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good mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom; cair, foayroil; mieys; mienys; vie: I hope you are in good health - Ta mee treishteil dy vel shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; foays

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common good (n.) lhiasagh yn phobble

exceedingly good ree-vie

Good afternoon (intj) Fastyr mie

good afternoon (depart) slane ayd

good citizenship (n.) jeih-heyraanaght

good class jeh sorch mie

good deed (n.) jeih-yannoo; obbyr vie: the good deed done to the impotent man, - yn obbyr vie va jeant er y baccagh Bible

good faith aigney mie

good feeling jeih-choardailys

good fellowship (n.) jeih-chommeeys

Good Friday (n.) Jeheiney Caisht

Good Health (intj) Slaynt Vie

good lad (n.) brod ghuilley: He's a good lad. - T'eh ny vrod-ghuilley. DF idiom

good liking callin vie

good listener (n.) cleaysh liauyr

good looker (n.) ben stoamey

good looks (n.) aalid, bwoyid, jeeaghyn, stoamid

good luck (n.) aigh mie: Good luck have thou with thine honour - Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley; aigh vie; raah; rah; sonnys; slane imraa

good management (n.) ladoose, tarmaynys

good manners (n.) ellyn mie: evil communications corrupt good manners - ta drogh heshaght cur mow ellyn mie Bible; ellyn vie

Good morning1 (intj) Baill veih Jee dhyt, Baill veih Jee hood; Maddin vie, Moghrey mie, Moghrey dhyt

Good morning2 (intj) (answer) Baill veih Jee hood

Good morrow (intj) Moghrey dhyt

good name (n.) ennym mie; goo mie: A good name is better than riches - Ta ennym mie ny share na berchys. JJK idiom

good nature (n.) coarid, doaieid

good news (n.) naight vie: There's good news - Ta naight vie ayn. JJK idiom; (npl.) naightyn mie

Good night (intj) Oie vie: I wished him good night - Dooyrt mee oie vie rish. DF idiom

good omen (n.) jeih-vonney

good order mayn; smaght; stayd mie: They are all in good order - T'ad ooilley ayns stayd mie. DF idiom

good quantity (n.) brash

good reason oyr wooar

good resolutions (npl.) kiarailyn mie

good tidings (npl.) naightyn mie: thinking to have brought good tidings - smooinaghtyn dy row eh cheet lesh naightyn mie Bible; slane imraa; naightyn bannee; naightyn eunyssagh; coontey mie

good visibility (n.) fakinaght vie, leayrid mie

good way doaie mie er: He is in a good way - Ta doaie mie er. DF idiom; raad liauyr: You still have a good way to go - Ta foast raad liauyr ayd ry-gholl. DF idiom

good weather (n.) emshir vie

good works (npl.) jeih-obbraghyn; obbraghyn mie: Well reported of for good works - Ayns goo mie son obbraghyn mie Bible; obbraghyn miey

sovereign good mie share

That's good (intj) S'mie shen

too good ro vie

be of good cheer (intj) jannoo gien mie

Cape of Good Hope (n.) Meayll ny Treisht

for good and all er son ooilley

full and good slane appee as mie

Good King Henry (n.) orragh feie

Good Land Water (n.) Ushtey Mie Halloo

Good luck to you (intj) Oorey vie ort; Noorey vie ort; Aigh vie ort: Good luck to you with it anyway - Aigh vie ort lesh ansherbee Bunnydys

good old age (n.) shenn eash vie: thou shalt be buried in a good old age - bee oo er dty oanluckey ayns shenn eash vie Bible; shenn eash lowal: and died in a good old age - as hooar eh baase ayns shenn eash lowal Bible; shenn dy mie: And Gideon the son of Joash died in a good old age - hooar Gideon mac Yoash baase tra veh shenn dy mie Bible; shenn eash vie: And he died in a good old age - As hooar eh baase ayns shenn eash vie Bible

Good on you (intj) Noorey vie ort

Good riddance to him (intj) Blein vie ny yei

good round sum (n.) sym mie

good sort of woman (n.) ben jeih-chreeagh, jeih-ven

good state of plumpness (n.) ayns callin vie

Good with food Bee lesh bree

hearty good night oie vie my chree

in good faith (adj.) dy hynrick

in good time (adv.) dy traaoil: It was done in good time - V'eh jeant dy traaoil. DF idiom; ayns traa mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom

I thought it good (v.) by-haittin lhiam

It's good for nothing Chan 'eeagh eh veg

Jolly good show (intj) Awatta, Ouwatta

make good use of (v.) jannoo soo dy vie jeh

My good man (voc.) My ghooiney coar

of good standing fondagh

only the good die young cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg

quart of good ale caart dy lhune vie

Moghrey dhyt Good morning, Good morrow

slane imraa (=Ir. slan-iomradh) blessings, good luck, good tidings, peace

Noorey vie ort (intj) Good luck to you, Good on you

naightyn mie good tidings: Teh shen ny ghooinney mie, as cheet lesh naightyn mie. Bible; good news

Awatta (intj) Jolly good show

ben stoamey (f.) good looker

coontey mie good tidings

fakinaght vie good visibility

jeih-choardailys good feeling

jeih-chommeeys good fellowship

jeih-heyraanaght (f.) good citizenship

jeih-obbraghyn good works

jeih-vonney good omen

jeih-yannoo good deed

kiarailyn mie good resolutions

leayrid mie good visibility

Maddin vie Good morning

mayn good order, property

mie share sovereign good

naightyn bannee good tidings

naightyn eunyssagh good tidings

obbraghyn miey good works

obbyr vie (f.) good deed

Smie shen Thats good

good-class mie-hroggit

good-feeling jeih-ennaghtyn

good-for-nothing (adj.) gyn y vie; (n.) kecksee, rag-rannee, riftan

good-hearted (adj.) mie-chreeagh

good-heartedness mieys cree

good-humoured (adj.) doaieagh; gennal; gyn myskid

good-liver (n.) jeih yantagh

good-looking (adj.) stoamey

good-natured (adj.) dooie; mial, mialagh, miallagh; soccaragh

good-sized (adj.) lieh-vooar

doaie mie er good way

gyn myskid good-humoured, amiable

jeh sorch mie good class

jeih-ennaghtyn good-feeling

jeih yantagh good-liver

kecksee dirty person, good-for-nothing

lhiasagh yn phobble common good

mie-hroggit good-class

mieys cree good-heartedness

orragh feie Good King Henry

Ouwatta (intj) Bravo, Jolly good show

Aigh vie ort Good luck to you

Baill veih Jee hood (intj) Good morning

Bee lesh bree Good with food

ben jeih-chreeagh (f.) good sort of woman

Blein vie ny yei (intj) Good riddance to him

brod ghuilley choice lad, good lad

caart dy lhune vie quart of good ale

Chan 'eeagh eh veg It's good for nothing

coarid affability, decency, fair-mindedness, good nature, kindliness

doaieid decency, evenness, good nature, seemliness

dy hynrick bona fide, in good faith

ladoose economy, good management, mettle, thrift, thriftiness

lieh-vooar fair-sized, good-sized, medium sized, moderate-sized

Meayll ny Treisht Cape of Good Hope

mie-chreeagh benevolent, good-hearted, well-disposed, well-meant

My ghooiney coar (voc.) My good man

oie vie my chree hearty good night

Oorey vie ort (intj) Good luck to you

Ushtey Mie Halloo Good Land Water

attendance2 (school) cheet faare: Good attendance - Cheet faare mie. DF idiom

callin vie fat-fleshed: T'ad er n'aase roauyr, t'ad ayns callin vie; good liking

cleaysh liauyr (f.) forbearing person, good listener, slow to answer; hare; long-eared

dy traaoil in good time, prompt: Dy eeck dy traaoil. DF; fortunely; promptly

ellyn vie (f.) good manners: Lhiettal ellyn vie. DF; refinement

emshir vie (f.) fair weather, good weather: S'cosoylagh vees emshir vie ayn. DF

ennym mie good name: goaill ersooyl ennym mie ghooinney erbee CS

Fastyr mie (intj) Good afternoon: Fastyr mie, chlashtynee, er hoh Radio Vannin. DF

jannoo soo dy vie jeh make good use of

jeih-ven good sort of woman: T'ee ny jeih-ven. DF

mienys (f.) favourableness, good, goodness: Ta mienys ennagh echey. DF

mieys (f.) favourableness, good, goodness: T'ou er ve ny s'graihee er-neu-chairys na er mieys

raad liauyr good way: Ta foast raad liauyr ayd ry-gholl. DF; long road

rag-rannee cad, crook, good-for-nothing, rascal, reprobate, rogue, tough

rah good luck, prosperity, success; scent, taste; (f.) vallum; pungent smell, very strong smell

ree-vie exceedingly good, excellent: Ooilley as ass, v'eh kione shiaghtyn ree-vie. Dhoor

sym mie good round sum: My vees sym mie er y chapp. DF

apple (n.) ooyl: This apple seems to be good - Ta'n ooyl shoh jeeaghyn dy ve mie. JJK idiom; (adj.) ooyllagh

bad turn drogh-heaym: I had a bad turn today - Haink drogh-heaym orrym jiu. DF idiom; drogh-hurn: I won't do a bad turn in exchange for a good turn - Cha jeanym drogh-hurn y chooilleeney son turn mie. DF idiom

be2 (to); (dy) ve: To be good is to be happy - Dy ve mie te dy ve maynrey. JJK idiom

bird (n.) ushag: A bird in the hand is as good as two in he bush - Ta ushag 'sy laue chammah as jees 'sy tammag. JJK idiom

bold1 (adj.) geyre, mooar; daanyssagh; doo; meenearagh; trome; daaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom; creeoil; dunnal

brew1 deayrtey, tayrn; (n., v.) broie; (n., v.) imbyl: This is a good brew - Ta shoh imbyl mie. DF idiom

business (n.) byssness, cooish, currym, dell, keird, chyrrys; boirys; eilkin; dellal: He is doing good business there - T'eh jannoo dellal mie ayns shen. DF idiom

careful2 (adj.) (in money) kiarailagh; kiaralagh: be careful to maintain good works. - ve kiaralagh dy hoilshaghey magh obbraghyn mie Bible

character ambee, imbea: They must give me a good character - Shegin daue cur dou ambee mie. JJK idiom; (n.) cowrey: The character of Langness has been changed - Ta cowrey Langlish er ve caghlaait. DF idiom; lettyr; (in play etc.) karacteyr

choice (n.) reih: He has made a good choice - T'eh er n'yannoo reih mie. JJK idiom; teiy

citizens (npl.) seyraanee; theay; ardvaljee: Good citizens obey the laws - Ta ardvaljee vie cur biallys da ny leighyn. JJK idiom

cloth1 (n.) eaddagh; brat: That cloth is very good, but I prefer his - Ta'n eaddagh shen feer vie, agh share lhiam eh shoh. JJK idiom; clout

companion cooidjaghtagh, co-heshey; cumraag: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; greeish chabbaneagh; laue-lioar; sheshey

cook (n.) aarlider; (v.) coagyragh, aarlaghey, gaarlaghey; (n., v.) coagyrey: Relief cook - Coageyder coonee. DF idiom Hunger is a good cook - She coagyrey mie yn accrys. DF idiom

corn1 (n.) arroo: Good country for corn - Thalloo mie son arroo. DF idiom; (adj.) sailley

cry1 eam; eamagh; eamaghey; keayney: She had a good cry - Ren ee keayney dy trome. DF idiom; sheeb; yllagh: Raise a cry - Yllagh y lhiggey magh. DF idiom; eie; gyllaghey

description (n.) coontey: It baffles description - Cha nod oo chur coontey jeh. DF idiom; tuarastyl: The police have a good description of him - Ta tuarastyl vie jeh ec ny meoiryn shee. DF idiom

do1 (n.) giense, yannoo; (v.) jannoo: That's the best thing you can do - Shen y red share oddys shiu jannoo. JJK idiom; nee; cur rish; (impv) jean: Do good with all thy might - Jean mie lesh ooilley dty niart. JJK idiom

enjoy (v.) goaill soylley: I enjoy good health - Ta mee goaill soylley jeh slaynt vie. JJK idiom

fire1 (n.) aile: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; chenney, tienney; (v.) lhiggey, lhieggey, lostey; cur aile da

general (n.) kionfenee: A good general knows how to reward his soldiers' valour - Ta fys ec kione-fenee mie kys dy chur leagh da treanid e hidooryn. JJK idiom; general; cadjinys; (adj.) cadjin

generally (adv.) cadjinagh; dy chadjin: What time do you generally dine? - Cre'n traa ta shiu geddyn jinnair dy-cadjin? JJK idiom; dy cliaghtagh: He generally keeps good hours - T'eh dy-cliaghtagh cummal ooryn mie. JJK idiom

goodly mountain (n.) Slieau Aalin: and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain - as shilleygheddyn jehn cheer mie shen ta cheu elley dy Yordan, yn slieau aalin shen Bible

happy (adj.) gerjoilagh; maynrey: To be good is to be happy - Dy ve mie te dy ve maynrey. JJK idiom; sonney

here ayns shoh; aynshoh: Here are some very good books - Aynshoh paart dy lioaryn feer vie. JJK idiom; er hoh: Here are some rolls and toast - Er hoh arran-bainney as arran-greddan. JJK idiom

hours (npl.) ooraghyn; ooryn: He generally keeps good hours - T'eh dy-cliaghtagh cummal ooryn mie. JJK idiom

housekeeper (n.) ben thie: She is a good housekeeper - Ben vie thie ee. DF idiom; fer thie; thieysagh

humour (n.) aittys: He has a sense of humour - Ta aittys ayn. DF idiom; gien: In good humour - Ayns gien mie. DF idiom; (v.) lhiggey lesh; lheun, lionn

indeed (adv.) dy jarroo: I'm very happy indeed to see you in good health - Ta mee feer vaynrey dy-jarroo dy akin shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; jeer; lioar t'eh; lioar

is not cha nel, cha vel: He is not down yet - Cha nel eh neose foast. DF idiom; (interrog.) nagh vel: Is not consistency a good thing? - Nagh vel cohassooaght (ny) red mooar? JJK idiom

I will feed fassee-ym: I will feed them in a good pasture - fassee-ym ad ayns aber vie Bible

I will seek shirrym; shir-ym: I will seek to do thee good - shir-ym dy choyrt dty vie er y hoshiaght Bible

laws (npl.) leighyn: Good citizens obey the laws - Ta ardvaljee vie cur biallys da ny leighyn. JJK idiom; leighaghyn: The laws in force - Ny leighaghyn t'ayn. DF idiom

listeners (npl.) clashtynee: Good evening listeners, this is Manx radio - Fastyr mie, chlashtynee, er hoh Radio Vannin. DF idiom

little2 (n.) (a) rey beg; red beg: A little rain would do good to the garden - Yinnagh red beg dy liaghey mie da'n gharey. JJK idiom

marks (npl.) cowraghyn: Distinguishing marks - Cowraghyn er lheh. DF idiom; cronnyn; markyn: He got good marks - Hooar eh markyn mie. DF idiom

material eaddagh: Good wearing material - Eaddagh dy vel ceau mie ayn. DF idiom; stoo: War material - Stoo caggee. DF idiom; jannooys; (adj.) corporagh, nheeagh, rieugh, seihltagh

meant chiare: but God meant it unto good - agh chiare Jee eh son bannaght Bible

name (v.) enmys, cur ennym er; (n.) ennym: A good name is better than riches - Ta ennym mie ny share na berchys. JJK idiom

night (n.) oie: I've had a very good night's rest - Ta aash oie feer vie er ve aym. JJK idiom

offered arrit, heb; chebbit: Offered wares were never good - Cha row rieau cooid chebbit mie. JJK idiom; d'arr: She offered me a seat in her carriage - D'arr ee dou soiag ayns e carriads. JJK idiom

of wheat (gen.) curnee: There is a good yield of wheat this year - Ta baar mie curnee ayn mleeaney. DF idiom

old days (npl.) shenn laghyn: The good old days - Ny shenn laghyn braewey. DF idiom

omen (n.) faih; monney: Evil omen - Drogh vonney. DF idiom Good omen - Jeih-vonney. DF idiom

on the whole (adv.) trooid as trooid: The work on the whole is good - Ta'n obbyr mie trooid as trooid. DF idiom

Peter (n.) Peddyr: Give my good wishes to Peter - Cur my vannaght hug Peddyr. DF idiom

planes (npl.) planeyn; etlanyn: These 'planes are good climbers - Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF idiom

pupil (n.) doltey; ynseydagh: I had been his pupil for a long time - Va mee er ve e ynseydagh rish foddey. JJK idiom; scoillar; schoillar: She has been a good pupil - T'ee er ve ny schoillar vie. JJK idiom


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