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going (v.) goll: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom; immeeaght

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going away immeeaght; goll ersooyl: When she came in I said, when are you going away? - Tra haink ee stiagh dooyrt mee, Cuin t'ou goll ersooyl? DF idiom

going down liargee

going headlong (v.) goll er mullagh ching

going north goll my hwoaie

going northwards (v.) goll lesh y twoaie; goll my hwoaie

going on (v.) goll er e hoshiaght

going queer (v.) quaaghey

keep going (v.) freayll goll

set going (v.) cur er obbyr

coming and going (v.) cheet as goll

going down of the sun lhie ny greiney

going to be wet mooirjeenagh

goll my hwoaie going north, going northwards: Goll my hwoaie reesht voish Balley ny Croshey dys Boayldyn, daase yn cheer ny s'aaley as yn ghrian ny s'choe. Dhoor

backwards (adv.) cooyl-y-choshey; er-ash; er-dreeym: She is going backwards - T'ee goll er e dreeym. DF idiom; ergooyl: To take a step backwards - Dy ghoaill kesmayd ergooyl. DF idiom; gour y drommey: He is going backwards - T'eh goll gour-e-ghrommey. DF idiom

directly (adj.) dy jeeragh: We must go down directly - Shegin dooin goll sheese dy-jeeragh. JJK idiom; (ny) sheyn: I'm going to get up directly - Irreeym ny sheyn. JJK idiom; er-y-chooyl: Not yet, but she's going to get up directly - Cha nel foast, agh troggee ee urree er-y-chooyl. JJK idiom

easy-going coar, soccaragh, soccoil

in-going goll stiagh

freayll goll continue, keep going

immeeaght (=Ir. imeacht) (f.) pl. immeeaghtyn act, action, decampment, departure, drift, exit, exodus, going away, procedure, proceeding, procession, progress, progression, start, walk, way; (of events) current; depart, go, going: as scoan va Jacob er n'immeeaght veih fenish Isaac e ayr, dy daink Esau e vraar stiagh veih e heilg. Bible; flight of time, fullness; paces of a horse; mien

cur er obbyr put on, set going

goll er e hoshiaght journeying; going on

goll lesh y twoaie going northwards, northing

below2 (in motion) sheese: I am going below - Ta mee goll sheese. DF idiom

goll er mullagh ching bustling about, going headlong, hurrying

deliver (v.) livrey: Deliver us from evil - Livrey shin veih olk. DF idiom; seyrey; stowys; Livrey-jee: Deliver him from going down to the pit - Livrey-jee eh veih goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

fast1 chionn, shickyr; dain; er hoshiagh, tappee; (v.) trosht, trostey; (adv.) (dy) tappee: I think so, too, the glass is going down fast - Ta mish credjal myrgeddin, ta'n gless tuittym dy-tappee. JJK idiom

first rate (adj., adv.) dy mie mirrilagh: It is going first rate - T'eh goll dy mie mirrilagh. DF idiom; feer vie: That's first rate - Ta shen feer vie. DF idiom; jeh'n chied rheynn

flour flooyr: Flour is going up in price - Ta'n flooyr girree. DF idiom; spreih flooyr er

goat (n.) goar; goayr: Hadn't you a goat? - Nagh row goayr eu? JJK idiom; goair: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom

John (n.) Ean, Eoin; Juan: He's going to call his son John - T'eh kiarail cur Juan er y vac. JJK idiom

lass (n.) bwoirrinagh; ben aeg; caillag, caillin; doodee: Big lump of a lass - Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF idiom; buddee; inneen, 'neen; yah: Where are you going lass? - C'raad t'ou goll yah? DF idiom

late1 anmagh: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; dy anmagh: I don't like going to bed late - Cha laik lhiam goll dy lhie dy-anmagh. JJK idiom; (adj., adv.) jeianagh; roud

meat pie (n.) pye foalley; pye-feill: Now, I'm going to offer you a piece of this meat pie - Nish, nee'm arral erriu meer jeh'n phye-feill shoh. JJK idiom

pie (n.) pye: Now, I'm going to offer you a piece of this meat pie - Nish, nee'm arral erriu meer jeh'n phye-feill shoh. JJK idiom

right away (adv.) kiart nish; chelleeragh: I am going there right away - Ta mee goll dys shen chelleeragh. DF idiom

rule linnaghey; ordreil; ordreilagh; reill: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom; reilley; reiltys, reilltys; reillys; reilt; (n.) rule

speed bieaughey; bieauid: Going at breakneck speed - Goll ec bieauid lossee. DF idiom; kirtagh; tappeeid; tappeeys; speedeil

trio1 (n.) troor: Trio of women going home - Troor dy vraane goll thie. DF idiom

watch1 arrey, coadey; dooshtey; freayll arrey; freayll arrey er; gardey; jeeaghyn; lught farrar; ooreyder: His father is going to give him a gold watch - Ver e ayr da ooreyder airhey. JJK idiom; peeikearagh; shassoo arrey; sheygin; watch

wool1 (n.) cannagh; ollan: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom

wren bush (n.) thammag: Going about with the wren-bush - Goll mygeayrt lesh y thammag. DF idiom

cheet as goll hurly-burly, movement, undulant; coming and going: son va ymmodee cheet as goll, as cha row caa oc wheesh as dy ee. Bible

goll (=Ir. dul) disembark, go, going, show out: as dooyrt eh, Lhig dou goll gys my vainshtyr. Bible; departure, passage

goll ersooyl go away, move off, waning: guee-ym gys y Chiarn, dy vod ny swarmyn-beishteig goll ersooyl veih Pharaoh Bible; going away

lhie ny greiney (f.) sunset, going down of the sun: ver oo da eh reesht roish lhie ny greiney. Bible

liargee going down: ec liargee Horonaim, ta ny noidyn er chlashtyn eam dy hoyrt-mow Bible

mooirjeenagh 1 cloud, cloudy, going to be wet, looks like rain, murky, overcast, threaten; 2 dark a (as weather); 3 (as day) dull; 4 (of sky) watery

quaaghey going queer; strange: Agh ga dy vel wheesh dy skeealyn quaaghey goll mygeayrt my-nyn-gione, vel peiagh erbee ec y traa t'ayn credjal dy row rieau y lheid ayn? LC

soccoil (=Ir. socamhuil) cosy, easy, easy-going, mild, easygoing: Seihll soccoil y cheau. DF

across (prep.) har: Across there in England - Har aynshen ayns Sostyn. DF idiom; cheu hoal; hoon; tessen, tessyn: I am going across the road - Ta mee goll tessyn y raad. DF idiom; wass; harrish: He has a scar across his face - Ta cron harrish yn eddin echey DF idiom; noal: He came from across - Haink eh noal. DF idiom; noon: Go across to England - Immee noon gys Sostyn. DF idiom; hoal: The house across the way - Yn thie hoal DF idiom

ahead er oaie: To go ahead - Dy gholl er oaie. DF idiom; er y chione: He's going ahead - T'eh goll er y chione. DF idiom; kionroish; roish: To draw ahead of something - Dy gholl roish red ennagh. DF idiom

comely (adj.) aalin: For our comely parts have no need - Son cha vel ny oltyn aalin ain feme er shoh Bible; bwaagh: Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels - Ta dty cheeillyn bwaagh soit magh lesh roaghyn dy yewellyn Bible; bwoyagh; cooie: but for that which is comely - agh son shen ny ta cooie Bible; feudagh: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink - te mie as feudagh son peccagh dy ee as dy iu Bible; fakinagh, graysoil; jesh: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered? - vel eh jesh da ben dy yannoo padjer gys Jee as y kione eck gyn coodagh? Bible; stoamey: There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going - Ta ayn three cretooryn ta shooyl dy mie; as eer yn chiarroo ta stoamey ayns gimmeeaght Bible; stoamid: I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion - Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible

explain (v.) ceau soilshey er: I cannot explain it - Cha noddym ceau soilshey er. DF idiom; cur baght er; meenaghey; soilshaghey: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

just now (adv.) er y chooyl: I am going just now - Ta mee goll er y chooyl. DF idiom; vaidjin; vaidjyn: He was here just now - V'eh ayns shoh vaidjyn. DF idiom; kiart nish: Don't intrude on her just now - Ny brish stiagh urree kiart nish. DF idiom; nish hene: I'll be on the ground just now - Beeym er y thalloo nish hene. DF idiom

coar (=Ir. cóir) (f.) 1 crane a: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee Bible; 2 (for rope) twister; 3 (adj.) acquiescent, affable, approachable, decent, easy-going, fair-minded, indulgent, inoffensive, kindly, nice, obliging, over, easygoing: Dooinney coar DF; 4 benign; 5 civil [O.Ir. corr]

goll stiagh entrance, entry, in-going, ingress, ingression: cha lhiggagh yn ayr eck da goll stiagh Bible; go into, move in; go in

soccaragh (=Ir. socarach) 1 easy-going, forbearing, good-natured, leisurely, moderate, pacific, placid, staid, sweet-tempered, unexcitable, unruffled, easygoing, sweet tempered a: shegin da ny shirveishee ve soccaragh Bible; 2 (as person) slow; 3 sedate


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