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gort acid, bitter, brackish, rank, vinegarish, vinegary: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn Bible; (as game) high; stale: Bainney gort. DF; (of land) sour; dearth, want: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn; chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; hurt; poignant; acrid; acrimony

Inexact matches:

caashey gort strong cheese

Giau Gort Stale Creek

reeast gort salt marsh

stoo gort acid

Thalloo Gort Stale Land

acid (adj.) geayr, gort, sharroo; (n.) stoo gort: Treat metal with acid - Stoo gort y obbraghey er meain. DF idiom; geayrag

brackish (adj.) gort; sailjey; slappagh

high2 (as game) gart; gort

sour2 (adj.) (of land) gart; gort

Stale Creek (n.) Giau Gort

Stale Land (n.) Thalloo Gort

strong cheese (n.) caashey gort

acrimony (n.) gargid; sherriuid; gort; gengreillid

stale (adj.) gart, gort: Stale milk - Bainney gort. DF idiom; gear; loau; eig: This ale is stale - Ta'n lhune shoh eig. DF idiom; goll eig; roit ass; shenn: This bread is stale - Ta shenn vlass er yn arran shoh. DF idiom

dearth (n.) genney; gortey; dysyn; gort; goaunid; feme

poignant (adj.) geyre; garg, gort, blastal birragh; gonnagh

salt marsh (n.) boglagh marrey, reeast gort

vinegarish (adj.) feeyn-gheayragh; gollrish feeyn geayr; gort

vinegary (adj.) feeyn-gheayragh; gollrish feeyn geayr; gort

acrid (adj.) garg: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; geyre; sharroo; gort

bitter1 garg; gargaghey; gart; geyre; gort; sharroo, shirroo: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. JJK idiom

hurt assee, gort, skielley; creaut; gortagh: Have I hurt you? - Vel mee er ghortagh oo? JJK idiom; gortaghey, lhottey; gortey; gortit, lheamysit; lhottit; jannoo skielley

rank (adj.) gort; jiarg-: Rank poison - Jiarg nieu. DF idiom; (n.) rank: The front rank - Yn chied strane. DF idiom; rhenk; stad: Taxi rank - Stad taksee. DF idiom; strane; (v.) oardaghey, ooashley

high1 ard: Not at all, it's high time to get up - Cha nee edyr, te ard traa dy irree. JJK idiom; gart, gort; ardey; dy ard; er yrjid: This tower is two hundred feet high - Ta'n toor shoh daa cheead hrie er yrjid. JJK idiom


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