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gortey dearth, destitution, famine, hurt, injury, lack, scarceness, smart, starvation: nee'n gortey stroie yn cheer Bible; injure

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gortey keeaylley mental deficiency

jeirnyn gortey scalding tears

famine (gen.) gortey: Feast or famine - Gien nonney gortey. JJK idiom; genney; gonney

destitution (n.) genney; gortey; ymmyrch

hurting (v.) gortaghey; gortey: No, sir, my brother is hurting me - Cha nel, vainstyr, ta my vraar gortey mee. JJK idiom

scalding tears (npl.) jeirnyn gortey

starvation (n.) gortey, shanglanid

mental deficiency (n.) gortey keeaylley, lag-hastaght

dearth (n.) genney; gortey; dysyn; gort; goaunid; feme

injure (v.) gortey, jannoo aggair da, jannoo skielley da, lhottey

paitt (f.) pest, pestilence, plague: nee gortey as paitt ad y stroie Bible

feast banshey; cuirrey; feailley; fleah; flurt; gien: Feast or famine - Gien nonney gortey. JJK idiom; giense; (v.) ceau giense, cur cuirrey da

hurt assee, gort, skielley; creaut; gortagh: Have I hurt you? - Vel mee er ghortagh oo? JJK idiom; gortaghey, lhottey; gortey; gortit, lheamysit; lhottit; jannoo skielley

injury (n.) aggair, assee, gortey, jeeyl, lhott, olk, uail, anlyi; skielley: Insult added to injury - Faghid er skielley. JJK idiom

lack dolley: There was no lack of money there - Cha row dolley argid ayns shen. DF idiom; feme, ymmyrçh, genney, gortey

scarceness (n.) dulley, gennid, goanid, goaunid, gortey, tiarkaght, tiarkid; genney: but letteth the rebellious continue in scarceness - agh lhiggey da ny wagaantee tannaghtyn ayns genney

sir (voc.) ghooinney ooasle: Dinner is served, sir - Ta jinnair aarloo ghooinney ooasle. DF idiom; vainshtyr: No, sir, my brother is hurting me - Cha nel, vainstyr, ta my vraar gortey mee. JJK idiom

smart abyl, bioyr, glick, jesh, jeshagh, kioot; aghtal: Smart lad - Scollag aghtal. DF idiom; gonnagh, gortey, gred, guinn, piandagh; gyersnagh

praddaggyn caterpillars: My vees gorteysy cheer, my vees y chramp ayn, my vees blest ayn, ny druight pyshoonagh, locustyn, ny praddaggyn Bible

sleih boghtey poorer classes: lurg v'eh er ny seyrey; ny 'n aght gastoil aynsyn haink eh dys cooney ny sleih boghtey ayns traa y gortey mooar. Coraa


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