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gortagh beggarly, chary, cheese-paring, close-fisted, frugal, grudging, hurt, hurtful, illiberal, injurious, meagre, mean spirited, miser, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, pinching, scant, scanty, skimpy, stingy, close fisted: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn; acrimonious

Inexact matches:

trimmid gortagh scant weight

chary (adj.) gortagh

close-fisted (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh, sondagh

grudging gortagh

mean spirited (adj.) gortagh, sooaragh

miserly (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh

penurious (adj.) gortagh; pitteogagh

scant goan; gortagh

scant weight (n.) trimmid gortagh

scanty (adj.) gortagh, tiark

skimpy (adj.) gortagh

acrimonious (adj.) sharroo; gargagh; gortagh; gengreil

cheese-paring baarey caashey; gortagh; peajeogagh

close fisted (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh, sondagh

pinching gortagh; mingey; peajeogagh; spulgey

stingy (adj.) boiddaghoil, cribbidjagh, gortagh, oiddagh

frugal (adj.) cummyragh, gortagh, kiarailagh, spaarailagh; frioosagh; tarroogh

illiberal (adj.) gortagh, neufeoiltagh, neughiastyllagh, neuviallagh, pitteogagh

injurious (adj.) aggairagh, gortagh, loghtalagh, skiellagh, skielleydagh

parsimonious (adj.) freayllagh, frioosagh, gortagh, peajeogagh, pitteogagh

beggarly (adj.) dy boght; dy femoil; dy moal; femoil; gortagh; gyn y vie

hurt assee, gort, skielley; creaut; gortagh: Have I hurt you? - Vel mee er ghortagh oo? JJK idiom; gortaghey, lhottey; gortey; gortit, lheamysit; lhottit; jannoo skielley

hurtful (adj.) gortagh, skieltagh; dangeragh: hurtful unto kings and provinces - dangeragh da reeaghyn as rheamyn Bible

meagre (adj.) goan, gortagh, lhome, melley, moal, moaldey, thanney; beggan: There was only a meagre attendance at the meeting - Cha row agh beggan sleih ec y chaglym. DF idiom

miser (n.) gortagh, gortan, peajeog, sondagh; prughag: Store miser and eat little mouse - Tasht prughag as ee lughag. JJK idiom

shoe (n.) braag: Every man knows where the shoe pinches him - Ta fys ec dy-chooilley ghooinney raad ta'n vraag gortagh eh. JJK idiom; crou; (v.) croughey


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