-jee yn helmet dy haualtys Bible

messyn fruits: gow-jee jeh messyn share y cheer ayns nyn siyn Bible

nish (=Ir. anois) at this time, now: Nish er-y-fa shen, ny gow-jee aggle

rouesyn before them, of them: Ny gow-jee aggle rouesyn varrys y corp Bible

theihll (y); (of the) world: Son she Jee reen theihll ooilley: gow-jee arraneyn-moyllee lesh tushtey. Bible

waggonyn wagons: gow-jee waggonyn veih cheer Egypt son y vooinjer veggey eu Bible

askaid (f.) 1 pl. askaidyn ulcer, boil, vasculum a: Gow-jee dhossan dy figgyn, as lhie-jee eh son plaister er yn askaid Bible; 2 sea anemone, sea squirt

cour2 (ny) for her: gow-jee shelliu son y ghuin eck, my ta lheihys ny cour. Bible

creeoil cheerful, hearty, inspiring: Bee-jee dunnal as creeoil, ny gow-jee aggle roue Bible; fearless; bold: Ta ny kyndee chea, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's: agh ta'n ynrick creeoil myr lion. Bible; courageous; cardiac; openhearted; valiant; blithe

er-gerrey at hand: Gow-jee arrys: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; near: As hayrn Abraham er gerrey Bible

er y fa shen COMPARE shen y fa consequently, therefore: Ny gow-jee aggle er-y-fa shen Bible

feeyn jiarg red wine: 'Sy laa shen gow-jee arrane mychione eck, Garey-feeyney dy feeyn jiarg. Bible

jengleyrys bickering, disputation, wrangling: Eshyn ta annoon 'sy chredjue gow-jee rish, agh cha nee gys jengleyrys dooyteilagh. Bible

lilleeyn lilies: Gow-jee tastey jeh lilleeyn ny magheragh kys t'ad gaase; cha vel ad tooilleil, chamoo t'ad sneeu. Bible

magheragh agrarian, lowlander; (gen.) of a field: Gow-jee tastey jeh lilleeyn ny magheragh kys t'ad gaase Bible

moghrey forenoon, morning: moghrey mairagh gow-jee er nyn yurnah Bible Sho mar ta ordyghy yn padjer moghrey as faskyr janu jerrey tryid magh ny bleyney slayn. PB1610

mychione eck about her: 'Sy laa shen gow-jee arrane mychione eck, Garey-feeyney dy feeyn jiarg. Bible

my-nyn-gione concerning us, concerning you, concerning them: Tan Chiarn er ghra my nyn-gione, Yudah, Ny gow-jee dys Egypt Bible

psalm pl. psalmyn psalm: gow-jee arrane marish y chlaasagh lesh psalm dy hoyrt-booise Bible

punt pl. puint pound, punt, quid: Gow-jee yn punt voishyn as cur-jee eh da fer ny jeih puint. Bible

roishyn before him: Gow-jee aggle roishyn, echey ta pooar, erreish da v'er varroo dy hilgey ayns niurin; dy jarroo ta mee dy ghra riu, Gow jee aggle roishyn. Bible

roud exorbitant, late, too long, too much: ny gow-jee roud voish yn ard-valley Bible

shelliu (f.) pl. shelliuyn balm, liniment, ointment, salve, unguent: gow-jee shelliu son y ghuin eck Bible

S'liooar (impv) Hold: Caddil-jee nish, as gow-jee nyn vea: s'liooar eh, ta'n oor er jeet Bible

s'liooar enough: as dooyrt eh roo, Caddil-jee nish, as gow-jee nyn vea: s'liooar eh, ta'n oor er jeet Bible

surranseyn sufferings: Agh gow-jee boggey, ayns wheesh as dy vel shiu goaill ayrn jeh surranseyn Chreest Bible

trial trial: ny gow-jee yindys mychione y trial aileagh ta ry-hoi prowal shiu Bible

arise (v.) troggal: If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams - My nee phadeyr [foalsey] ny branlaader ashlishyn troggal ny mast' eu Bible; irrys: when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? - cuin irrys, oo ass dty chadley? Bible; girree: Let my father arise - Lhig da mayr girree Bible; (impv) trog ort: Arise, walk through the land - Trog ort, shooyll trooid y cheer Bible; trog-jee: arise, go again unto the man -trog-jee erriu, gow-jee reesht gys y dooinney Bible; irree: Arise, be gone - Irree, as immee royd Bible

ascribe (v.) cur er; cur gys lieh; lhiassaghey da; cur da: Ascribe unto the Lord, O ye kindreds of the people - Cur-jee dan Chiarn, O shiuish chynneeyn y phobble Bible; gow rish: Ascribe ye the power to God over Israel - Gow-jee rish dy nee ec Jee tan phooar harrish Israel: Bible

victuals (n.) cooid-veaghee; beaghey: Take victuals with you for the journey - Gow-jee beaghey mêriu son y jurnah Bible; bee: And the men took of their victuals - As ghow ny ard-gheiney jehn bee oc Bible; oltaghey-bea: And he enquired of the Lord for him, and gave him victuals - As ren eh briaght jehn Chiarn er e hon: as hug eh oltaghey-bea da Bible


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