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golden (adj.) airhey: The goose that lays the golden eggs - Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey. DF idiom; buigh-airhey

Inexact matches:

golden eagle (n.) urley buigh

golden eye (n.) thunnag sooill airhey

Golden Fleece (n.) (The); (Yn) Loamrey Airhey

Golden Hill (n.) Cronk Airhey

golden image (n.) jalloo airh: and worship the golden image - as ooashlaghey yn jalloo airh Bible

golden mullet (n.) mullad airhey

golden number (n.) earroo airhey

golden opportunity (n.) caa yindyssagh

golden oriole (m.) ushag airhey

golden pheasant (n.) kellagh keylley airhey

golden plover (n.) feddag, ushag reaisht

golden ring (n.) fainey airhey

golden rod (n.) sladdan airhey

golden samphire (n.) lus airhey ny greg

golden stonecrop (n.) lus ny lheiyee

golden wedding (n.) bannish airhey

golden-winged warbler (n.) kiaulleyder skian-airhey

American golden plover (n.) ushag reaisht

Pacific golden plover (n.) ushag reaisht Aishagh; Ushag reaisht y Cheayn Sheealtagh

bannish airhey (f.) golden wedding

buigh-airhey golden

caa yindyssagh golden opportunity

Cronk Airhey Golden Hill

earroo airhey golden number

fainey airhey (f.) golden ring

Loamrey Airhey (Yn) Golden Fleece

mullad airhey golden mullet

sladdan airhey golden rod

urley buigh golden eagle

ushag airhey (f.) golden oriole

golden-crested kione-wuigh

kellagh keylley airhey golden pheasant

kiaulleyder skian-airhey golden-winged warbler

kione-wuigh golden-crested

thunnag sooill airhey (f.) golden eye

ushag reaisht1 (f.) golden plover, plover

ushag reaisht2 (f.) American golden plover

feddag (f.) golden plover, plover; (of mill) hooter; whistler

lus airhey ny greg (f.) golden samphire

lus ny lheiyee (f.) golden stonecrop, saxifrage

ushag reaisht Aishagh (f.) Pacific golden plover

Ushag reaisht y Cheayn Sheealtagh Pacific golden plover

goose (n.) guiy: The goose that lays the golden eggs - Yn guiy jeh ny h-oohyn airhey. DF idiom; yiarn thalleyragh

hold out (v.) cummal magh; shassoo; sheeyney magh: the king shall hold out the golden sceptre - nee yn ree sheeyney magh yn lorg airh reeoil Bible

airhey (=Ir. airidh) gild, gilt, gilt-edged, golden: hug eh yn altar airhey ayns y chabbane-agglish Bible

jalloo airh golden image: Agh mannagh jean, lhig fys y ve ayd's, O ree, nagh jean mayd ny jeeghyn ayd's y hirveish, ny ooashley y choyrt da'n jalloo airh shen, t'ou uss er hoiaghey seose. Bible


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