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greit stocked: As va cummey ny locustyn goll-rish cabbyl greit son y chaggey; as er nyn ging va attaghyn goll-rish airh Bible

Dooghys-Jee Godhead: cha lhisagh shin smooinaghtyn dy vel y Dooghys-Jee goll-rish airh Bible

dty thine, thy, your: Dty chloan goll-rish ny banglaneyn olive Bible

gaghey sting: nee eh lhottey myr ard-nieu, as gaghey goll-rish adder. Bible

gyerid misery, piercing: Ta fer ayn, ta loayrt goll-rish gyerid y chliwe Bible

loamrit fleeced, sheared, shorn: goll-rish shioltane glen loamrit Bible

mule (pl -yn) mule: Ny bee-jee shiuish goll-rish cabbyl ny mule Bible

mustard mustard: Te goll-rish grine dy rass mustard Bible

shennayraghyn ancestry, forefathers, predecessors: huitt ad ersooyl goll-rish ny shenn-ayraghyn oc Bible

shynnee (npl.) foxes: ta dty adeyryn goll-rish ny shynnee ayns yn aasagh. Bible; (n.) piss

snaih thread: Ta dty veillyn goll-rish snaih scarleod Bible

armoury (n.) armlann; thie armyn: Thy neck is like the tower of David builded for an armouryarmoury - Ta dty wannal goll-rish toor Ghavid troggit son thie armyn Bible; thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee

markets (npl.) margaghyn: It is like unto children sitting in the markets - Tad goll-rish cloan ta nyn soie ayns ny margaghyn Bible

sepulchres (npl.) lhiaghtyn; oaiaghyn: for ye are like unto whited sepulchres - son ta shiu goll-rish oaiaghyn ter nyn ghiallaghey Bible

Spring (n.) (Yn) Arragh: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; arree

watered farraneagh; fliughit; ushtit: and thou shalt be like a watered garden - as bee oo goll-rish garey ushtit bible

wave1 (n.) tonn: For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea - son teshyn ta lheaystey [’sy chredjue] goll-rish tonn ny marrey Bible

weather (n.) earish: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; emshir: It's bad weather - Ta emshir olk ayn. JJK idiom; emshyr; (v.) ceau, cur fo

bunney arroo sheaf of corn: goll-rish chiollagh dy aile masteyn fuygh, as myr brasnag aile ayns bunney arroo Bible

caisht (f.) Passover: cha row caisht erbee er ny reayll goll-rish shen ayns Israel Bible

chea ersooyl flee: Agh ta Nineveh er-dyn chenn earish, goll-rish loghan ushtey: ny yeih nee ad chea ersooyl. Bible

chentyn-taarnee flashes of lightning: As roie ny cretooryn bio, as hyndaa ad goll-rish chentyn-taarnee Bible

cruin mygeayrt round about: As kiongoyrt rish y stoyl-reeoil va faarkey dy ghless, goll-rish crystal: as ayns mean y stoyl-reeoil as cruin mygeayrt y stoyl-reeoil, va kiare beiyn lane dy hooillyn cheu-veealloo as cheu-chooylloo. Bible

cuirt sown: tra te cuirt, te gaase seose Bible; cast: ta reeriaght niau goll-rish lieen va cuirt 'sy cheayn Bible

eddin y thallooin face of the earth: agh t'ad goll-rish y choau ta'n gheay dy heebey veih eddin y thallooin. Bible

faasaag (f.) pl. faasaagyn beard, whisker, whiskers: Te goll-rish yn ooil millish er y chione, roie sheese er yn aasaag: dy jarroo er faasaag Aaron Bible; comet tail

fer toshee foremost person, leader, pioneer: Er-lhiam dy vel kesmad y fer toshee goll-rish kesmad Ahimaaz Bible

frogyn frogs: As honnick mee three spyrrydyn neu-ghlen goll-rish frogyn cheet magh ass beeal y dragon, as magh ass beeal y veisht. Bible

ghruight (f.) 1 (yn) measles; 2 (dy) of dew a: myr y chiass kiune er lossreeyn, as goll-rish bodjal dy ghruight ayns chiass yn ouyr. Bible

gys ny cassyn full-length: As ayns mean ny shiaght cainleyryn, fer goll-rish yn Mac dooinney, coamrit lesh garmad sheese gys ny cassyn, as kianlt mysh e chleeau lesh cryss dy airh. Bible

kere (=Ir. ceir) (f.) cobbler's wax, comb, wax: Ren ny croink lheïe goll-rish kere ec fenish y Chiarn Bible

lannoonyn twins: Ta dty cheeaghyn goll-rish daa feeaïh aegey ta nyn lannoonyn, fassagh mastey ny lileeyn. Bible

muck (f.) pl. muckyn pig: Dooinney ta poost ta e hreishteil roit ass, Te kiart goll-rish muck lesh tedd er y chass. EF

neu-ghlen filthy: Smerg jeeish ta beishtagh as neughlen Bible; stained: Myr shoh v'ad neu-ghlen lesh ny obbraghyn oc hene Bible; unclean: Agh ta shin ooilley goll-rish red neu-ghlen Bible; abominable

poodyryn powders: Quoi eh shoh ta cheet seose ass yn aasagh, goll-rish pillaryn jaagh, as marish bree dy hoar millish myrrh as frankincense, lesh ooilley poodyryn spiceit y varchan. Bible

quoif (f.) (pl -yn) 1 coif a: nyn goifyn obbrit, as ny breidyn runt oc goll-rish yn eayst Bible; 2 woman's cap; 3 caul

roish y traa untimely: ve goll-rish mess ben ta er jeet roish y traa Bible

tonn (f.) pl. tonnyn billow, wave: son t'eshyn ta lheaystey ['sy chredjue] goll-rish tonn ny marrey Bible

veinn (dy) of meal: Te goll-rish soorid, ren ben y ghoaill as follaghey ayns three towseyn dy veinn, derrey van clane soorit. Bible

ennym ooasle famous name, great name, renown, worthy name: As va mish mayrt, raad erbee dy jagh oo, as ta mee er yiarey jeh ooilley dty noidyn ass dty hilley, as er choyrt dhyt ennym ooasle, goll-rish enmyn ny deiney mooarey t'er y thalloo. Bible; gentilitial


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